Battleborn Character Guide : Oscar Mike The Unique Clone Soldier

Oscar Mike Flexinating.jpg


Soldier RDC-OM83-1101 otherwise known as Oscar Mike is a RDC (rapid deployment corps) clone trooper of the Peacekeeper division. However he is quite conscious of himself being a clone and feels lost and that he lacks a true identity. In an interview with the UPR, he even goes so far as to tell the interviewer that he has a rare condition that causes anyone who looks directly at his face to burst into flames so he will be able to leave his helmet on. Despite being a clone he manifests his unique personality with his own brand of humour that at times seems quite close to many gamers out there, with catchphrases like ‘Suck a little less scrub’ and ‘Laaaaaaaaag’.

Oscar Mike has faced many dangers and hardships, from countless away missions with both the other Oscar Mike Units as well as with the Battleborn, but this hardened warrior fears one things above all else and that is spiders. Within the Archive mission where the players battle for the Codex on Ekkunar, you can learn that part of the downloaded data, is a book of poems written by Oscar Mike. So our Assault Trooper has a creative side. This begun while he was placed within a new unit within the UPR, where Montana suggested that he get involved with the social activities around the squadron. He was informed by his superior by the name of Corporal Holmes, that there was a poetry slam. And a star was born. Oscar Mike demonstrated an amazing use of technical style, switching from a rhyming poem to a free verse half way through. He debated, in prose, about the true nature of the arachnids and his disgust for them, especially those terrible Orbon VII ones.

Oscar Mike and Montana had been inseperable for almost two decades, while they foight together all throughout the systems, attempting to prevent the Darkening of the stars. Notably Oscar Mike has distinguished himself throughout the Garden Campaign, where they fought to prevent the Darkening of the Garden Systems, the establishment of a home for the rest of the Mike Clones, the Battle and Darkening of Codex and the War of Penarch. Ghalt decided to recruit him due to his intense focus and dedication to any combat scenario. On top of this, he hoped that a relationship with any Mike clone may lead to the assistance of the rest of the clones on Planet Mike. However since Oscar Mike was kicked out of the RDC by the rest of the Mike clones, that was not the case.

Oscar Mike now feels like he belongs within the ranks of the Battleborn and he knows that he has a family even if the last star is darkened . It has always been important to Oscar Mike that he feels a connection with others he calls friends, not just squadron mates.

Weapon Of Choice

Oscar Mike Assault Rifle

Oscar Mike’s signature weapon is the UPR-AR7 Assault Rifle which has a medium rate of fire and significant range. With a clip of 30 bullets, Oscar Mike is the typical Assault Soldier, capable of clearing a room both from point blank range as well as from afar. His Assault Rifle has a simplisitc design but it has amazing effectiveness, being the hub of Oscar Mike’s abilities. He is able to fire grenades from an inbuilt launcher on the bottom as well as to initiate a laser triggered missile barrage. Without his Assault Rifle, Oscar Mike would be almost combat inept as it is a fantastic piece of weaponry.

Ideal Role

Oscar Mike is first and foremost a soldier. You will best utilise his talents on the front lines of battle due to the ranges of his skills. His offensive skills do not have an incredible range on them, as does Marquis’ and even his Assault Rifle will experience damage fall off if you are staying too far out of the action. With his powerful armaments, Oscar Mike is able to advance into battle and essentially extend the Battleborn’s advantage by successfully pushing into enemy territory. If you begin to get overwhelmed as Oscar Mike you can quite easily escape the danger by activating his cloaking device which will enable you to retreat to a position where you will be able to enforce an effective comeback. On top of this, the cloaking ability can be used to undertake the role of Medic as you can cloak and weave through the enemy to bring an allied Battleborn back to life and then fight your way out together. This would be a lot harder for other Battleborn as they would either have to dodge and sustain attacks throughout the revive process or eliminate every opposing force which may take too much time.


