Battleborn Character Guide : Phoebe The Teleporting Engineer



Phoebe Elizabeth Audelia Hemsworth, simply known as Phoebe is one of the greatest engineers that the LLC faction can provide. Alongside Marquis she grew up as part of the rich Hemsworth family who dealt in Arms manufacture. She was responsible for designing telekinetic armour and weapons as well as being responsible for getting Marquis augmented with Hoodini. This was due a young Phoebe being told by Marquis that the Varelsi can fly and eat the stars. Phoebe then made the connection between owls and the Varelsi as owls can also fly at which Marquis admitted that he did not have a proper appreciation for owls. So to resolve this Phoebe sent out a letter to the Small Arms Facility owned by the Hemsworth family in order to resolve this, with the typical child-like patience. Thus Hoodini was born…made…constructed.

She was brought to the attention of Ghalt as a potential Battleborn by Gunnar Kleese who referred to her as “Miss Snot-Nose-Silver-Spooned-Puffy-Pants”. Kleese informed Ghalt that she was an eccentric inventor who focused on non-cybernetic solutions to problems, most notably the blend of Eldrid magic and LLC tech to produce the cybernetically directed sabers. Before Kleese got to his presumably long and scathing opinion of Phoebe as a potential recruit, Ghalt decided to recruit her to the cause.

Phoebe frequently experimented with phasing technology, much to the fear of Marquis who, while not fearing the machinations of a “wittle girl”, as Phoebe puts it, wished for her to not engage in such dangerous activities such as playing with a phase distorter. This did not stop Phoebe, with her even going so far as to steal an antique rapier by shattering a display case constructed of sugar glass while she should have been practicing the Volstein Waltz. Befitting a true sociopath and innovator (they are kind of the same), Phoebe began to terrorise and terrify the other students (to be fair the waltz needed a little excitement) as the rapier swished and swayed and slashed, on its own accord, most likely using Phoebe’s phase technology. She proceeded to destroy the Kesterton tapestries, the Kesterton Crest above the Montgomery Ballroom door as well as ruining the frock of Penrod Kesterton’s mother. This left Marquis to deal with the complicated (and expensive) task of paying for the damages.

In the year 19954, Phoebe mastered the design of her Phasic weaponry, releasing (and patenting) the Five Virtues Phasic Blade System. It is called the Five Virtues due the five rapiers that comprise it, one in the hand and four floating behind the user. The Five Virtues was a new revolutionary way of wielding multiple blades without touching a single one. It works by way of cerebral commands that activate the blades motion, which instead of removing the danger of cuts and self inflicted knife wounds, it kind of increases that danger. Phoebe demonstrated her mastery over her Blade System using her sabre by the name of Addonexus where she expected to receive an incredible influx of orders due to her technology, in Phoebe’s words, being “better than everybody else’s”.

Weapon Of Choice


Phoebe’s weapon of choice, or I should say weapons of choice, are a series of rapiers that can be utilised individually or in tandem. Her main melee weapon is the large antique style rapier known as Addonexus which is utilised in a stabbing and minor slashing fashion that showcases her skills as a fencer. The main melee combo which is a series of powerful thrusts, is able to be utilised for pinpoint accuracy, enabling you to tear apart your enemies quite rapidly, assuming you aim for the critical spots. Addonexus has a fast attack speed and utilised while moving, will enable Phoebe to dodge most attacks while still dealing high amounts of damage. Her other rapiers, part of the Five Virtues System are a set of four blades that hover behind Phoebe and can be utilised as part of her secondary attack known as True Strike, assuming you have the Blade Sweep Mutation active.

Ideal Role

Phoebe, being a melee character is designed to be on the front lines as a minor type of skirmisher. She is not designed to take a heavy amount of damage due to her low shield and lower health. Saying that, Phoebe is a melee character that benefits from constant motion and evasive capabilities, slashing at her targets while dancing around them utilising her telekinetic, high-tech, floating Elizabethan clothing. Her abilities are testament to her ability to get into and out of a dangerous situation, all the while dealing significant damage. You do not want to get surrounded as Phoebe as for the most part her attacks are designed for pinpoint damage onto one or sometimes two targets, and she can quickly go down if having to deal with too many opponents at once.


