On The Borders Of Borderlands 3

borderlands_3_logo_thumb800Despite announcing some ago that they had no intention of developing another game in the Borderlands series, it was revealed to us that they are in development of Borderlands 3 or Borderlands 4 or whatever they decide to call it. Point is – WE ARE GETTING ANOTHER BORDERLANDS.

Gearbox announced that after the DLC for Battleborn is entirely wrapped up, they can move to focus on the next Borderlands without any resource constraints. There have been a few minute semi-reveals as to what Gearbox intend to bring to life with this new instalment. The first is to bring forth Borderlands as an open world type of game – open world referring to the ability to cross into differing areas without transporting through a loading screen. That style of gameplay has been left in the past and if Gearbox manages to complete this, it will not only breathe more life into the popular franchise but it will also leave older generation consoles struggling. The technology available within the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, will not be able to support an open world. This means that Borderlands 3 will be exclusively for Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC and possibly the new Virtual Reality apparati that are arriving with Playstation Neo and Project Scorpio.

What will we get out of Borderlands 3?

Now this is all speculation and desire from here on out but it is fair to say that Gearbox would be insane to attempt to mix up the crazy cartoonish style and its particular sense of humour for the latest instalment, even if attempting to craft a better sequel than Borderlands 2 (a difficult feat to say the least). While there has been absolutely no concrete information as to what we will gain out of Borderlands : The Next One, I think it would be remiss if it did not bring back the current Borderlands 2 Vault Hunters as NPC’s. Imagine visiting whatever safe zone or city they decide to build, Sanctuary 2.0 perhaps, and seeing Krieg running around chasing Claptrap with his buzz axe or even seeing Gaige working alongside Scooter to build some crazy new death machine. Many fans enjoyed seeing the original Borderlands characters in its sequel as it provided a bit of depth and continuity that definitely made it better.

A possible online component if done right could add a lot of texture to the Borderlands universe. When I say online I mean in the social spaces where people can possibly trade gear that they have found scavenging around and killing bandits as opposed to the entire game requiring constant and incessent internet.  Borderlands while it can be beneficial to have an online component, should not be an entirely online game as it will ruin the atmosphere of the universe and it may cease to be a Borderlands game which is a scary thought.

The ability to create unique playable characters has been on the minds of many and the lips of some and while it definitely would add a spark of individuality to these games, it may in essence take away some of the magic. Borderlands 2 already had a system of skins and heads that could shape the way your character looks and the millions upon millions of guns made it even more varied still. On top of this, one of the main draws to Borderlands in the first place were the playable Vault Hunters themselves. The addition of character creation may take a little of that magic away.

Borderlands needs more weapon designs and outlandish weapons that will further add to the cartoony and insanity vibe that permeates every pixel of this franchise. We need laser shooting crossbows like the Wookie Bowcaster from Star Wars, we need mountable turrets and hackable robots and we need bombs/mines with all sorts of effects. Along this same vein, it would be pleasing to go more in depth with some of the weapon manufacturers either as part of the main game or even in potential DLC. We have already been introduced to some of main characters of the Hyperion Corporation, Dahl and who can forget the EXPLOSIVE MR TORGUE. Just please let us see Jakobs and confirm my suspicions that he has a really long and out of hand moustache that he trims with a shortened rifle.

The final thing Borderlands 3 needs is more Moxxi. Enough said.

*Image credit : HaloFanForLife

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