Zygarde’s Been Upgraded

Remember this guy?


The colossal behemoth that was capturable in Pokemon X and Y and was hailed as the protector of the environment. Also as the force keeping the unruly Yveltal and Xerneas in check. Well he is getting a not necessary but still cool change when it comes to the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

It turns out that the above Zygarde, the one we all caught in Pokemon X and Y has the ability to change its form depending on environmental stresses in the environment and that ability is coming to the surface in Sun and Moon. No one is sure how these transformations will be undertaken but according to a preview video released by Pokemon, it can clearly be seen that the Zygarde 10% Forme evolves in a pseudo Mega Evolution way so perhaps the transformation will be a new type of evolution and power boosting mid-battle.

In fact, it has been confirmed that the lower Zygarde Formes will transform into the complete Forme when their HP drops below 50%. What is still unknown is if Zygarde will undertake two evolutions, the first evolving from the 10% to 50% Formes when its HP drops too low, and the second from 50% to Complete when its HP drops again. In the preview Pokemon gave us, we saw the 10% Forme drawing in cells from around its environment to morph into the powerful Complete Forme.

Zygarde Cell


The Zygarde Cell is just one component of any Zygarde Forme. It is the base element and can not interact with other cells or use any moves. However if it combines with a Zygarde Core, it can create the body of stronger Zygarde Formes. They can be found all over the Alola region. This presents a feasible method of Zygarde’s evolution within Sun and Moon as opposed to previous regions such as Kalos. It also would allow any captured Zygardes being able to upscale their cellular structure to reach higher power levels by just drawing in cells throughout the environment.

Zygarde Core


The Cores form what is akin to a portion of Zygarde’s brain. The Cores are able to communicate with other Cores and Cells via telepathy and have been known to undertake action when the immediate environment undergoes a change. Perhaps the evolutionary tree relies on specialised Zygarde Cores to be held by Zygarde to either evolve or devolve itself during battle.

Zygarde 10% Forme

zygarde10percentThe most basic of the combat ready Zygarde Formes is known as Zygarde 10% and it bears resemblance to a technologically advanced green and black dog. It holds two abilities with the first being known as Aura Break, which reverses the effects of any aura abilities, specifically Fairy Aura or Dark Aura. These abilities power up their respective move types by 33% but Aura Break causes it to decrease the power of those moves by 33% as long as the Aura Break Pokemon remains on the field. 10% Zygarde also holds the ability, Power Construct which causes any Zygarde Forme whether it be 10% or 50% to turn into Zygarde Complete Forme when its HP drops below half. This fits with the legend of Zygarde who is said to activate the Complete Forme when a challenge arises that the power levels of the lower Formes are not equipped to handle.

Two signature moves of this Pokemon have been showcased, Thousand Arrows with which Zygarde 10% Forme sends out a thousand beams of light to attack the enemy from above and Thousand Waves which sees Zygarde, devolve into its cellular constituents and damage the enemy as a series of waves that bounce around opposing Pokemon.

Zygarde Complete Forme

100% forme
The behemoth known as Zygarde holds many shapes. A dog, a headpiece wearing snake and now a bipedal creation with razor sharp claws and long flowing, independently controlled ‘tails’. Zygarde Complete Forme is the pinnacle of Zygardes power and comes about when a lower Forme is reduced to less than 50% HP. Whether this transformation will fully heal Zygarde in the process or just boost its base stats is yet to be seen. It comes with the signature move, known as Core Enforcer, where it launches into the air with its tails fully extended, which forms the shape of a ‘Y’ and charges a green coloured blast in the middle of its body. After a quick charge it fires the beam towards opposing Pokemon, not only delivering devastating damage but also delivering a Zorro-like message.

It is clear to see that Zorro, I mean the Zygarde Complete Forme will be an incredibly powerful Pokemon but will only be available if the battle is going rapidly south for a lower Zygarde Forme. This Pokemon will most likely also have reduced speed but high defence  whereas the 10% Forme has high speed but presumably low defence and the 50% Forme is reasonably well balanced across the board.

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