Battleborn Character Guide : Ambra The Solar High Priestess



Ambra is a member of the Silent Sisters, a select group of high born Jennerit women who after being trained in the secretive ways of the Silent Sisters from a young age are inducted into the order as a full novitiate and granted the privilege (or curse) of Sustainment which extends their life indefinitely. It was believed that Ambra would be an extremely beneficial candidate due to her matronly and abrupt nature that would cause her to uphold the ideals of the Silent Sisters to a tee. However, not everyone thought she would make for a good Silent Sister due to her sharp and unpredictable manner and interest in galactic politics that removed her focus away from the internal dealings of this secretive organisation. As a command from the Empress Lenore, their Sustaining Mother, Ambra was inducted into the order with a new addition to the traditional vow – Any Deed. Any Price.

Ambra became leader of the Silent Sisters and gained possession of a Solarius Staff, an advanced piece of technology that according to the Eldrid, Red Observer contained multi-faceted usages beyond its combat capabilities. This staff allows the wielder to call forth small gravity wells at a given location which can generate an immense amount of gravitational pressure. On top of this, according to the Red Observer, the Solarius Staff could very well be the opening key to the Jennerit Sustainment Chamber.

Ambra decided to join forces with the Battleborn under the leadership of Trevor Ghalt due to a breakdown of the Imperium’s traditions and unique rituals that occurred under Warmaster Rendain and Empress Lenore by aligning themselves with the dark Varelsi. During this period, Sustainment was dismissed, treasured rituals and ceremonies were discarded which are punishable and overshadow heresy by a landslide. While Ambra worked towards the salvation of the Jennerit after the universe’s end at the hands of the Varelsi, she began to doubt the loyalty of the Empress. Why should she allow the degradation of our traditions? The ones that she herself so joyously kept. However the universe’s end by fierce and despicable war beasts was the final straw for Ambra’s loyalty. That came with the arrival of Constable Cuddles, a ‘beast’ utilised by the Warmaster Rendain to calm the terror stricken Jennerit subjects. She hated its constant yapping during state functions and the shedding – OH GOD THE SHEDDING. On top of this great crime, she elected to resign her position from within the Silent Sisters.

A string of correspondence between Ambra and Ghalt showcase how she was accepted into the ranks of the Battleborn. Ambra believed that due to her ability to command the very stars themselves, that she should become a frontline leader in the War of the Last Star. Ghalt had a different idea placing her on an assignment on Bliss, requested by Galilea whom she had a ‘working’ relationship. Ambra refused to go to Bliss and to be by the side of Galilea but was beaten down by Ghalt who threatened her with non-inclusion into the Battleborn by which Ambra begrudgingly agreed with the condition that Galilea will have to talk to her through an agreed upon third party and that she is keeping her, not-as delicious-as-Scalewolves, Haresburra.


Weapon of Choice

Ambras satffAmbra’s weapon of choice is her Staff of Radiance that is constantly in her hand as she floats around screaming about manners. It is almost the same height as the High Priestess and serves a myriad of functions. The first and main function being that it can absorb and transfer health from her enemies to herself and allies which solidifies her role as a healer. With the right modifications this weapon can also be utilised as a ranged weapon, utilising stored heat to blast fireballs or unleash sweltering waves towards her enemies. It can also transform into a spear and a halberd if you wish which is pretty swell.

Ideal Role

Ambra isn’t designed to be an incredibly mobile Battleborn and while she does have a certain speed to the way she glides along the ground do not expect her to move in such a way as some other Jennerit Battleborn can. She is foremost a healing Battleborn and her Staff of Radiance as well as Sunspots are able to effectively heal allies and herself. However that does not mean that Ambra is entirely defenceless as the same Staff of Radiance she utilises to transfer health from opposing forces to both herself and her allies can be used as a deadly close range melee weapon. However while she has a relatively effective melee weapon it would be ill advisable to rush into hordes of enemies while playing as this Battleborn as it is quite difficult to overcome a group of adds or opposing Battleborn. She is most effective near the front of the battle where she can still drain health from the enemies as the range on Life Steal is quite low but still close enough to allies to both confer her healing abilities on them as well as utilising them for cover if you begin to get overwhelmed.


