Info-Cavalcade For Rise Of Iron

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Game Informer Magazine has just published a large 16 page spread on the upcoming expansion for Destiny, entitled Rise of Iron. It was available today for Digital Subscription holders and will be available soon for print copy subscribers.  Lets melt some of the mystery surrounding Destiny : Rise of Iron.

Story Missions

Rise of Iron 2We could not have any new expansion into the Destiny universe without new story missions. There will be five new missions to delve into as we explore the mysteries of the deaths of the Iron Lords and the new SIVA plague. The most exciting fact about this from a lore fanatic’s perspective, is that we will be getting new Ghosts and Grimoire Cards to learn about the new enemies and the Iron Lords. The new Light Level cap will be 385 and following the release of the Hard Raid will be boosted to 400. The normal level cap of 40 will remain in place.


ArtefactsThere are a series of non-class specific artifacts coming with Rise of Iron, each related to an Iron Lord. However, these are no ordinary artifacts that will provide us with trivial bonuses to damage or accuracy, instead they will drastically alter the way your Guardian fights the Darkness and interacts with the world.

-Memory of Radeghast : adds an ability for sword heavy weapons to reflect projectiles, including high impact projectiles including the Ogre Eye Blast and Rockets from opposing Guardians in the Crucible. This essentially turns the shield capabilities of your heavy swords from a minor decrease in damage, to an impenetrable, bouncy wall.

-Memory of Perun : adds the ability to highlight Guardians with full Super in yellow, and low health Guardians in red. This will alter the way Guardians engage other Guardians in the Crucible by giving those who hold this artifact significant warning. It will also show you what allies need support.

-Memory of Jolder : removes the Sprint cooldown, meaning you can stop and start running to your hearts content.

-Memory of Silimar : drastically reduces the damage of Damage Over Time effects, such as Thorn poison or burning effects.

-Memory of Felwinter : lose your Super, but gain an additional grenade and melee ability. On top of this, gain a significant boost to all stats. This is not a one time loss of your Super, it nullifies it completely so decide if you really wish to sacrifice it for a boost to your Guardians stats.

-Memory of Gheleon : gain detailed radar at all times, even while aiming a primary weapon as it grants you precision radar and third eye. No more needing to hunt for those third eye perks on our weapons.

-Memory of Skorri : speeds Super recharge for all nearby allies. This would be absolutely terrific if you wish to play as a team support Guardian, as it will allow your team to deal more damage over the long run. It will not boost your own Super so it will be ideal for Guardians who hold on to their Super (Looking at you Sunsingers).

-Memory of Timur : Melee an enemy for a chance to turn them into an ally for a short time. This is both insanely strategic and awesome. Will most likely not be functional on Ultra level enemies.

These artifacts will be able to be acquired from a new Cryptarch at Felwinter’s Peak, an Awoken by the name of Tyra Karn. She will offer three of the artifacts from a full rotating set of eight and these will change weekly. In order to purchase these you will need to find a collectible known as an Iron Lords Legacy. Presumably these drop from Patrol and completing certain activities in Rise of Iron.


Destiny Armour.jpg
Where to begin? Well first of all, the armour pieces of the Destiny world (at least those in Rise of Iron), will be gaining additional customisation options with Ornaments, which are customisation options that change the look and geometry of your Guardians armour. This applies to weapons as well. There are new sets of armour available for completing various activities within the expansion, such as Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner, Iron Lord questlines and the raid that will gift you SIVA augmented armour. Iron Lord armour is obtainable from completing objectives provided in a log book that is similar to the Sparrow Racing League Recordbook.

In relation to our beloved exotic pieces, we are getting a spree of new armour exotics, most excitingly, our first set of Warlock boots. There is most likely going to be exotics that were found in the Destiny Armoury which were hidden after being discovered.

Class Items are also being given a massive overhaul, firstly with the fact that there will be more to choose from. Rise of Iron will grant us every single class item since the games release to pick for our Guardians, except those that were present in the old raids. No cool looking Vault of Glass cloak for us. But the class items we do acquire will now be able to change according to our shaders. Our beloved Factions are also getting an update to their armour sets as well as providing Guardians with faction themed Ghost shells, and Sparrows.


