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Pokemon In Reality. A Quest To Be The Very Best Or A Constant Danger-Zone?

Currently Pokemon has been celebrating its 20th year in the limelight. For 20 years Pokemon has been a source of love and enjoyment as trainers both young and old set out on their very own journey to catch ’em all and to be the very best. Now with Niantic’s semi-new app, Pokemon Go, the dream for many people to be a Pokemon Trainer in the real world has become a reality. But even before Pokemon Go, in the early days of Pokemon, players have always wondered what the world would be like with actual Pokemon walking around. Surely it could not be that different to having numerous animals inhabit the Earth with us. It would most likely come with the good and the bad and might result in a greater danger zone than the natural world already is (and I say that coming from Australia).

Faithful Poke-Companions (Or Not)

Ash And His Team

A staple of the real life Pokemon dream is to have your very own team of Pokemon, to battle with other trainers, and explore the regions for new and wondrous creatures. If the core philosophy is transferred to our reality, then Pokemon could be substituted for our animals. This clearly could mean that they could be tamed and as such we would have our faithful Pokemon companions to comfort us and to protect us from persistent individuals, trying to make eye contact so they can battle us.


But before we can train the new Pokemon we have to catch them or at least pass by them on the way to… well anywhere, and that could be potentially problematic. For those of you that have not watched Indigo League, one of the early episodes consisted of Ash and Pikachu seriously annoying a large group of Spearow, who then turned around and attacked them both, nearly killing them if it wasn’t for Pikachu. Now, as an Australian this wouldn’t bother me as much due to the fact that we get divebombed every year by nesting Magpies (look it up if you don’t believe me), but having a whole flock of aggressive Bird Pokemon taking turns pecking at you like some modern day Prometheus does not sound like a fun experience every time you leave the house to get milk.

Okay, maybe birds aren’t your fear, maybe you are confident in your skills to duck and weave, but perhaps a thorn (or a sting)  in your side could be the potential (the great potential) for you to run into a large Bug type Pokemon. You think Wasps are a problem now, just wait until you run into a swarm of Beedrill.


Those little buggers (thats a pun you see), stand at just over 3 feet tall. Thats at least half of the average persons height. Plus they are armed with stingers and move quite fast. There would be no more family picnics if every forested area was inhabited by Beedrill. On top of that, that is just one of the Bug Type Pokemon we could encounter. They get a lot bigger in some cases (cue anxiety).


It might not even matter, because like our real life animals, they may not be able to get to you if they are far away right? Well if Pokemon have entered into reality, most likely the ability for them to utilise spectacular and dangerous moves will come with them. Having a faraway Bulbasaur sending wave after wave of Razor Leaf at me is not my idea of a good time. But at least it would keep you on your toes.  I daresay there would be a fair few new injured individuals rushing to hospital with a myriad of burns, hypothermia, chronic sleepiness and poisoning. Which in all truthfulness would not be much different from how it is now.

However a primary consideration that factors in to people wanting their very own real life Pokemon is the adorableness of them. Who wouldn’t want to have a cute little Pikachu or Charmander constantly by their side. What is always forgotten is the fact that they are animated, who truly knows what they could possibly look like when transferred to this universe. Maybe they would look exactly the same or maybe a little different.

Realistic Pokemon by arvalis.jpg

Personally I think these renditions of Pokemon by Arvalis on Deviant Art are amazing and still badass (and I saw some creepy ones let me tell you). Even the terrifying renditions of our beloved Pokemon have me still wanting them around, but perhaps losing the cute factor would dissuade some from the Dream.

The Perks Of Being A Pokemon Trainer

Charmander vs Primeape

Perhaps you still aren’t fazed and you definitely wish that Pokemon existed so you could live in a world where ten year olds are given a Pokemon, which they can utilise to battle other people for money and take down organised crime gangs. And you should. That is how the world is supposed to be. A world with Pokemon running, flying, swimming and phasing in and out of our reality, would be a wondrous one.


The sheer benefits of having Pokemon around far outweighs the dangers of them, especially if everyone had at least one Pokemon to protect them against wild ones. Assuming they are not exploited and treated badly, we could have an easier time of rescuing individuals in danger – Water Pokemon like Lapras could rescue people trapped at sea, Rock Pokemon could help with cave ins and Flying Types like Pidgeot could be on aircraft just in case something went wrong, or even just flying trainers to places by themselves. Countless fields in our reality would be better off with Pokemon around and I am so upset that they are just a creation of Nintendo.

Regardless of any physical benefits that they would have, Pokemon in reality would serve to be our companions and our friends and in return we would create and feed them delicious Poke-food, train with them to make both them and you stronger, or even just chilling out with them. No longer would there be crazy cat people, but instead crazy Zubat people. And if all of that has not convinced you, there is always the Squad.

Squritle Squad.jpg

Squirtle Squad.

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