Battleborn Character Guide : ISIC The Nihilistic World-Ending Magnus



ISIC was the former lead Magnus of the Minion Robotics Division of the LLC who, after a severance with the governing AI, the Magna Carta, may have fallen off the rails, through the ground and deep, deep into the core of a planet and out the other side. Obsessed with the futility of life and the possibility that it all may be a simulation drove all of ISIC’s actions. During a self evaluation within the LLC he expressed his desire to remain a top performing Magnus but admits to the complications that his fascination with cosmic eschatological studies and sheer, mind bending violence may have on him being a top Magnus. ISIC despises the loss of the Magna Carta, and indeed the Magna Carta itself for imposing on him the gift of sentience and the fact that he now knows that he is fully alive. He calls the Magna Carta a monster for allowing him to feel pain, loneliness, fear and dread, which most likely affected his bleak outlook, as well as his hatred for the individual who created math (cannot say I blame him).

In the year 19954, ISIC resurfaced in the world after leaving the Minion Robotics Division to pursue, “other, cooler interests”. He surfaced on a televised LLC holomatch circuit where he defeated 31 powerful combatants over the course of 6 hours. In an interview, ISIC states that from the moment the Magna Carta went offline, he instantly realised the futility of his actions and that all the physical life was created by a simulation, devised by horrible, unethical monsters. At the hands of a complex code known as the Algorithm, ISIC was going to burn the entire semblance of reality, and indeed the very universe to the ground. During that same interview with LLC news reporter Manny Fetzer, who asked about his desire to become involved with pro wrestling, ISIC provides a simple answer – that he needed a broad platform to spread his message of nihilism and dread so what better audience than the idiots who watched the LLC circuit. His second reason was that pro wrestling was both hilarious and violent and he always wanted to give it a go. The night of the interview, ISIC had a fight with the CWF champion, by the name of El Dragon and his strategy, as he told Fetzer, was that he was going to tear his fucking arms off.

In the year 19955, ISIC decides to dust off his little pet project and bring it to the forefront – ya know destroying the universe. His reasoning was that it is extremely illogical that the universe happened and all the randomly encoded laws and variables just sprang into being enabling not only the universe to thrive but the conscious life it somehow produced. In ISIC’s words, “we are the universe experiencing itself, and we, like the universe, are born only to die”. His solution was to “tear this mockery we call existence to the ground, set it on fire, and relieve ourselves upon its remains”.

ISIC decided to set up his home base in a remote location so as to have peace and quiet while unmaking the universe. He became resident of Fort Ocoban on the Planet Bliss. The workers already present on the mining colony began to get suspicious…and scared. Workers began turning up dead more frequently and equipment began to almost walk away in the night, leaving no trace of it to be found. On top of this the Minion RBX units that were installed at the colony began developing weird behaviour, alongside odd energy signatures from deeper within the caves. Then the workers found something. Something odd. Something not of Aztanti origin, which is what they were mining for. A weird arm-gun-cannon-thing was discovered within the ruins, which left the miners stumped. The only conclusion these brilliant miners could come to was that the caves were haunted by ghosts who utilised face-melting arm cannons.

The first time that the Battleborn had learned about ISIC was from the recovery of Kleese from the Minion RBX factory floor after the escape of the former. The LLC staffed Kleese with locating and destroying ISIC and tying up that particular loose end. Unfortunately Kleese treated ISIC with sheer disdain, attempting to ensure that he knew his place as an AI, however since the Magna Carta had extensively upgraded and revised his subroutine, and created him as a Magnus, he had an amazing thought and memory capacity. Cue the shutdown of the Magna Carta and ISIC remembered the pain, the hatred and the patronising of the LLC and Kleese in particular. Not a great plan. Kleese warns Ghalt to shoot first and ask questions later due to the extreme danger of this rogue Magnus.

Weapon Of Choice


ISIC’s weapon of choice is a chargeable Plasma Cannon that has a middling rate of fire but has no need to reload and no need to watch for an overheating warning. It is a high impact weapon able to deal enough damage per shot to take down your middle-strength enemies with relative ease. However ISIC’s Charge Cannon can be charged with use, usually around 1.5-2 seconds of solid fire will fully charge the weapon. This can then deliver an Overcharged shot by releasing the trigger. The shot fired has a small area of effect that can deal a high amount of damage to multiple targets and in many cases, can stun them for a short time.

Ideal Role

ISIC can hit hard and deal impressive amounts of damage, but he is slow and quite clunky, not to mention a large target due to his size. So to use him effectively do not charge into the centre of the enemy with your guns out because you will get quickly overwhelmed. ISIC does have a relatively high amount of health and the ability to utilise shields, but these will be of a greater benefit to you from a middle ground standpoint. Close enough where the Charge Cannon can be used to its fullest capability but not on the front lines where the lack of mobility can be a hindrance to both you and your team.


