Feeling Rebellious? – Take A Look At Battleborn’s New Story Operation, ‘Attikus And The Thrall Rebellion’.



Remember Battleborn? That lovely game developed by Gearbox featuring the amazing characters and great but admittedly repetitive storyline? Well for purchasers of the Season Pass or the Digital Edition, we are getting the first DLC Operation. This Operation, entitled Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion, follows the souped up Thrall known as Attikus (obviously), who leads an uprising against the Jennerit Imperium and the Warmaster Rendain. This mission is a revolution, as Attikus undertakes and leads the Third Rebellion of the Thrall, so as to set his brothers and sisters free from cruel slave masters.

Gearbox has heard the feedback of its fans in relation to the story missions and their length. I have to agree. I am bunched up with the group that believes that the story missions are too long in their entirety, considering that some of the missions just feature the same kind of objective several times throughout its duration. These story operations of which Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion is the first, are designed to be shorter and ultra re-playable while attempting to reduce the grindy aspect. As we play through this new story not only will Battleborn maintain its signature alternating dialogue but the entire playthrough will be interchangeable depending on how many times you have completed it. This means that different objectives will be present the more you play through the rebellion, alternative and better Gear will be attainable, and dialogue throughout will change, teaching players more about the lore surrounding Attikus and his rise to rebellion leader.


These story operations attempt to cater to Battleborn players of many interests, whether it be lore fanatics (me), those players that enjoy hunting for new Gear and even players who like grindy missions (to an extent, also me). However, not surprisingly, you won’t be forced to only play Attikus, having him be a quest giver or the main narrator of the story. You’ll be given access to the entire pantheon of Battleborn heroes, of which there are now 28, possibly 29 if they decide to release Kid Ultra a little early. Either way, players will have a lot of characters to choose from.

This is only the first DLC story mission that will be coming to Battleborn, out of a total of five. The others will be;

-Toby’s Friendship Raid
-Oscar Mike and the Battle School
-Montana and the Demon Bear
-Phoebe and the Heart of Ekkunar 

Of course with each of the Story Operations that are released, there will be new unlockable taunts, skins and titles to attain, which will add a bit of flair to the already unique Battleborn.

Within these five Story Operations, Battleborn players will learn about the signature Battleborn that are present in the title as they go about their various adventures. These DLC story missions will be available for Season Pass holders and Digital Deluxe Edition owners on September 13th. You may also buy the standalone Story Operation for $5 which is not a lot considering the amount of content you are receiving.


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