The Aether Foundation, Ultra Beasts And More Pokemon!

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Yet another batch of information about the upcoming sequels, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon has been released, filling our eyes, ears and our hearts with joy. Before I get into it, I have to say that Pokemon is doing great things by adding new items to the game that has been the subject of complaints about its unchanging formula. But you have come for the info so here it goes.

Aether Foundation

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 1.35.02 pm.png

The Aether Foundation is a gift to Pokemon, descending from the ethereal regions to protect our little pals from the dastardly Team Skull. You can think about Team Aether as being in direct opposition to the ‘evil’ team (Team Skull) . This is nothing new, as we have seen in Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire as well as the recent remakes, the constant rivalry between Team Magma and Team Aqua. However the unique thing about the Aether Foundation is that they fight to protect the Pokemon affected by ill-intentioned trainers.

Lusamine – President of the Aether Foundation

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 5.36.38 pm.png

Lusamine is the president of the Aether Foundation and despite having a very similar look to Sinnoh Champion Cynthia, she seems to utilise her Pokemon to achieve safety for other Pokemon and not just for glory.

Faba – Branch Chief of the Aether Foundation


Faba is the branch chief and the most knowledge we have on him so far is that he really likes the colour green. I have to agree – it suits him. However, while it may not translate into future games, the fact that he is a branch chief of the Aether Foundation may imply that they Aether Foundation has other Islands and facilities set up in other regions. It might just be adding a little backstory or it may be hinting that we will see more of the Aether Foundation in future games.

Wicke – Branch Chief of the Aether Foundation


Like the rest of the high ranking members of the Aether Foundation, there is not much information currently on Branch Chief Wicke but we do know that her personality is lovely and she is liked by all the staff at the Aether Foundation so definitely expect her in a major role within the game.

Aether Paradise

alolamap.jpgIn the picture of Faba there is mention of Aether Paradise, which is a man made island that floats in between the other four islands of the Alola Region (as shown above). This island is a haven for Pokemon that have been mistreated by Team Skull or other dastardly individuals. So, what can we expect to find on Aether Paradise? I think we may see a Pokemon Spa-like area where our Pokemon can be made to feel pampered and loved, as well as having a Pokemon Centre to heal up after a long day of battling. With that being said, there may be a subsection that has sanctioned trainer battles, perhaps for recovering Pokemon to test their newly recovered strength.

However there are two things I believe will be present on this man-made island. The first is Mr Hyper, the individual you need to interact with in order to undertake Hyper Training, which will boost the power levels of your Pokemon. The second thing, we may find hidden on Aether Paradise will be the man-made Pokemon Megearna. I say this because of the artificial island and the fact that Megearna may have been developed by the mysterious Aether Foundation as a way to stop Team Skull and ultimately protect all Pokemon.

Some Cool Looking New Pokemon

It wouldn’t be a proper Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon teaser without new Pokemon in the mix, and boy howdy do we have some good ones.

Type : Null : Normal


If you are like me, it probably took a little while to figure out if we had a new Pokemon or if it just had no type. In case you are still confused, the Pokemon’s name is Type: Null. It is an apparently man-made Pokemon designed to match the power of Legendary Pokemon. We do not need that again because I am sure we all remember how creating an ultra powerful Pokemon went last time.


Type : Null is classed as an Alolan Guardian Deity Pokemon, so is on the same level as Tapu-Koko except that it was synthesised with the abilities of other Pokemon in mind so as to be able to adapt to any situation. I suspect that the Aether Foundation or Team Skull are behind this one. Its ability is known as Battle Armor which protects this Pokemon against critical hits. I strongly believe that this Pokemon in particular, alongside the other Guardian Pokemon will play a key part in defending the Alola Region against the new Ultra Beasts (just keep reading – you’ll see).

Jangmo-o – Dragon


So now we have a new adorable Dragon Type (my inner and outer Dragon lover is cheering). This scaly creature is presumably the baby evolution of a much bigger and much more powerful Dragon type which is skyrocketing my excitement levels. It can hold the abilities, Bulletproof, which protects this Pokemon from opposing moves involving balls or bombs, and Soundproof, which provides this Pokemon with full immunity from any and all sound based moves.

Alolan Raticate : Normal/Dark


You didn’t think you would get an Alolan Rattata and not get an Alolan Raticate did you? The new Alolan Raticate, which looks more like a Hamster with its mouth full, now holds the Dark and Normal Typings. Their diet in the Alolan Region is a lot higher in calories than their lighter counterparts, hence the weight gain. This new Raticate holds the abilities, Gluttony, which encourages the early use of a held Berry, and Hustle, which boosts Attack Power but at the cost of reduced Accuracy.

Ultra Beasts


Now on to a part I am even more excited about (I am almost jumping around like a little kid on a sugar high). The Ultra Beasts are these ultra mysterious, almost alien beings that apparently are going to threaten the Alolan Region. When they were announced, Pokemon, specifically mentioned it in the plural, so whether or not there will be different types of Ultra Beasts or just multiple versions of the above one, is yet to be seen.

Pokemon also classes these beings as a threat, which could be the cause of the Alolan Guardian Deities to converge and defend their region. The Ultra Beast above, given the code designation, UB-01 (pretty much Ultra Beast 1), are presumably way above the power of a normal Legendary or Mythic Pokemon to handle hence why Type : Null was synthesised and brought onto the scene. The description for Type : Null states that it was developed in order to counteract the power of Pokemon found in legends and that the parts of it were synthesised to give it the greatest adaptability. I think it is a strong contender for being the champion against this new threat. As for the fact that it is classed as an Alolan Guardian Deity, I believe that Trainers within Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will need to unite all of the Guardian Pokemon in order to have a chance against these new creatures.


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