Mass Effect Andromeda

Venturing into the Unknown with Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda. Has been on the lips of many gamers for a long time and the lack of information about this highly anticipated new adventure in the Mass Effect series is driving people insane. Bioware has released minute snippets of information that people really have to dig into and scan every last word or screenshot to get the most out of it but they have promised to release more information closer to Andromeda’s release date somewhere within 2017. Mass Effect 1 was released in November of 2007, Mass Effect 2 was released January of 2010 and Mass Effect 3 was released March 2012. Now it may be grasping at straws but due to the incremental jumps in release time (months not years), we could be looking at a May release date. This would serve to place it directly on the map with limited other AAA games being released at that time. On top of this, Bioware has announced that Mass Effect Andromeda will ship in early 2017 which provides credence for a May launch.


While in the original Mass Effect trilogy we had the Normandy whose protective hull we travelled within while defending the galaxy from innumerable threats, it seems like for the next leg of our journey we will have the Tempest, a slimmer yet much larger vessel that will be carrying our next hero, Ryder who has not yet achieved hero status unlike Commander Shephard. Ryder will also be available as a male or female protagonist keeping with the earlier Mass Effect games. The ship is also sporting a red and white paint job as opposed to the traditional blue and white of the Normandy. Its larger size perhaps is a cue that Ryder will have a much larger crew than Shephard did, with the new alien races that we will see within the Andromeda galaxy.

Within a kind of teaser trailer released by Bioware, we got our first glimpses into the world of Mass Effect : Andromeda and while they have stated that there will be a large amount of new alien races both enemies and allies, the video showcases old alien races as well, from Asari to Krogan and Salarian which will make the completely new adventure feel a little more connected to the original trilogy. Lets just hope for more Geth because the Geth are awesome. On top of this we are given an image of a large grouping of what appear to be Citadels so perhaps they could be the transport for humanities survivors as well as members of the Council and numerous other alien races and so to serve as a hub for a massive number of species co-existing.

Andromeda Image 1

Aaron Flynn, a general manager at Bioware also released an update explaining quite vaguely how Andromeda will refresh the series. They are going to attempt to incorporate more freedom into the Mass Effect experience in regards to where we will go, how we will get there and how we will get to play. This is quite exciting as Mass Effect has had a large amount of freedom within the gameplay and the very fact that your decisions alter the course of the universe is a big chunk of freedom. Perhaps Andromeda will combine more elements of an RPG experience and let us flesh out our own destiny in a more varied way rather than following a series of near-concrete storylines. Andromeda will also have new worlds to inhabit and explore as we attempt to discover a new home for humanity. On top of this, Andromeda will be the greatest one in the series due to utilising a better game engine known as Frostbite which will grant us with better visuals, effects and gameplay than other games of its type.

Mass Effect Andromeda will be coming to consoles early 2017. Release date is still unknown.


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