Battleborn Character Guide : Shayne & Aurox The Unlikely Allies

Shayne And Aurox


Shayne and Aurox are a two man…woman…space demon – well they are a team comprised of a teenage girl by the name of Shayne, and Aurox a Guayota. The pairing of girl and Djinn is a strained one, Shayne having pressed Aurox into service due to his power.

The Guayota are a species of sentient energy beings that are indigenous to the Braxon III planetoid within the Detritus Ring. Guayota are able to take innumerable forms by encasing themselves in nearby mineral matter, like a shell or battle armour. They feed on most forms of processed power sources by shifting into a type of partially phased energy. This placed them on the radar of the LLC who had received a large anonymous monetary payment in order to exterminate this species. This was apparently due to the danger to colonies within the Detritus Ring, which would often be assaulted by groups of Guayota so they could devour the energy sources occasionally leading to deaths of those who relied on functional oxygen scrubbers.

Shayne was rescued by Reyna, who pseudo-runs the Rogues within the Detritus Ring. She was found picking through the scrap of Braxon III after the LLC fulfilled their contract, exterminating the Guayota. She was caught stealing, behind doors that would be unable to be breached by any type of explosive which had Reyna feeling that Shayne was hiding something major. Among the items that were found missing within the loot lockup were mineral structural enhancers that miners utilised to strengthen caves. Most likely utilised to further solidify Aurox into a corporal form and to utilise his ability to transfer his essence into mineral substances to a greater degree. Shayne may have done this by enhancing the mineral Aurox was forced to inhabit to act as battle armour. Reyna and the rest of the crew discovered that Shayne had a pet Guayota (Aurox) and everyone was baffled as to how she managed to control it. At that point, Shayne and Aurox were catapulted to the forefront of Reyna’s group of Rogues.

It is clear that the relationship between Shayne and Aurox is one of duress, based on writings found on the side of a Jennerit cruiser on Ekkunar that showcase Aurox’s fury at being imprisoned. He talks of devouring the soul of Shayne and extinguishing his anger in her blood. It is clear that he is bound to do her will with mindful obedience. But how? How does a pre-teenage girl hold the capability to restrain someone of Aurox’s power?

The answer lies in the fact that Shayne possesses Aurox’s phase beacon. The only object holding all of his essence together in one location, essentially keeping him alive. Shayne gained control over it sometime after the carnage of the LLC extermination which could quite possibly have been due to an anonymous request made by Shayne herself. However despite his hatred of Shayne, it is clear that Aurox wishes to remain intact and so endures this slavery to the immature yet badass teenager, growing panicked when she threatens to shut off the phase beacon. Does Aurox yearn to be free to return to his homeworld and just live? Or does he wish to survive so to gain his revenge over Shayne?

Weapon of Choice

Shayne And Aurox Boomerang

Being two alternate beings in one badass fighting force, Shayne and Aurox have two main weapons. The first is Shayne’s boomerang whom she apparently loves due to its constant tendency to return to her. It has impressive range and can be thrown many times in succession, basically it is a non-reloading, never-ending ranged weapon. However when opposing forces get too close to Shayne and Aurox, the mineral enhanced claws of the Guayota come into play, being able to slash and stab opposing forces in a rapid fashion. In this regard, Shayne and Aurox are able to deal impressive damage both from point blank and at range, making them a very versatile Battleborn. When used in concert, Shayne’s boomerang and Aurox’s claws can eliminate enemies in a two pronged attack as they charge at you.

Ideal Role

Being equipped with high shields and reasonably high health, Shayne and Aurox are designed for the front lines being able to not only absorb heavy amounts of damage but also to dish it out. They can take out low to mid level enemies with ease as well as softening up targets for allied Battleborn to finish off. However due to the functionality of Shayne’s boomerang, Shayne and Aurox are able to remain away from the front lines and deal damage from range. However that would be a waste of their potential.

