Dishonored 2

Technological Advances in Dishonored

Dishonored has become a popular partly because of the amazing and unique abilities given to the main protagonists by the otherworldy figure known as The Outsider but Dishonored also showcases some impressive technological advancements that players may be able to utilise and/or face in battle.


FreezeWhile there was a crossbow utilised by Corvo Attano in the first Dishonored, the design appears to have been improved. In the trailer we can see Emily utilise the crossbow to fire two different types of bolts but she does not reload before firing the second bolt. So perhaps special bolts such as Explosive, Fire and the like are able to be fired separately to the normal bolts allowing for quick combat decisions.

Arc Mine

Arc MineThe Arc Mine is pretty much a miniature bomb that instead of a normal explosion, puts out a burst of electricity when an enemy comes within range. For fans of the first Dishonored, you will know that this piece of equipment was incredibly lethal and had amazing applications with the ability to place it anywhere and so it could create a distraction by drawing nearby guards to some unfortunate soul who got caught in its blast or even as a way to delay your enemies as you make your escape.

Retractable Blade

Corvo's_BladeThis was Corvo’s signature weapon and it is nice to see that it is returning with Dishonored 2. The retractable blade is a weapon that can be withdrawn into the hilt so to form a dagger or a sword at any length. This blade is an assassins dream as you can alter your weapon for whatever combat situation you are entering into. A silent kill would probably best be carried out with a shorter weapon while a larger weapon is necessary to survive a long drawn out battle.

Clockwork Soldiers

CrossbowThese nasty little steampunk creations are one of the enemies you will face in Dishonored 2. They were created by an individual by the name of Kirin Jindosh and they serve him and his boss, the mysterious Duke by patrolling his private estate as well as patrolling the streets. They seem to be very difficult to kill and come equipped with blades on their arms and an almost 360 field of view, being able to detect threats behind them. They are also able to continue fighting when they lose their heads as they can still hear movement so use caution when both fighting and sneaking past them. It seems the best way to eliminate them is to either blow them up or electrify them with an Arc Mine.


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