Get Hyper for Pokemon Sun and Moon Hyper Training

Hyper TrainingWith the latest reveal video showcasing some new Pokemon coming with Pokemon Sun and Moon, fans and players both new and old were treated to something fresh – Hyper Training. With the release of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, we were introduced to Super Training, a method that allowed us to participate in a series of ‘mini-games’ in order to hopefully earn Training Bags. These bags could then be used by a Pokemon to help boost its EV (effort value) levels for each of its stats. This would not affect the IV’s (individual values)  of the Pokemon which are predetermined at the Pokemon’s birth (as an egg) or when you encounter it in the wilderness.

Hyper Training takes this one step further by being able to increase the IV levels directly without having to incessantly breed Pokemon in order to get perfect IV’s or Pokesaving before battling a legendary Pokemon and then reloading the game if the legendary Pokemon did not have the right IV’s. Hyper training will be conducted through one individual in the Alola region known as, ‘sigh’ Mr Hyper, who you will exchange a new type of item known as Bottle Caps in order to boost your Pokemon’s stats . In order to maximise your differing IV stats, Attack, Special Attack, Speed, Defence, Special Defence and HP, you will need to collect Bottle Caps from around the region. Unfortunately no one knows the exact way to acquire this coveted items but it is known that once Megearna (a new legendary Pokemon) is captured, it will be holding a certain Bottle Cap.

Perhaps Bottle Caps will be gained through Hyper Training regimens just like Super Training gave us Training Bags or maybe, Pokemon Sun and Moon will enter a certain challenge system, similar to the Battle Mansions in previous games where players can enter high level battles and compete for different types of Bottle Caps as rewards. However, it is unlikely that these Bottle Caps can be used as a blanket item for every single IV stat and it is more plausible that you must collect a specific Bottle Cap to upgrade that specific stat – such as a Special Attack Bottle Cap that will boost Special Attack but won’t have any effect on Attack or any of the other IV’s.

Oh and one more thing regarding the new Hyper Training, it can only be accomplished on Pokemon who have broken the threshold and have reached level 100. This, in essence allows for Pokemon trainers to go into much higher power levels than the previous games allowed, without introducing new numbered levels. Even before Pokemon Sun and  Pokemon Moon are released on November 18th 2016, players can get an edge on their competition by raising their favourite Pokemon to the coveted level 100 so to be ready for Hyper Training when it drops. Good luck Pokemon Trainers.

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