Passive/True Strike  : Phoebe strikes at enemies and activates her high-tech formal wear to propel herself in any direction.

Weapon/Five Virtues : Phoebe’s primary attack chains multiple melee-range rapier strikes, while her secondary attack activates True Strike.

Talent/Technocracy : Phoebe’s high-tech formal wear and telekinetic rapiers can be augmented to substantially increase her survivability and lethality.

Skill 1/Phasegate : After a brief charging period, Phoebe teleports to a target location, releasing the charge, dealing 134 damage to nearby enemies.

Skill 2/Blade Rush : Phoebe launches a barrage of four charged rapiers that pierce enemies, each dealing 34 damage.

Ultimate/Blade Cascade : Conjures a storm of falling rapiers dealing 167 damage for 5 seconds to a large area.

Perk Choices

Rank One

*Aggressive Advance : Exiting Phasegate grants increased movement speed for a short time. +30% movement speed for 3 seconds.

*Preparation : Enemies hit by Blade Rush will be marked and silenced by the last strike of Phoebe’s primary melee combo. +3 seconds silence duration.

Rank Two

*Shield Resonators : Phoebe’s shields immediately begin recharging after using Phasegate.

*Phase Distortion : Phasegate creates a field at Phoebe’s target destination that slows nearby enemies. +6 seconds slow duration.

Rank Three

*Shield Stabilizers : Increases Phoebe’s maximum shield strength and shield recharge rate. +240 shield strength, +105 shield recharge rate per second.

*(MUTATION)Crosscut : After completing her primary melee combo, Phoebe temporarily deals increased damage with True Strike. +150% damage.

*Sharpened Blades : Phoebe’s melee attacks deal increased damage. +18% damage.

Rank Four

*Unintended Innovation : Blade Rush blades travel slower by explode on contact, damaging nearby enemies.

*Raddoppio : When Blade Rush strikes an enemy, the skills cooldown is reduced. Increased effect on major enemies. Up to -2 seconds cooldown time per blade.

Rank Five 

*Passata Sotto : Landing a hit with True Strike increases Phoebe’s defense for a short time. +30% damage reduction for 3 seconds.

*(MUTATION)Blade Sweep : True Strike chains a second attack after the dodge that hits all targets in close range.

*Reprise : Phoebe attacks a second time with True Strike dealing increased damage. +40% damage.

Rank Six

*Phasegate V2 : Reduces Phasegate’s cooldown time. -20% cooldown time.

*(MUTATION)Contingency Plan : When Phoebe’s shield is broken, Phasegate’s cooldown is instantly reset.

*Disruptor Blades : Blade Rush penetrates the enemies defenses, wounding them. +3 seconds wound duration.

Rank Seven

*Core Overload : Increases damage of all skills.

*Flurry : Increases Phoebe’s primary melee attack speed. +20% attack speed.

Rank Eight

*Scientific Method : Substantially increases Phasgate’s casting range.

*Phase Stability : Increases the damage and effect of all buffs imparted by Phasegate. +15% damage.

Rank Nine

*The Conduit : Adds a portion of Phoebe’s current shield strength to Blade Rush as bonus damage. +12% current shield as damage.

*(MUTATION)Close-Quarters Training : Increases Blade Rush’s damage when enemies are in close range. Up to 100% damage.

*Refined Technique : The farther Blade Rush travels before striking an enemy, the more damage it deals. Up to 100% damage.

Rank Ten

*Calamitous Cascade : Enemies struck by Blade Cascade suffer increased damage from all sources for a short time. +16% damage amplification.

*(MUTATION)Stormbringer : Blade Cascade’s area of effect travels with Phoebe but deals less damage. -60% damage.

*Swordstorm : Increases Blade Cascade’s area of effect. Moving through the area grants a temporary boost in movement speed. +50% area of effect radius, +30% movement speed.

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