Nintendo NX – The NXt Iteration in Nintendo’s Legend?

Nintendo-NX-Logo.jpg.optimalFor as long as I and many other gamers can remember, we have been privy to Nintendo dominating a niche in the gaming market with their superb consoles both handheld and grounded that have withstood the test of time. From iconic handhelds like the Gameboy to the DS and standalone consoles like the Gamecube to the Wii U, Nintendo has been an ever present force in the game development world.

Following the not-so-great reception of the Wii U, Nintendo is giving it one last shot to prove that not only Microsoft and Sony belong in the home console battle. A rumour let slip by Satoru Iwata, the CEO of Nintendo, stated that the company was developing a new type of console codenamed the NX and that this console will be different to anything Nintendo has done before.

nintendo nx

Which brings us to a verified rumour that has been circulating the internet for some time, about the actual hardware design of the console. The NX will be a portable-home console hybrid that will allow gamers to play their own save files anywhere they care to take it. Supposedly Nintendo’s new project will allow players to use a handheld type of device, assumed to be similar in functionality to the Wii U’s controller when out on the go, but by the way of a docking station, can transfer this capability to a TV or whatever viewing device you possess. But that opens up to difficulties while playing doesn’t it? Well it has been stated that melded to the sides of the portable device, detachable controllers will be in place for use once the machine is docked. This allows for multiplayer play. Similarly, while the Wii U was marked as an unsuccessful console, selling less than 15 million units, the controller portion  was able to link up to the main console and a rumour has surfaced about whether multiple hand held versions of the NX will be able to link together to share in the multiplayer fun that Nintendo has created. For if the only controllers able to be utilised with the play of the NX are the inbuilt ones, it could seriously impact the local multiplayer aspect of the console. This would be disastrous for Nintendo, as the major titles created by the company have revolved around multiplayer play, for families and friends alike. Without an integration capacity, games like Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart will fade into the background or meld into mostly online games. A fate seen all too often on Playstation and Xbox consoles.



It has been reportedly confirmed that due to the console having a mobile application, it will be powered through an NVIDIA Tegra processor . This is due to the console being, mostly a portable console that can be plugged into a specialised dock and played on a TV display.

It has also been suggested that the NX will be able to function at 4K Ultra HD for video streaming but internet discussions have brought up that the NX may offer 4K gaming. This would be necessary for Nintendo to compete with the upcoming Project Scorpio and Playstation Neo. Regardless of whether or not the NX will have 4K gaming, the Tegra processor rumoured to be in the console will be able to play games with larger resource requirements without much difficulty if the processor is one of the latest Tegra processors.

Games and Support

Breath-of-the-Wild-620x349.pngConfirmed for the NX, is the highly anticipated Legends of Zelda : Breath of the Wild which will also debut on the Wii U. Due to being released on the Wii U alongside the NX, this tells us that Nintendo’s hybrid console will hold second screen functionalities as well as Amiibo functionality. This will combine almost all of Nintendo’s interests and current developing projects into one sphere, from portable handhelds, home consoles and their interactive displays involving the colourful and collectable amiibo.

The Nintendo NX is scheduled to release sometime within March 2017 and it is a fair bet that Legends of Zelda : Breath of the Wild will be released alongside it as an iconic continuation of the series to get the NX off to a rapid start.

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