The Ultra Beasts Of The Alola Region



Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon have released a little more information about the mysterious new threat that is coming to the Alola region – the Ultra Beasts, particularly in relation to the new UB-02.


We all got a view of UB-01 a little while ago,  who was the very first one of these powerful Pokemon to be revealed to us. Apparently this Ultra Beast is constantly changing shapes never settling on one (I feel a strong bond with this Pokemon). It is also said that for some reason the movements of this Pokemon resemble those of a young girl. It is quite possible that this Pokemon could be the reincarnated form of a lost human spirit because stranger things have happened in the Pokemon world. We will have to wait and see.

In the latest spree of information released by Pokemon, we are given two versions of the same Ultra Beast, known as UB-02, with each having a distinctive look to them and so being provided with a distinct coding.

Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 7.37.09 pm.png

The above Ultra Beast under the designation UB-02 Absorption, is one of the legendary exclusive Pokemon, much like Solgaleo and Lunala of Sun and Moon respectively. Absorption is exclusive to Pokemon Sun and will most likely have a stat focus on Attack, Defence, HP or a combination of the three. This is of course based solely off its appearance.


Absorption’s contemporary is UB-02 Beauty who has legs for days and more grace than I could ever hope to have. This Pokemon will be exclusive to Pokemon Moon and like the above Absorption will have some form of interaction (probably hostile) with the Guardian Pokemon of the Alolan Islands. This Pokemon will possibly have a stat focus on Special Attack and Speed. Once again based solely off appearance.

UB-03 : Lighting


UB-03 Lighting, appears to resemble a bunch of charged cables and would most likely reside in the skies of the Alola Region. UB-03 will most likely be present in both versions of the game and may have a focus on the Attack stat or Special Attack stat. It also is one of the most alien and sublime Ultra Beasts.

UB-05 Glutton


The UB-05 Glutton is not a picky eater in the slightest, capable of devouring whatever ends up in front of its angry little eyes. This even extends to rivers and mountains! No one knows where all the food that the Glutton consumes ends up but maybe it is just converted to energy. Based on its prodigious bulk, it may have a focus on the Defence stat as it can absorb more punishment.

Ultra Beasts and Guardian Pokemon


So with this release of information, it is confirmed that the Guardian Pokemon will have a definite role as protectors of the region (I mean they are called Guardians so I guess they would have to guard against something). Since the Guardian Pokemon are summoned in times of dire need and only come to the aid of those they find worthy, it is quite possible that the Guardian Pokemon of which the above Tapu-Koko is one, will be available for Trainers to capture in a scenario where it offers to partner itself with the aforementioned Trainer.

You will then be able to go forth and battle the Ultra Beasts and attempt to catch them if you so desire. The fact that the second Ultra Beast has two variations depending on the game you purchase is testament to the fact that they will be capturable. However capture or just defeat Pokemon Trainers everywhere will, of course, ultimately save the region from almost certain disaster and will leave you with a few new ultra-powerful Pokemon. Of course in order to gain the entire parthenon of Ultra Beasts you will need to trade with other players who hold the other game, or if you are packed with money you could always buy both.

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