Kvostov.jpgWhat would Destiny be without weaponry? Rise of Iron is providing a serious boost to our firepower with weapons available from Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner, the Iron Lord Logbook as well as Vanguard, Crucible and Strike specific armaments.

Several exotic weapons have been revealed however, with the Kvostov 7G-0X (pictured above)  which I can see now to be an incredibly overpowered weapon. It holds the greatest level of customisation of any Destiny weapon and it is truly worthy of being called an exotic. You can change its style of fire, to shoot in bursts (pulse rifle), to fire long range, high impact shots (scout rifle) or to fire a never ending stream of bullets (auto rifle). On top of this, you can change the speed of fire on each of the customisation options. Obviously this would lock out other options to prevent this weapon from becoming insanely overpowered, but this means this exotic will suit every single Guardian’s playstyle. This exotic weapon will be acquired from a quest.

Speaking of quests, the highly anticipated Gjallarhorn is going to be available, able to be forged from the armour of fallen Guardians. If you pre-order Destiny : Rise of Iron, you will get Gjallarhorn in a black and chrome colour scheme. The final weapon revealed to be gained from a quest is an infamous one. Thorn is returning to the forefront but I doubt it will hold its former power. We will also be gaining a new exotic SIVA pulse rifle that blossoms out a cloud of seeking energy after scoring precision kills and a new exotic sidearm (hopefully it will be useable).

Oh and by the way, all Year 2 weapons and armour will be able to be infused up to Year 3 levels with the one to one infusion system.


Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 3.33.10 pm.pngThere is a new Crucible mode coming with Rise of Iron known as Supremacy. This game mode causes defeated Guardians to drop shields that are coloured either blue or red, and bear a resemblance to engrams. Your team will only score points if someone on your team picks up the fallen shield. If an enemy player picks up the shield of their teammate, it denies your team from claiming points but they will not receive any points from it. This game mode will require great team precision and may remove the resolute hard scopers who remain at the back of the map, picking off stragglers.

Iron Banner is changing. Of course it is, it’s Rise of Iron. Iron Banner will come with four additional maps to make the grind for that gear a little less tedious. The Tempered Bonus that increases the amount of experience you gain from completing Iron Banner matches and turning in bounties will be removed, as well as the experience bonus for wearing Iron Banner items. However, to combat this the experience required to rank up in IB will be greatly less than it currently is. Bounties are being changed and completing them will reward an Iron Banner weapon or armour piece, per bounty finished.

On top of all this, Playstation users will be gifted with an exclusive map as per usual. It is known as Icarus, a large solar collection site on Mercury (you can see it above), which is a raised platform in the middle of a much larger array structure.

Nothing is fully confirmed yet, but Bungie has hinted at custom matches by stating that it is the feature, “Our community has been clamouring for.”


Septiks Perfected

First off, lets start with the updated Strikes as two of the most popular Strikes that were left behind in Year One are now returning to Destiny. The Prime Servitor Strike and the Summoning Pits Strike which is being renamed to the Abomination Heist. Both of these Strikes revolve around the introduction to the SIVA plague, and while not much is known about how Phogoth will be altered, Septiks Prime is returning as Septiks Perfected. There will be a couple new Strikes entering the mix where we will see SIVA enemies, presumably Devil Splicers going head to head with Guardians and these will be available at the end of specific quest-lines.

Strike specific loot is not going away but the way Guardians can acquire it is changing drastically. It will no longer be a random drop after an encounter with a Strike boss, instead it will drop from a Hoard Chest that appears at the end of the Strike. These chests can be opened with Skeleton Keys that are acquired randomly from completing Strikes of all levels, from Nightfalls to those chosen singularly. You can use any Skeleton Key to open any Hoard Chest and upon opening it, you will receive a guaranteed piece of Strike specific loot.

Archon’s Forge

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 3.32.47 pmArchon’s Forge is an event that is reminiscent of Court of Oryx where you will go to a pre-determined location, presumably within the Plaguelands and activate one of a few tiers of difficulty depending on the pickups you acquire. These items can be found randomly during Patrol and quite possibly by doing certain Patrol bounties. The encounters in the Archon’s Forge will last 5 minutes and end with an Ultra level boss.

Returning Events

destiny_festival_of_the_lost_masks_costumes.jpgBungie has also announced the return of mini-events such as Festival of the Lost – returning October, and Sparrow Racing League – returning in December.


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