Sea Of Thieves

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Sea of thieves


If you are looking for a game where you shine as an individual star and take out the story bit by bit, well this may not be the game for you. Sea of Thieves is an open world RPG type game where the only goal is to strengthen your ship and your crew and amass as much treasure and prestige that you can. Thats it. It is a massively open world adventure that you can take on with your friends or anyone that you meet throughout this game.


sea-of-thieves-kraken_0You didn’t think you would get to go through your merry pirate adventure without any danger did you? Numerous threats await you like the mermaids and mermen below the water waiting for you to fall within their grasp. Most likely, these creatures will not bother you unless you bother them and if you do, well it would just be better not too. Skeletons inhabit the islands where you can scrounge for treasure and attempt to protect what is theirs. Sea monsters such as the Kraken will attempt to sink your ship into the deep, dark abyss of the ocean and you and your crew will need to fend it off so to continue your adventure in pirate infested waters.

sea-of-thieves-battle-2_0But where the fantastical enemies of this game try to rip and rend you at every angle, the real enemy are other players. With the extremely limited amount of NPC’s that inhabit this game world, it can be almost guaranteed that if another ship appears on the horizon, it belongs to another player. This presents another conundrum. Are they friendly? Are they hostile? Are they going to destroy your ship and run away with your hard earned loot? Or are you going to do the same to them? This is where a lot of the fun comes enters the game.

Cooperative Mode

Sea of Thieves (1)
While there is some areas of the game that can be handled solo, for the rest you will need a team of hearty sea dogs. Sea of Thieves is heavily focused on the cooperative element and everything from combat to even just steering the ship is easier with a team. Whether they are organised or chaotic is completely up to chance. You will need someone to man the helm, drop and raise the anchor, watch for danger from the crows nest, man the sails and use the cannons. Lets face it though, while more hands makes for better sailing, a good portion of your team will be below deck drinking the free grog instead of assisting in the management of your vessel. In a combat scenario however, even they may be forced to assist if your ship is hit on its lower half and water begins to flood in. It could dampen their spirits enough to rush around and board up the breached portions.

Pirate on Pirate Battles

Sea-of-Thieves-E3-2016-Screenshot-BattleThats right. We can fight other players and prove who is the real king of the blue-green waves. The cooperative aspect of the game will come in quite handy here with other crewmen shouting out enemy positions or engaging in tactical manoeuvres such as dropping the anchor to rapidly change direction  or changing how much of the sail is out in order to gain or lose speed. On top of all this will be an endless barrage of cannon fire as you both attempt to send each other to visit Davy Jones. But don’t expect an easy to aim cannon where the cannonballs flight path is mapped out for you. You will have to aim by eye and lead your targets if they are moving quickly alongside you. Good luck pirates.


shipsDespite being able to serve on other pirate ships in the interactive world, each player will get a pirate ship to call their own which comes with its own spree of upgrades and furnishings to suit every budding and veteran pirates needs. Assuming you have the right amount of treasure every aspect of your ship can become customisable, from the interior decor to the power of your cannons and even the very design of your ship. Maybe in future expansions to this interactive world, Rare will add the ability to hold and control fleets of outfitted ships to live out our wildest pirate fantasies. One concern that was held about this game was that if your ship was sunk, would you lose all the progress you had made on it and the answer is no. There is no permanent death in Sea of Thieves that causes you to start your adventure over again, but you and your ship will be transported to a safe part of the ocean, reportedly for a small fee.


Sea-Of-Thieves-Concept-Art-04Aside from being able to get drunk belowdecks while there is a raging battle for supremacy of the ocean around you, there are a spree of musical instruments scattered about the ship for your pirate to pick up and play. There are accordions and violins and other assorted accoutrement to set the mood and tone of the ship. From haunting, chilling melodies as you sail into certain danger or happy tones while the sun shines down upon you and your crew blessing good fortune. Even better, other members of your crew can grab additional instruments and turn your musical solo into a group production. Increasing your musical talent is the ability to find and unlock new tunes as you explore the treasure filled islands around the open danger filled world.



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