Battleborn Character Guide : Galilea The Wraith Of Bliss



Galilea Azmozeus was a knight within the Order of the Arbiters of Being. This was a subgroup of the Helician Corps, Helicia being Galilea’s homeworld. She was selected by the Eldrid Order of the Vigilants to infiltrate Jennerit society and become a member of the Silent Sisters, in order to gain access to the Jennerit Sustainment Engine and to destroy it. This would have in essence crippled the Jennerit Empire. Helicians were selected commonly for infiltration roles within the Empire due to the admiration the Jennerit had for the longevity of the former as well as their combat prowess. Galilea had laboured for more than fifteen years, carefully laying the foundations of this operation, and she had finally entered within the Sisterhood at the rank of Templar. Galilea had also gained the trust and loyalty of another sister within the Silent Sisters, by the name of Ambralia Divia (Ambra). To a certain degree, Ambra commanded some of Galilea’s trust as well. Galilea reported that within 3 years she will have sufficient access to the Sustainment Engine so she may cause it irreparable damage to end the unnaturally long lives of the Jennerit Sustained.

While in deep cover in the Jennerit Empire, something went terribly wrong. During a Sustainment Ritual, Galilea attempted to sabotage the engine but was injured gravely and would have died if not for Ambra partially Sustaining her as she lay dying. Galilea then left Tempest, fleeing the Planet and returning to Codex. During an argument between Galilea and Observer Ebrys after her return, strange energy signatures were detected to be surrounding Galilea, increasing as she became more agitated. Scientists that were part of the Observers hypothesised that these energy signatures were caused by her partial Sustainment and that now they are being manifested as phasal anomalies. As Galilea’s agitation rose, and the energy signatures rose with it, she struck out and killed Observer Ebrys. This resulted in her fleeing once again, this time fleeing Codex, injuring several more individuals who attempted to stop her escape. While the Office of the Black Observer had no idea as to the whereabouts of Galilea, it put out an alert and applied the BLACKGUARD PROTOCOL to her, which basically meant that she should be treated with extreme caution. The Eldrid wished to contain Galilea and if that was impossible then they wished for her to be killed.

An Aztanti mythstone was recovered 500 years after Galilea’s disappearance which allowed for voice recordings within their culture. However this mythstone was attributed to hold the confession of Galilea Azmozeus. The recording spoke of Galilea’s crimes, first her failure to rescue her homeworld Helicia, her failure to destroy the Heliophage and her failure as a friend to Ambralia Divia. She then goes on to confess something of great interest to the Eldrid who decoded the stone – she tells of the slaying of the Red Observer of the Eldrid, Ebrys Lomil, in response to unwarranted investigation into her stability and unwavering loyalty. She gives one ultimatum, that every foe, every one who will ever oppose her in battle, will be cast into the void. In her mind, Galilea could never be free from her guilt, so her burden is the darkness that has been brought about by that same guilt. She does not worry about redemption.

In 19958 Ghalt decided to make an expedition to the moon of Bliss in search of the elusive Wraith of Bliss. Initially dismissing it as a mere legend, much like the legend of the Orbanian Tethercat, Kleese discovered evidence of the mythstone which revealed this Wraith to very much be real, and a legendary Arbiter of Being at that. The legends said that encounters with the Wraith of Bliss end in one of two ways. If you are a Jennerit, the Wraith Attacks viciously and violent, leaving no one standing, even tracking whole groups of Jennerit to their landing zone and leaving a bloody slaughter in the snow. If you are any other species, the Wraith disappears from sight, leaving you alone, confused and quite scared. Ghalt admits that normally he would leave this curiosity to the realm of fable, but the kill count of the Wraith of Bliss cannot be ignored when the odds are stacked so far against the Battleborn.

Weapon Of Choice


Galilea’s armament consists of a Greatshield known as the Shield of Judgement and a modified Greatsword known as Shadowcry. Shadowcry has had the blade modified, presumably by the Jennerit during Galilea’s time infiltrating the Silent Sisters. Some speculate that the legendary bladesmith and Jennerit Sustained, Verod Rath played a part in its crafting. Galilea is a knight and is most effective when utilising both the shield and the sword, to minimise damage while moving and to maximise it when attacking. The Shield of Judgement can absorb an impressive 1000 damage which makes it perfect to huddle behind while making your advance. On the flip side, Shadowcry has a decent range and has an impressive impact, making Galilea a formidable melee character.