Passive/Tactical Rounds : The first 15 rounds of each Assault Rifle magazine deal 50% additional damage.

Weapon/UPR-AR7 Assault Rifle : The core of Oscar Mike’s combat effectiveness is his Assault Rifle and its many available upgrades.

Talent/UPR-RDC Combat Armor : Oscar Mike’s standard issue Combat Armor can be enhanced to increase survivability.

Skill 1/Stealth Generator : Activate a cloaking device obscuring Oscar Mike from view and radar detection for 9 seconds. Attacking or using a skill cancels the effect.

Skill 2/Frag Grenade : Launch a grenade that explodes 3 seconds after launch or 1 second after impact, dealing up to 200 damage to each enemy within its blast radius.

Ultimate/Airstrike : Target an area to strike with 13 laser-guided missiles, each of which explodes dealing 250 damage to nearby enemies.

Perk Choices

Rank One

*Impact Trigger : Frag Grenades detonate on impact.

*Sneak Attack : Deactivating Stealth Generator by using a skill or attacking an enemy provides a momentary damage boost to the skill or attack used. +16% bonus damage.

Rank Two

*Fragcendiary Grenade : Upon detonation, Frag Grenades blanket an area in napalm, dealing damage over time to nearby enemies. +720 damage over 6 seconds.

*Nades On Nades : On first impact, Frag Grenades spawn 5 child grenades, each of which deals 20% damage on detonation. Up to 50% bonus damage.

Rank Three

* Red Dot Sight : Fits Oscar Mike’s Assault Rifle with a red dot sight that enables full speed movement while aiming down sights.

*Scope : Fits Oscar Mike’s Assault Rifle with a long range scope that increases maximum effective range.

Rank Four

*Back In A Jiff : Activating Stealth Generator prompts Oscar Mike’s shields to immediately begin recharging.

*Tactical Espionage Action : Increases movement speed while Stealth Generator is active. +30% movement speed.

Rank Five

*Hollow Point Round : Bonus damage caused by Tactical Rounds penetrates enemy shields. +60% shield penetration.

*Doubletap : Doubles the number of Tactical Rounds in each magazine. +15 Tactical Rounds.

Rank Six

*Far Flung Frags : Boosts launch velocity of Frag Grenades, increasing their range. +75% projectile velocity.

*Stealthy Shields : Increases shield recharge rate while Stealth Generator is active. +105 shield recharge per second.

Rank Seven

*Agility Training : Increases movement speed. +8% movement speed.

*(MUTATION)High Velocity Ammo : Increases Assault Rifle damage. +18% damage.

*Disruption Rounds : A portion of Assault Rifle’s damage penetrates enemy shields. +25% shield penetration.

Rank Eight

*Fragpocalypse : Increases Frag Grenade’s damage. +15% damage.

*(MUTATION)Concentrated Frags : Greatly increase the damage caused by Frag Grenades at the cost of a reduced area of effect. +30% damage, -25% area of effect radius.

*Embiggened Boom : Increases the effective explosive range of Frag Grenades. +50% area of effect radius.

Rank Nine

*Stealth Savings : Deactivating Stealth Generator early refunds a portion of the cooldown cost. The less time spent cloaked, the shorter the cooldown will be. Up to -40% cooldown time.

*(MUTATION)Ghost Mode : Activating Airstrike while Stealth Generator is active no longer breaks stealth.

*Operation Sneaky Ghost : Increases Stealth Generator’s maximum active duration. +6 seconds stealth duration.

Rank Ten

*Holy Crap, Space Lasers : Replaces Airstrikes missile barrage with a focused laser attack that concentrates all of Airstrike’s damage into a smaller area and penetrates through structures.

*(MUTATION)Danger Close : Oscar Mike calls in a focused Airstrike on his location, narrowing the area of effect and causing Airstrike to follow Oscar Mike as he moves.

*Holy Crap, Concussive Strike : Enemies damage by Airstrike are slowed for a short time. +3 seconds slow duration.


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