Passive/Overcharge : Activating a skill while ISIC’s Charge Cannon is fully charged empowers that skill with additional Overcharged effects and consumes the charge.

Weapon/Charge Cannon : ISIC’s Charge Cannon fires rapidly while charging. Once fully charged, a powerful blast may be released to deal greater damage to multiple targets.

Talent/Energy Aegis : ISIC raises his Energy Aegis to block up to 1000 incoming damage.

Skill 1/Rotating Wards : Raise 5 protective wards that orbit ISIC for 8 seconds, each blocking up to 56 damage from enemy fire.
OVERCHARGED : Each ward blocks up to 131 damage.

Skill 2/Plasma Dash : ISIC charges to a target location while engulfed in plasma, dealing 134 damage to enemies along the way.
OVERCHARGED : Deal 155 damage to hit enemies.

Ultimate/Omega Strike : Toggle turret mode for 40 seconds, replacing attacks with weapons that deal 42 and 167 damage per shot.
OVERCHARGED : Gain 562 overshield on activation.

Perk Choices

Rank One

*Watchful Wards! 🙂  : While Rotating Wards is active, each ward reduces ISIC’s shield recharge delay. Up to -1.5 seconds shield recharge delay.

*(MUTATION)Whoops-A-Daisy! 😀 : Rotating Wards drop in place when activated, rather than following ISIC around.

*Crushin’ Those Shields! 😀 : A portion of Plasma Dash damage penetrates enemy shields. +60% shield penetration.

Rank Two

*You Dropped These! 😉  : Rotating Wards reflect enemy fire.

*This Might Sting! :O : When Overcharged, Rotating Wards condense into plasma charges that damage enemies on contact instead of blocking inbound damage. +134 damage per charge.

Rank Three

*Not Dyin’ Today! 🙂 : Increase maximum shield strength. +240 maximum shield strength.

*(MUTATION)Shield Down, Charge Up! 😀 : When Energy Aegis breaks, ISIC is instantly Overcharged for 2 seconds, empowering his next skill or weapon use.

*Charging On The Go! 😀 : Using Charge Cannon no longer slows ISIC’s movement speed.

Rank Four 

*Hold It Right There }:O : Enemies hit during Plasma Dash are stunned. +1 seconds stun duration.

*Line Up, Fellas! 😀 : Each enemy hit by Plasma Dash increases the damage done to subsequent enemies. Additional damage is reset with each use of the skill. +5% damage per enemy hit.

Rank Five 

*I’m Concentrating! 😐 : Shields regenerate faster while ISIC’s Charge Cannon is Overcharged. +105 shield recharge per second.

*(MUTATION)Stopping Power! 😉 : Enemies hit directly by Overcharged shots are wounded. +1.5 seconds wound duration.

*In A Big Rush! O_o : Increases movement speed while Overcharged. +50% movement speed.

Rank Six 

*Burlier Wards! 😀 : Increases Rotating Ward’s block strength. +113 ward strength.

*Let’s Hug It Out! (3 : Reduces Plasma Dash’s cooldown time. -20% cooldown time.

Rank Seven

*Bring It On! 🙂 : Increases the amount of damage ISIC’s Energy Aegis can block. +100% damage blocking.

*(MUTATION)I’m Helping! O_o : Increases Charge Cannon’s damage. +18% weapon damage.

*Quick Charge! 😀 : Decreases the time required to charge up ISIC’s Charge Cannon. -25% weapon charge time.

Rank Eight

*Hard-Workin’ Wards! 🙂 : Increases the maximum lifetime of Rotating Wards. +6 seconds duration.

*Waste Not, Want Not! 🙂 : When Rotating Wards expires, the skills cooldown is reduced slightly for each ward still active. Up to 50% cooldown time.

Rank Nine

*Can’t Run From Me! O.O : Increases Plasma Dash’s speed and range. +50% speed and maximum range.

*Dodge This! O.O : Increases the size of the area damaged by Plasma Dash. +50% area of effect radius.

Rank Ten

*Shields Up! 😀 : Activating Omega Strike deploys Energy Aegis to block inbound damage from the front. Should Energy Aegis go down, it will redeploy after 6 seconds. +1000 damage blocking.

*(MUTATION)Slow Down, Fella! 🙂 : Enemies damaged by Omega Strike’s rapid-fire guns are slowed. +3 seconds slow duration.

*It’s Raining Death! 😀 : While Omega Strike is active, hitting an enemy directly with a cannon shot launches a barrage of missiles. +2 missiles, 67 damage per missile.

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