If you begin to get overwhelmed by the enemy, Shayne is able to turn invisible which can allow you to escape from a tricky spot. At the conclusion of her invisibility Aurox will slam into the ground, turning a disadvantage into an offensive counter-measure. Utilising Shayne’s invisibility and Aurox’s strength at close quarters combat, they will be able to intialise any fight over the battlefield with the element of surprise and a considerable show of power.


Passive/Fleet-Footed : When Aurox is disabled, Shayne moves +30% faster for 2 seconds.

Weapon/Aurox : Shayne’s companion djinn serves as Shayne’s shield and bodyguard, helping to melee enemies at close range.

Talent/Shayne’s Boomerang : Shayne’s secondary attack hurls her trusty Boomerang that damages enemies on impact.

Skill 1/Stealth Strike : Shayne cloaks for 5 seconds. When the cloak expires or is cancelled, Aurox crashes down, dealing 133 damage to the area around Shayne.

Skill 2/Fetch : Aurox charges forward and pulls the first enemy he encounters back to Shayne, dealing 89 damage.

Ultimate/Tag Team : Summons Aurox at a target location, dealing 418 damage over 5 seconds. After ending, nearby enemies are knocked into the air.

Perk Choices

Rank One

*Aura Of Annoyance : While Shayne is cloaked by Stealth Strike, she projects an area of effect that damages nearby enemies.

*Welcome Committee : Shayne gains an overshield after successfully hitting an enemy with Fetch. +225 overshield for 8 seconds.

Rank Two

*Wait For The Drop : Enemies damaged by Aurox at the end of Stealth Strike are slowed for a brief time. +3 seconds slow duration.

*Surprise Party : Shayne and Aurox’s first attack after the conclusion of Stealth Strike deals additional damage.

Rank Three

*Boomerang Bounce : Shaynes Boomerang bounces to a nearby enemy on a successful hit.

*(MUTATION)The Power Of Two : Shayne and Aurox’s melee attacks deal additional damage while their shield is active. +18% damage.

*Hulk Out With Your Djinn Out : Increases the rate of shield recharge. +105 shield recharge per second.

Rank Four

*What’s Yours Is Mine : Fetch steals some of the targets shield on impact. +100% shield steal.

*(MUTATION)We’ll Take Everything : When Fetch is activated, Aurox phases through enemies, damaging and pulling every enemy he encounters along the way.

*Holding It Down : Instead of pulling targets, Fetch now stuns enemies on impact. +2 seconds stun duration.

Rank Five

*The Immortal Aegis : At the conclusion of any skill, Shayne and Aurox’s shield immediately begins to recharge.

*Don’t Stop Running : Increases Fleet-Footed’s active duration. +1.5 seconds duration.

Rank Six

*Sneaky ‘N Resilient : Shayne takes reduced damage while cloaked by Stealth Strike. +20% damage reduction.

*Shield Smasher : Fetch damage penetrates enemy shields.

Rank Seven

*Alone Time : Shayne’s health regenerates while her shield is broken. +21 health regeneration per second.

*Bigger, Badder Djinn : Increases maximum shield strength. +240 maximum shield strength.

Rank Eight

*Sustained Stealth : Increases Stealth Strike duration. +6 seconds duration.

*(MUTATION)Long Arm Of The Lawless : Increases the radius of the explosion of Stealth Strike. +50% area of effect radius.

*Djinn To The Face : Increases damage dealt by Stealth Strike’s final impact.

Rank Nine

*Quite Fetching : Reduces Fetch’s cooldown time. -20% cooldown time.

*(MUTATION)Got ‘Em : Increases Aurox’s speed during Fetch. +100% Aurox speed.

*Sic ‘Em Aurox : Increases Fetch damage. +15% damage.

Rank Ten

*Aurox Hungers : While Tag Team is active, Aurox steals shield energy from nearby enemies, returning it to Shayne. +30% shield steal.

*Aurox Beckons : When Tag Team is activated, Aurox pulls in nearby enemies, slowing them at close range. +3 seconds slow duration.

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