Factions Of The Battleborn Universe

Battleborn_StartScreen_HeroArt.jpgBattleborn, has gotten a quite severe backlash due to the truly terrible release date, that has resulted in a huge number of potential players disregarding it, saying it is a terrible game. I’m not here to change your mind (yes I am, it’s a great game). Lets walkthrough the major factions involved in the fight to save the last star.

Last Light Consortium (LLC)


The LLC are the rich kids on the block. The preppy ones where you want to beat them up because of their posh attitudes and steal their easy earned cash. Except in this case you would have no chance. Two of the members of the LLC Battleborn are an old man in a battle throne that can summon localised rifts and a sociopathic, robotic sniper who utilises a cane rifle to avoid exposure to ‘poor people cooties’. The LLC are defined by an intense an everlasting need to garner profit no matter the cost and it was for that reason that they left the United Peacekeeping Republics – peacekeeping didn’t help the bottom line. They own and control Minion Robotics, the largest weapons manufacturer still standing, which produces robots of all shapes and combat efficiencies as well as developing AIs. However the governing AI, the Magna Carta, suddenly shut itself off leaving the lucky AIs that did survive to lead a life of insanity. Meet ISIC and you will understand.

Jennerit Imperium

Jennerit Imperiu

The Jennerit Imperium are the strongest military force within all of the known galaxies and keeping with that they were the frontline against the Varelsi, forging alliances with the other factions in order to save the stars. But as the stars fell, one by one, the Warmaster by the name of Rendain, negotiated an alliance with the Varelsi, betraying his people and the other factions in a bid to save the lives of himself and his loyal few.The true Jennerit have a distinctly vampirish look about them, while having skinny limbs and a preference for melee combat. They also utilise life stealing abilities quite a lot which greatly benefits their up close and personal style. The Jennerit, or at least the high class Jennerit also have access to a unique ritual, known as the Ritual of Sustainment, where their life spans are extended indefinitely and they become immune to most forms of death dealing practices. However the Jennerit have no qualms about utilising other species within their militaries so the odds are the Jennerit you face are not true Jennerit.



The Eldrid are the magical, nature loving faction that have a massively developed understanding of the natural sciences and the natural world. They are comprised of numerous races from a myriad of planets, and these races together are charged with maintaining the natural order of the universe. In this way, they despise other races and cultures that attempt to alter that natural order. A long time ago, the Eldrid spanned entire galaxies but as each star has been darkened, their reach has grown less and they are now  a shadow of what they once were. Regardless of that, they continue their fight against the Varelsi and the Jennerit with gear that is more on the side of being grown than being built. As part of their innate understanding of the natural world, they all hold incredible health regeneration abilities which compensates for them not utilising shields.



The United Peacekeeping Republics or Peacekeepers for short are a series of nomadic, space faring species cobbled together from survivors, both military and civilian that have been saved from the darkening of their homeworlds by the Varelsi. They are an extremely well rounded military force, utilising grenades, air support, miniguns, shotguns and of course, assault rifles. With these they attempt to protect those remaining civilisations that cannot exactly defend themselves from the ongoing threat to the stars. The rag tag group of survivors, turned hardened military, reside on the frozen hellscape known as Bliss, but they aren’t complaining, the atmosphere is breathable (kinda) and they get a nice view of the last star.



The Rogues are the left overs, the outcasts of the universe, from every civilisation imaginable. They are comprised of the rejects, survivalists, criminals and those who just do not like rules and authority. They reside out in the Detritus Rings among the abandoned ships and planetary rubble and answer to no one…well maybe one person. Under times of extreme crisis, like the Battle for the Last Star, they all look to their de facto leader, Reyna ‘The Valkyrie’ Valeria. Held in the greatest respect by the Rogue faction, or at least acknowledged that without her they would all be dead, Reyna calls them together in times of strife, and showcases that even though the Rogues are a small collection of misfits, they definitely can hold their own in battle. When they are not fighting alien threats, they lay back and enjoy their leisure time by running rampant over the Solus System, stealing other factions possessions, relaxing with a good book, raiding LLC Arcships for their loot or building highly technological death mechs (looking at you Toby).

Orendi Gif.gif




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