Get Topsy : Great Games You Absolutely Must Play!


Almost every individual who has played any form of video games has a favourite particular title, whether it is for PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo or a Phone app. I will carry you through some of my personal favourite games. While all of these assorted games garnered some form of mainstream success and it is highly likely that you may have played or are playing one of these, I recommend that you give the others a try. Lets get to it.


Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion


The Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion follows the story of your mysterious chosen character who begins life as a prisoner within the dungeons of Uriel Septim VII. Your uniquely designed character will be granted the Amulet of Kings, as told to him in a dream vision. The landscape is set in the middle of Cyrodiil, ironically also in the centre of Tamriel, which as a result presents numerous biomes scattered around, from swamps to plains and high mountainous regions. Oblivion showcases the journey of your hero as they fight to stop Mehrunes Dagon, the Daedric Lord of Destruction, as he attempts to open portals leading to his particular plane of Oblivion, which is an extension of the void. You must stop him from overrunning the world with Daedra by finding and empowering the true heir of the late Uriel Septim VII. You will encounter Daedra, Elves and bandits that you can slaughter with blade, bow or an array of magic. While being an RPG, you will have plenty of quests to complete and treasure to amass. On top of this, if you purchase the Game of the Year edition, or the assorted DLC (which you definitely should), you’ll gain access to pirate dens, magic towers and a deranged realm of Oblivion known as the Shimmering Isles. And remember, future heroes of Tamriel, take a chance with Lucien Lachance.

Pokemon Diamond

Pokemon Diamond.jpg

Pokemon Diamond, alongside Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Platinum, is a part of the fourth generation of the franchise. Set in the far off land of Sinnoh, the core elements are the same, build a powerful team of Pokemon that you can travel the region with, and defeat gyms and become the ultimate Pokemon trainer with your Poke-friends. Diamond shares a special place, in both my compliment of Pokemon games as well as for the franchise, as it completely altered the battle system. From this game onwards, a moves power was not determined by its typing, but instead was assigned the values of either Physical or Special. This introduced a bit more complexity to the battle system but also allowed more variation to the fights and made it a bit more complex than just a type off. On top of this, the signature legendary Pokemon of Diamond, Dialga is one of my absolute favourite legendaries. Pokemon Diamond also supports a simpler style of graphics but a noticeable step up from previous generations which is nice middle ground from a simpler time. It is available to be played on the Nintendo DS, 2DS and 3DS.



Destiny has had its fair share of issues, with the need for incessant grinding and almost skeletal storyline but it captured my attentions and my heart from the very first day it was released by Bungie, almost two years ago.The chance to fight as the agile and precise Hunter, the burly and powerful Titan or the knowledgeable and arguably power insane Warlock, against the varied forces of the Darkness is almost too much for my nerdy soul to bear. It has gained a lot of traction with consistent game improvements and better story writing (can I get a hallelujah). With each class of Guardian being able to play as three distinct sub-classes, Destiny has something for every player. A number one complaint was the lore system being inaccessible from within the game itself and while it is true that this is annoying for lore fanatics such as myself, the ability to read the in-game history via Grimoire Cards from any device that connects to bungie.net is only a minor hassle, as the great hidden story is worth the extra few seconds to bring up. Combined with a spree of multiplayer modes, Raids and assorted arenas to gain both experience and gear, it always has something to do (unless you are like me and grind out the max as soon as a new max was available). With the Rise of Iron expansion being released on September 20th, Destiny is gaining ever more momentum and unique features, so it is the perfect time for players to try it for the first time or return to an admittedly previously stale game.

Halo Reach

Halo Reach.jpg

In the greatest instalment of the Halo series (in my view at least), we do not follow John 117, aka Master Chief but instead follow the struggles of Noble Team as they defend the planet Reach from the forces of the ruthless Covenant. The supreme trials and journeys of the team as viewed from the sixth member of the Spartan contingent, aptly named Six, will be an emotional journey, as battles, both won and lost, pile up against the skilled Spartans. While a kind of side game from the main series of Halo, Reach tells the story of the Covenant’s rise of power and the fall of the Planet Reach, where Spartan soldiers were trained at specialised bases. With the ability to drive a variety of classic Halo vehicles from Banshees to Warthogs as well as utilising many of the staple weapons of UNSC and Covenant, this game has all the notable hallmarks of a great Halo game (minus a major appearance of Master Chief), while taking your emotions for a spin at the tragedy that befalls this noble team. Halo Reach is only available for Xbox 360 however, not being extended to the current generation consoles.

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is simply awesome. There is no amount of adjectives that I can throw its way to truly compliment it and if you haven’t already played it, you need to overcome that oversight. The value is fantastic especially with the Handsome Collection which provides you with Borderlands 2 and its associated DLC, as well as Borderlands the Pre-Sequel (not as good as BL2-just saying). Choose from four starting Vault Hunters (treasure hunters) as well as two DLC Vault Hunters, and free the bandit ridden world of Pandora from warlords, dangerous beasts and insane psychopaths all the while gunning (yes that was a bad joke), to eliminate the mass murdering, self proclaimed ‘hero’ leader of the Hyperion company-Handsome Jack. You and your merry band of Vault Hunters will need to stop him from unlocking the power of an alien Vault and utilising it to his benefit. When I say merry band, I refer to the fact that Borderlands 2 can have four player split screen play as well as online split screen, just make sure you are either sitting close to your TV or have a big one, because the details can get quite minute. BL2 has massive replay value as each successful playthrough unlocks a harder version of the game, where the loot is better and your strength is boosted. Ahh the loot. Borderlands 2 has a cool loot generating system that can spit out literally millions upon millions of unique guns, making your experience ever more varied. With DLC that pits you in arena fights, a life sized game of Dungeons and Dragons and more besides, why don’t you grab your rifle and listen to the call for loot on the Borderlands.



I have included another one of the Elder Scroll games because the RPG meets fantasy meets medieval really strikes a chord within me and other gamers besides. Skyrim showcases the quest of the Dragonborn (an individual with the soul of a dragon) as he pursues his quest against the world eating dragon, Alduin. Filled with fantastical dangers such as fire and frost breathing serpents, walking dead and mudcrabs, you will have to use your impressive array of physical weapons, magic and Shouts (dragon language) to defeat them. Large cities and towns await your exploration, packed full of hundreds of quest, vendors and steal-able items. Assuming you have picked up the Game of the Year edition (which you should), you’ll gain access to DLC such as, Dragonborn, where you pit yourself against the first Dragonborn, Dawnguard where you battle as a Vampire Lord or Vampire Hunter and Hearthfire where your years of adventuring make you long for a domestic life, and you can build your house, with the features you want and need. Hundreds of dungeons, impressive weapons and armour, and magical intrigue await you in this realm. With the remastered version arriving on PS4 and Xbox One on October 28th 2016, it is the absolute best time to pick up this incredible game that has hundreds, if not thousands of hours of content. You will forget to eat, sleep, read and amass wealth in real life because you will be so busy doing just that in Skyrim.

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