Battleborn Character Guide : Ernest The Demobird

Angry Ernest.png


Ernest Igrin is a UPR demolitions expert who has been dubbed as a Demobird (because why not). He has a special relationship with every type of explosive but most importantly, his grenades. As he explains to a bunch of choice recruits within the UPR, the grenades are unique and important due to the fact that they are yours. They are your children, your sports stars, your babies. But when they are ready to be exploded in the face of an unsuspecting hostile, well thats when they take on a whole new level than just iron and gunpowder.

Ernest rose to the forefront of the UPR with the Darkening of his home planet known as Menneck-B. This is on top of an extensive and positive service record that has seen him become one of the systems premiere demolitions experts. A large portion of his time and impressive experience was utilised developing special weapons teams and training any new members of the UPR about the handling of explosives and the correct way to defuse a bomb. Any way to stop it from exploding is the right way, just so you know. During the Darkening of Menneck, Ernest was ordered by a commanding officer to take his squad and evacuate the planet and leave all the remaining civilians. Ernest, declined that order and with the help of a couple extra individuals, located the civilians trapped in a collapsed subway tunnel. He then utilised his vast demolitions knowledge to blast the rubble away without collapsing the rest of the tunnel, rescuing the 324 lucky souls inside. For this action he was awarded the Menneck Wings of Valor by the MSCB command, for his gallant service to his planet and to his people. Ernest is a true Battleborn hero.

When Captain Ghalt brought Ernest into the fold of the Battleborn, one task was given to him, besides blowing up Varelsi and look good doing it, and that was to construct readiness evaluations on the rest of the Battleborn. The evaluations were not pretty, forcing Ernest to become a slight culinary connoisseur by suggesting that they will need to pack those pukes into a blender, set that bastard to puree, and pour whats left over into a mold that somewhat resembles a soldier. Resorting to his hardened military experience, he devised a boot camp for the other Battleborn with three main statements,

He is not kind.
He is not friendly.
He is effective.

Throughout the gruelling ordeal that is Ernest Igrin’s bootcamp of hell, Ernest had plans to watch Benedict closely. Benedict and Ernest had a history and suffice to say they were not pals. Despite his proficiency at combat, Ernest thought that Benedict could definitely use some proper discipline to make him an effective soldier.

Weapon Of Choice

Grenade Launcher

Sergeant Ernest’s primary weapon is a UPR-G73 Grenade Launcher that fires quite rapidly considering the damage output each of the grenades hold. The launcher is a slow to middling rate of fire weapon that can hold up to 8 grenades, assuming you select the right perk. Each grenade packs a significant punch and can allow you to easily blast your way through enemy lines, just so you can blast your way back again. However take care when engaging with a close range enemy as, at its base, it has a slow reload speed which can leave you vulnerable for a considerable length of time. On the positive side, the Grenade Launcher itself has impressive range, not including the grenades propensity to bounce even further so you may not have to worry about slow reload speed, as you can remain behind the front line.

Ideal Role

Ernest is, quite simply, the best Battleborn for blasting your way through into enemy territory. As such he can feel at home on the front lines as well as safely far away from the main body of action. This is due to the impressive range on his Grenade Launcher, so you can happily sit back and fire grenades into the sky and watch your enemies crack like eggs in a pan. However while on the front lines, Ernest is a powerhouse, his grenades hit like trucks and as such can strip high level enemies with ease. The only drawback is that initially, there are only 6 grenades in the launcher which can be upgraded to 8 with the right perk. Ernest can also set traps or a perimeter through usage of his Explosive Charge which can be detonated by focusing on it with your HUD and utilising the left trigger. This can be useful if you are being chased or just to deal some additional damage.

On top of all this, his support feature which, once again can be utilised both on the front and back lines, is his Power Egg. This confers bonuses to all who remain within. From attack speed, defence and reload, this egg is, well eggcellent. It can give your allies a much needed boost in order to break the enemy lines and continue to press your advantage.


