Did Eris Morn Escape The Hellmouth Under Her Own Power?

Eris MornAll Destiny players have encountered Eris Morn and her vague prophecies and warnings about the true power of the Hive and their gods. Eris Morn was part of an ill fated fire team that descended into the Hellmouth in search of the Hive God, Crota, after the disastrous battle of Mare Imbrium. While Vell Tarlowe, Sai Mota, Omar Agah and Eriana-3 were killed by Crota’s disciples and Toland disappeared, presumably to the Ascendant realms of the Hive, Eris remained alive, within the tunnels, until she escaped after years in exile. Yet no one knows how.

A Bargain?

She said that in order to escape, she utilised the shadows and the Darkness as the Hive do. But what does that mean? Did she just spend an amazingly long time hiding in the shadows waiting for the right time to move?  And what kind of dark magic has caused her to occupy the partial form of a Hive warrior? Well, what if Eris had taken the characteristic three eyes of the Hive and is able to interact with Hive objects because she shares a distinctly close connection, to the former’s very Gods? The Worm Gods, are reputed for knowing everything possible about the world and its civilisations, and they gift power and mercy without immediate benefits and consequences being known.They could have extended that mercy to Eris, just like they extended the mercy of freedom and control to Oryx and his siblings.

Lost Light and Worm Gods

It is frequently alluded to that Eris has lost the use of her Light, and that she is not able to access the Traveler’s gifts like the rest of the Guardians. Within the Book of Sorrow XVIII, you learn that the goal of the Worm Gods was to consume the Traveler, “Once the way is open, we’ll show you how to eat the Traveler”. This I believe would be to consume the very essence of the Traveler, and the source of its Light as opposed to a devouring of the giant metal shell that comprises the monolith. Now, since Eris’ Light was taken away by something within the Hellmouth, it is my theory (all that hypothesising) that she negotiated with the Worm Gods themselves. And the price was the taking of her Light as they appear to feed off of it. I evidence this with the Grimoire Card, Heart of Crota – “the Heart held Omar’s broken body in a vice of bone and pain. She was peeling the Light from his body…nurturing Crota’s children, with the echoes of Agah’s Light. From that extract it is evident that the Darkness feeds off the Light, and so the very thing that made her a Guardian could be the price to pay in order to return home. However wouldn’t she be required to take in a worm, a parasitic attachment that caused the bearer to kill and kill to satiate it? What if the worm fed on Eris’ Light, and as soon as her Light manifested itself it was drained away, much like Oryx’s Grasp of the King ability. In the mission, The Coming War, you investigate a Cabal distress call and within it, first encounter the Taken. Eris is frequently heard exclaiming phrases such as, “Fingertips on the surface of my mind” as well as “The whispers are louder, I will endure”. So it is possible that Eris feels these connections to a greater degree than the ordinary Guardians, due to her incredibly close association to the Hive Gods, by way of the worm. This is further accentuated in the cutscene wherein the Vanguard hypothesise as to how to get aboard the Dreadnaught. Eris states that her alien crystal, which could be a chunk of the worm in a specialised Orb, has not spoke since Crota fell, but now speaks with the arrival of Oryx. Both of these beings are powerful Hive Lords and could make active the Worm God’s attentions. This is coupled with Eris also stating, “For the first time, the whispers are silent”, after you finish the final Taken King mission, entitled Regicide.  The whispers, with regard to Guardians who have associated with the Ahamkara or the Worm Gods, as I believe they are the same, are an incessant murmuring that draws the inflicted Guardians to commit terrible atrocities for the aforementioned gods.


Eris has suffered through these whispers, fighting against their effects in order to gain intelligence on the Hive such as Oryx and Crota, which could only be garnered if there was a strong mental connection between them. Something major had to have occurred to Eris down beneath the surface of the moon, to both alter the state of her physical being as well as her mental. In order to learn what she knew of Oryx and Crota, as well as to initially escape the Moon, there seems to have been a tradeoff. Knowledge at a price, which is the very reason the Ahamkara/Worm Gods were killed in the first place.

What do you think Guardians? Did Eris Morn make a bargain with the deadly Worm Gods in order to save herself and aid in the survival of the Last City? Or was her survival purely down to a combination of luck and skill as she cloaked herself in Darkness?

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