Sea Of Thieves

Take To The (Hopefully More Than) Seven Seas In Your Own Customisable Pirate Ship.

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For everyone who was not able to attend SDCC of which I am included (international travel is expensive), Rare has released a video detailing their panel on Sea of Thieves and some cool concept art and mechanics that will be ever present in the game. These will allow your innermost pirate fantasy (look deep enough, you know it’s there) to come to life.

All The Pirate Goodness On One Ship

Of course, it could not be a pirate game without the ships being interchangeable. They have to contain some form of personality and uniqueness to the Pirate Captain. Ships were found, in an earlier article, to be customisable from top to bottom to give it some very unique pirate-y flair but it was very broad. Lets break the ship down shall we?

Figureheads are going to be a thing. Intricately crafted items that showcase your wealth and your own style, as the gold lion above is demonstrating. There are a whole spree of figureheads that are going to be released and with how many individuals are clamouring to have a decent pirate game to play, there will be many figureheads out there, most likely a fair few doubles. Hopefully, Rare will add new figurehead designs or allow players to alter the standard ones they have for purchase, such as changing the jewels in the eyes or the colour schemes or even the way the figurehead is placed on the front of the ship. However there are a few that are never going to be alterable, as they cast some light on the history of Rare’s games, featuring some unique characters such as Banjo and Kazooie and Joanna Dark;

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Each of the the figureheads is designed in such a way that it fits in with the pirate atmosphere that permeates the game.

However, the figureheads while awesome, are only one of the ways you can customise your ship. If you want to have a full change, you can change the paint-job of your vessel, all the way down to the insignia on the flags. Now while you do not have to change the image on the flag when you change your paint job, you may find that it suits the new design of your vessel to fly some new colours.

In this way, you can also announce your intentions while sailing. If you want to be the scourge of the seas and strike fear and a desire to challenge into anyone you meet then you can fly the Jolly Roger. If you want to showcase your innocent intentions then you may fly a flag showing puppies or kittens. Or if you really want to shake things up and be strategic, you can fly a puppy flag to get up close and then blast them to ribbons and steal their treasure. This is now what I am doing – watch out fellow pirates.

The Ships Themselves

Ckc3PfBWgAAK4Gq.jpgIt appears that everyone who starts off in Sea of Thieves will be granted a rather large and substantial vessel that they can sail off with and still survive against bigger or more well equipped ships if it comes to that. Each object on the ship can be utilised solo but it is much more efficient to operate the equipment as part of a team. Sails need to be raised and lowered, someone needs to operate the crows nest to watch out for black sails, or more terribly, a puppy flag (I’m giving you all significant warning. I’m coming for you. And your treasure), and someone needs to man the helm. Sea of Thieves provides you with everything necessary for controlling your ship. On top of this, while it is not impossible for a solo player to operate the large Galley, it would be a frantic rush of things or a lot of wishing on lady luck that you don’t crash because you can’t see past the sails. In this regard, Rare has stated that Sea of Thieves will exhibit a smaller vessel for solo players to utilise with a bit more ease, if they so desire.

Now, into the bowels of the ship. Being so heavily customisable, and also since Rare has stated that the inside will be changeable, it is fair to assume that the interior of your ship can be altered to suit your needs and wants. Cause lets face it, you want the inside to look pretty/intimidating (whatever your taste), while you are getting hammered on the grog.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 11.36.10 am.png

We will most likely be able to purchase or hunt down sea creatures and add trophies to the walls, similar to the shark jaws in the above photo, as well as swords and other weapons and perhaps even mementos from the monsters and assorted beasties you will face on your journey. Interior Decor Idea #1 – Retrieve a tentacle from the newly defeated Kraken and lay it in your main cabin. Now you have a lounge. On top of this, it is fair to say that you will be able to buy higher quality furniture, food (for health), grog of course and be able to move everything around the rooms in order to suit your tastes.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 11.45.00 am.png

The Captains Quarters, while being customisable will also, most likely be a mini hub for character progress, quest progression and statistics about your character, as well as a map room that will showcase discovered islands and ports.

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