Stufful, Crabrawler, Turtonator and Palossand Have Entered Into Pokemon Sun And Moon


With the constant reveals of new Pokemon and new features coming within Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, it is no surprise that fans are pumped up for the next rendition in the franchise. Five new Pokemon have been revealed so lets jump right in.

Stufful – Normal/Fighting

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 12.08.00 pm

It is quite clear from the above photo that the adorable little sugar-muffin known as Stufful is the previous evolution of Bewear, a powerful Normal/Fighting Type Pokemon. Stufful hates being picked up and cuddled but due to its appearance it is consistently hugged and grabbed. Following this, it will fight back with all its prodigious strength, most likely leaving the unfortunate soul a bit bruised at the very least.

Professor Oak .gif

Stufful holds the abilities Fluffy and Klutz. Fluffy reduces the damage of any physical moves that successfully hit by half. However it also doubles the potential damage of any successful Fire Type moves so definitely avoid this Pokemon for the Fire Trial. It also holds the ability Klutz which prevents the utilisation of any combat oriented held items on the Pokemon. This does not affect the usage of items such as Amulet Coins or Lucky Eggs.

Crabrawler – Fighting

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 12.06.18 pm

Crabrawler is the Pokemon version of an old school prizefighter. From the glove like pincers to the way it gets ready to attack by circling its fist, we have yet another boxing Pokemon to add to the roster. Its abilities consist of Hyper Cutter which prevents this Pokemon’s attack from being lowered (perfect for a Fighting type) and Iron Fist, which boosts the power of punching type moves. Not only does this allude ever more to the boxing image but it also gives us a glimpse into its moveset, as it will most likely be able to utilise the elemental punches (Ice Punch, Fire Punch and Thunder Punch).

Sandygast – Ghost/Ground

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 12.06.49 pm

Sandygast, on the surface looks like a simple Pokemon but is actually quite complex, being a spirit of a Pokemon that has inhabited a pile of sand. If I was that Pokemon I would have chosen something more hostile than a pile of sand, but each to their own. It holds the ability Water Compaction which boosts its Defence stat by 2, when it is hit by a Water Type move. Water Type Pokemon could end up having a bad time going against this Pokemon, as well as its evolution.

Palossand – Ghost/Ground

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 12.08.17 pm

This is the most scared I have ever been of a sandcastle, not just from its appearance (cause I cannot be scared of something with colourful shells) but from its ability to make a Pokemon army of Ghost types. It has the potential to steal the life force from other Pokemon and turn them into malevolent spirits, known as grudges. These grudges can them turn into another Sandygast, which will eventually evolve and the cycle will continue. If you haven’t guessed, it is the evolution of Sandygast and holds the same ability, known as Water Compaction.

Turtonator – Fire/Dragon

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 12.09.35 pm

We have another addition to the Dragon type roster and as a long time fan of Dragons in general, I could not be happier. Turtonator has a Japanese look to it but regardless of its origins, it is definitely a Pokemon people will want on their teams. It holds the ability Shell Armour which prevents this Pokemon from being affected by critical hits, which will prevent it from being taken out by a lucky addition of damage. This could be both beneficial and hindering, just depends on what side you are on. It also holds the new move, known as Shell Trap which essentially doubles the output of damage by this Pokemon. If a Turtonator sets a Shell Trap on the same turn that it is successfully attacked by an opposing Pokemon, the trap will be sprung and a significant explosive blast will be unleashed, damaging the opposing Pokemon. Since this move requires the Shell Trap to be set before Turtonator is attacked it will most likely have a priority much like Quick Attack or Sucker Punch. It will also most likely not remain in play for more than a single turn. Based on the fact that it was revealed alone and its unique new move, I believe that Turtonator may be one of the Totem Pokemon that you will face at the end of one of the Trials.

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