Ideal Role

Galilea is a sword and shield bearing knight so she is best placed right up on the front lines. While not having an insane amount of health, utilising the shield and sword in tandem can ensure that Galilea stays alive to slaughter her way through any that oppose her. Galilea does not have any ranged abilities, bar the rank 3 perk, ‘It’s Dangerous To Go Alone’ which provides a ranged blast of energy when her health is full, so you will need to get right up in the action. However she has amazing crowd control abilities that enable her to control areas from opposing forces, allowing Galilea or Battleborn allies to advance with her and send any hostile forces to the void.


Passive/Corruption : Attacking and using skills accelerate Galilea’s Corruption, which deals up to 20 damage per second and steals health from nearby enemies.

Weapon/Wraith’s Greatsword : Galilea’s primary attack strings a series of attacks with her Greatsword and Greatshield into a swift combo.

Talent/Sentinel’s Greatshield : Galilea’s secondary attack raises her Greatshield, absorbing up to 1000 damage at the cost of agility.

Skill 1/Shield Throw : Galilea throws her Greatshield, dealing 134 damage and stunning the target for 2 seconds.

Skill 2/Desecrate : Galilea curses the ground beneath her feet, amplifying damage to enemies within the area for 8 seconds.

Ultimate/Abyssal Form : Galilea explodes into dark energy, dealing 125 damage over 4 seconds. During this time, Galilea takes reduced damage and regenerates 250 health.

Perk Choices

Rank One

*Herald’s Return : When Shield Throw hits a target, Galilea’s Greatshield returns to her hand, and Shield Throw’s cooldown is slightly reduced. -5 seconds cooldown time.

*(MUTATION)Vortex : When Desecrate is activated, enemies are pulled towards Galilea.

*Calamity : Enemies standing within a Desecrate field are wounded, reducing healing for 5 seconds after the effect is applied. +5 seconds wound duration.

Rank Two

*Skilled Throw : Shield Throw bounces to several nearby targets, dealing reduced damage with each consecutive hit.

*Mark Of The Feeble : Enemies hit by Shield Throw are wounded, reducing healing for 5 seconds after the effect is applied. +5 seconds wound duration.

Rank Three

*Sentinel Stance : Actively blocking incoming damage causes Galilea’s Corruption to increase.

*(MUTATION)Gashing Bash : Galilea’s offhand shield bash attack causes enemies to bleed on hit. +120 damage over 3 seconds.

*It’s Dangerous To Go Alone : While Galilea’s health is full, swinging her Greatsword unleashes a ranged blast of energy. +67 damage.

Rank Four

*Chaotic Infusion : Allies within Desecrate fields are healed over time. +30 healing per second.

*(MUTATION)Bleak Quiet : When activated, Desecrate fields silence enemies inside the field.

*Forsaken Grounds : Desecrate deals damage to enemies inside its area of effect. +371 damage over 8 seconds.

Rank Five

*Last Light : Galilea regenerates health while Corruption is active. +4 health regeneration per second.

*(MUTATION)Antihero : Increases Galilea’s attack speed as her Corruption grows. Up to 16% attack speed.

*The Pact : Galilea’s Corruption increases at a faster rate. +25% faster corruption.

Rank Six

*Dark Age : Increases Desecrate’s duration. +3 seconds duration.

*Forsaking Others : Recovering Galilea’s Greatshield after throwing it increases her health regeneration. +105 health regeneration over 5 seconds.

Rank Seven

*Mirror Knight : Galilea’s Greatshield occasionally reflects projectiles. +35% reflect chance.

*Duelist : Galilea’s damage with her Greatsword is increased when she is without her Greatshield. +18% damage.

Rank Eight

*Inescapable Fate : Desecrate fields slow enemies. -30% movement speed.

*(MUTATION)Blight Town : Enlarges Desecrate’s area of effect. +50% area of effect radius.

*The Black Wind Howls : When activated, Desecrate fields hasten Galilea. +30% movement speed.

Rank Nine

*Defender’s Dare : Increases the damage of Shield Throw. +15% damage.

*Tideturner : Hitting a target with Shield Throw briefly increases Galilea’s movement speed. +30% movement speed.

Rank Ten

*Deeper Than Doubt : Increases Abyssal Form’s area of effect. +33% area of effect radius.

*Pitch Black : Galilea becomes fully Corrupted during Abyssal Form.



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