Ambra’s abilities consist of;

Passive/Flame Shield : When Ambra’s health falls below 20%, she is protected by a Flame Shield for 4 seconds that provides 300 Overshield.

Weapon/Staff of Radiance : Ambra’s Staff of Radiance drains health from a targeted enemy, returning 30% of the damage dealt to herself and generating Heat.

Talent/Scorching Strikes : Ambra unleashes a series of melee strikes, spending Heat to do up to 100% extra damage per hit. Heat strikes lower the cooldown of Sunspot by 1 second.

Skill 1/Sunspot : Summons a Sunspot that does 40 damage a second to nearby enemies and 60 healing to allies at the cost of its own health. Up to 2 Sunspots can be active at once.

Skill 2/Solar Wind : Channels a fiery wind that quickly builds Heat as it damages enemies in front of Ambra. Solar Wind does 53 damage per second for 3 seconds.

Ultimate/Extinction Event : Calls down a meteor at a targeted location, dealing 334 damage and leaving a scorching area of effect, dealing 20 damage over 5 seconds.


Perk Choices

Rank One

*Sunspotter : Enemies damaged by a Sunspot take increased damage for a short time. +16% damage over 4 seconds.

*Illumination : Solar Wind catches enemies on fire, revealing enemies and dealing damage over time. +121 damage over 3 seconds/

Rank Two

*Blessing of the Sun : Increases Sunspot’s healing over time. +30% health regeneration per second

*(MUTATION)Soothing Sunlight : Sunspots provide a burst of healing when picked up by allies, based upon the health remaining to the Sunspot. Up to +133 healing.

*Solar Burst : Sunspots explode when triggered by nearby enemies dealing damage based upon the health remaining to the Sunspot. Up to +133 damage.

Rank Three

*Ceremonial Sacrifice : Ambra’s staff of Radiance can be used to transfer health to a targeted ally at the cost of her own life force. Health cost is -30% of healing done.

*(MUTATION)Stellar Ritual : Ambra’s Staff of Radiance can be used to fuel a Sunspot, strengthening and replenishing its health.

*Blood Drive : Increases the amount of life stolen from enemies through Ambra’s Staff of Radiance. +15% Life Steal

Rank Four

*Radiant Gale : Enemies hit by Solar Wind are blown away, being repeatedly pushed back.

*(MUTATION)Ritual of Repulsion : Replaces Solar Wind’s directed channel with two slams to the ground with Ambra’s staff. Enemies all around Ambra are pushed back with each slam.

*Searing Wind : Solar Wind deals more damage the closer Ambra is to her target. Up to +100% damage.

Rank Five

*Cauterization : Ambra gains increased speed when her Flame Shield is active. +30% movement speed.

*Flame Burst : Ambra’s Flame Shield explodes on expiry, damaging nearby enemies. +134 damage.

Rank Six

*Agile Anomaly : Sunspots can reveal enemies and have increased range. +50% area of effect radius.

*(MUTATION)Solar Anomaly : Increases the number of simultaneous active Sunspots. +1 Sunspot.

*Solar Storm : Decreases Solar Wind’s cooldown time. -20% cooldown time.

Rank Seven

*Flame Staff : The extra damage that Ambra’s Scorching Strikes does through the expenditure of Heat is gained as health. +100% Life Steal.

*(MUTATION)Radiant Halberd : When Heated, Ambra’s Staff of Radiance fires condensed Heat in the form of explosive minor-novas. No longer reduces Sunspot cooldown.

*Radiant Spear : Transforms Ambra’s Staff of Radiance into a spear, capable of releasing all of its built up Heat in a singular, devastating impact.

Rank Eight

*Bask in the Light : Lower Sunspot’s cooldown. -20% cooldown time.

*Fan the Flames : Increases the health of Ambra’s Sunspots. +50% Sunspot health.

Rank Nine 

*Howling Wind : Increases Solar Wind’s area of effect. +40% area of effect radius.

*Sweltering Wind : Increases Solar Wind’s damage. +15% damage.

Rank Ten

*Impact Crater : On impact, Extinction Event stuns nearby enemies. +2 seconds stun duration.

+World’s End : Extinction Event’s smoldering remains last longer. +3 seconds duration.

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