Take A Breath Pokemon Fans – Images Of New Pokemon Have Been Released.

With a new issue of Coro Coro magazine that is arriving, images have been revealed pertaining to even more Pokemon that are arriving with this years iteration of the game, Pokemon Sun and Moon. While not much is being stated on these Pokemon, and the final names (at least in English) not being known as yet, this will be a cursory article into the new Pokemon.

Nuikoguma – Normal/Fighting

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 3.49.46 pm

Nuikoguma is the pre-evolution of Bewear that retains its normal and fighting type status. This Pokemon does not enjoy being touched which is ironic because all I want to do right now is pick it up, which would result in it fighting me at every turn. Based on its appearance, its evolution may rely on increasing its friendship toward your trainer.

Sunabaa – Ground/Ghost and its evolution Shirodesuna – Ground/Ghost

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 3.42.24 pm

Pokemon embodying objects is nothing new to this universe but it takes on a distinctly ominous flavour when it comes to these two sandcastles. Sunabaa is a grudge, which is a type of malevolent spirit, that dwells in a pile of sand that eventually turns into a Pokemon. On the other hand, the far more sinister, Shirodesuna, uses its ghost powers to steal the life force from other Pokemon, which convert into grudges, who in turn inhabit piles of sand and turn into Sunabaas. So essentially, these Pokemon can create an army through killing a lot of Pokemon which is a chilly thought. But hey to make it a bit more comical, I have a question. Did the sand the spirit inhabited initially have a sandcastle already built on it or did it decide to build one itself in between all the life force stealing.

Wishiwashi – Water

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 3.42.11 pm

I can see how Yowashi may be confusing. Yowashi is in fact the sad looking fish at the top. However that singular fish is (surprise, surprise) its Singular Forme. It is able to simulate a souped up version of a real school of fish as it transforms into its School Forme, which will undoubtedly boost its power and may garner some new attacks to be utilised by this Pokemon. It is still unknown how the forme change will occur but I hypothesise it will require Yowashi to be involved in a water battle, either on the water or while fishing, as it can call nearby Yowashi to make the School Forme.

Alolan Formes Everywhere

Alolan Marowak and Alolan Meowth

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 3.42.04 pm

It is a surprise to no one to find out that we are getting additional Alolan formes of earlier generation Pokemon. This reveal has presented us with two additional ones, Meowth and Marowak. Meowth, formerly a Normal type has become a Dark type, changed over time as it was bred by the Alolan Royal family. Marowak however, who is now a Fire/Ghost type, developed these changes to resist its natural Alolan predators. Natural Selection strikes again. It is a fair bet that the Alolan Marowak will be present at the Fire Trial undertaken during the Island Challenge, under the control of Kiawe, the Fire Trial Captain. It is also shown holding the signature staff utilised with Fire Dancing which shows both an upgrade to its type and weapon of choice but also hints at a potential new move. This move would involve Alolan Marowak blowing out onto the ends of the staff and sending a cascade of fire towards its opponents. I can dream.


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