Passive/Direct Hit : Grenades that directly hit an enemy deal 15% additional damage.

Weapon/UPR-G73 Grenade Launcher : Ernest’s trademark UPR Grenade Launcher launches explosive canisters that detonate on impact with an enemy, or after a short delay.

Talent/Detonator : Ernest’s Detonator can be used to detonate deployed Explosive Charges or switch between Power Egg modes.

Skill 1/Power Egg : Deploys a beacon that imparts bonuses to allies in range. Attack Mode boosts attack speed by 25%, while Defense Mode reduces damage taken by 15%.

Skill 2/Explosive Charge : Heave an explosive charge that sticks to the world and enemies. Detonates upon activation of Ernest’s Detonator, dealing 200 damage to enemies in range.

Ultimate/Mine Grid : Deploys a grid of mines that explode on contact with an enemy, dealing 100 damage each.

Perk Choices

Rank One

*Eggcelerator : While in Attack Mode, Power Egg grants a movement speed boost to allies in range. +30% movement speed.

*Concussive Charge : Explosive Charges push enemies and Ernest away from the blast when detonated.

Rank Two

*Eggslowerator : While in Defense Mode, Power Egg slows enemies in range.

*(MUTATION)Never Stop Shooting : While in Attack Mode, Power Egg grants a reload speed bonus to allies in range. +20% reload speed.

*The Most Important Meal : While in Attack Mode, Power Egg grants an attack damage boost to allies in range. +10% damage.

Rank Three

*Drum Mag : Increases Grenade Launcher magazine size. +2 grenades.

*(MUTATION)Bomb Suit : Grants a damage reduction bonus against area of effect damage. +35% damage reduction.

*Trigger Delay : Direct Hit will now trigger when impacting enemies after a single bounce on the ground.

Rank Four

*Chain Reaction : Detonating an Explosive Charge will also detonate any other deployed Explosive Charges in range.

*Bonus Boom : Increases the maximum number of Explosive Charges that can be active on the battlefield at once. +2 active charges.

Rank Five

*Shellshocker : Enemies damaged by Direct Hit are wounded for a brief time. +1 second wound duration.

*(MUTATION)The Ol’ Razzle-Dazzle : Direct Hit marks enemies. Direct Hit deals increased damage to marked enemies, consuming the mark. +15% damage.

*Expedited Explosives : Direct Hit reduces Explosive Charge’s cooldown. Reduces cooldown by 2 seconds per hit.

Rank Six

*Reinforced Shell : Increases Power Egg’s health. +100% Power Egg health.

*(MUTATION)Secondary Strike : A mortar shell rains down 3 seconds after an Explosive Charge detonates, damaging enemies in range. +200 damage.

*Proximity Alarm : Deployed Explosive Charges reveal nearby enemies, and automatically detonate if the target remains within range for 0.5 seconds.

Rank Seven

*Rapid Launcher : Increases Grenade Launcher attack speed. +15% attack speed.

*Greased Canisters : Increases Grenade Launcher reload speed. +25% reload speed.

Rank Eight

*Over Easy : Adds a defensive shield to Power Egg’s Attack and Defense Mode. +450 maximum shield strength

*(MUTATION)Rotten Egg : While in Attack Mode, Power Egg damages enemies in range ever 1.5 seconds. +135 damage per pulse.

*Hard-Boiled : Increases the damage reduction boost imparted by Power Egg’s Defence Mode. +10% damage reduction.

Rank Nine

*Bombastic Blast : Increases Explosive Charge’s blast radius. +25% area of effect radius.

*Shrapnel Burst : Increases damage dealt by Explosive Charge.

Rank Ten

*Gridlock : Enemies damaged by Mine Grid mines are slowed for a brief time. +3 second slow duration.

*Watch Your Step : Each Mine Grid mine that damages an enemy increases the damage dealt by subsequent mine explosions. +10% damage per mine hit.








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