Battleborn Character Guide : Reyna The Valkyrie



Reyna Valeria, dubbed the Valkyrie by those who witness her deeds, is the de facto leader of the Rogues, and commands both their respect and fear. Reyna sent out a signal from deep within the Detritus Ring, from which the Rogues are established. The signal called for the misfits and tired residents of Solus to join with the Rogues if they were sick and tired of being pushed around by idiots who do not know what they are doing. The Rogues within the Detritus Ring have got ships, resources, guns and awful, terrible homemade beer. But one thing within the Rogue faction was clear. There are no flags, no commanders, no laws or warlords. They fight for themselves, and take what they want, when they want. Within the Rogues, when you die, you die for your own cause and your own tenets and that sounds pretty awesome.

Reyna got her nickname ‘Valkyrie’ from her habit of swooping into desperate situations and saving the asses of everyone around. A valkyrie is a warrior woman spirit, essentially an angel, from Scandinavian myth, who rescues lost souls, dead or wounded on the battlefield and takes them to the halls of the gods. On the Free Solus forums, a member by the tag ‘wtf1221’ speaks about his experience with Reyna. This individual, while on an UPR abandoned base out on Ekkunar, was pinned down by Woodsworn rangers who were letting loose a hail of arrows onto their position, with no mercy. A bright light appeared, with a purple shield around the writer, Reyna had come and was covering the pinned soldiers. She began to light up targets in the night and the result was that the Woodsworn were taken down in minutes. Being a Rogue, and essentially a space pirate, Reyna did take a cut of the goods but she definitely inspired a certain loyalty.

The modified Laser Pistol that Reyna carries is a 9mm BAP which has had most of its internal systems removed. The result is that it fires faster than the standard model carries by the UPR. The only problem with utilising the gun normally is that there is an occasionally hitch in the reload mechanism which is non-existent when it is fired on its side. This of course will sacrifice accuracy, which is much more important. Unless you are Reyna Valeria.

Weapon Of Choice


Reyna Valeria’s weapon of choice is a modified UPR 9mm BAP Laser Pistol which fires with single taps of the trigger as well as being able to be fired in full auto mode by holding the trigger down. The range on this pistol is quite standard for a pistol, able to hit short to mid range targets without difficulty, although this difficulty does go up when you utilise the full auto mode. It has a modest magazine of 12 which will enable you to take out middling strength enemies with one mag and decimate a significant number of low level enemies. Plus since Reyna holds the gun on the side, it looks quite badass.

Ideal Role

Reyna is a support character and her abilities are characteristic of that role, so if you spend all of your time playing like a standard assault character, you are definitely not using her correctly. Whether she is shielding the allies on her team or increasing damage reception on particular targets, she is furthering the life and abilities of her teammates. While she does have powerful weaponry at her disposal and you should be utilising it to deal some damage, your priority will be to shield and protect your allies, which will also be returned to you due to Failsafe. Reyna is best played behind the front lines so you can place overshields on allies without too much difficulty as well as being able to deal optimal damage to your enemies.


Passive/Failsafe : When Reyna places a Shield Booster overshield on an ally, she receives one as well.

Weapon/Laser Pistol : Reyna’s primary attack utilises her lethal Laser Pistol to deal damage to her enemies.

Talent/Plasma Pulse : Reyna’s secondary attack launches shield-melting Plasma Pulses from her command gauntlet, dealing 50% bonus damage to shields.

Skill 1/Shield Booster : Applies an Overshield to a target ally that blocks up to 225 damage over the next 8 seconds. While applied, Plasma Pulse charges the targets shield.

Skill 2/Priority Target : Fires a homing blast that deals 54 damage (+50% bonus to shields) and reveals the targets position. The target takes 116% incoming damage for 6 seconds.

Ultimate/Photonic Ward : Deploys a large energy dome that immediately pushes enemies out of the area and continues to block enemy fire from entering or exiting for 6 seconds.

Perk Choices

Rank One

*Electrostatic Induction : When a Shield Booster overshield is applied, it instantly restores a portion of the wearers shield. +120 shield heal.

*Waste Reduction : Increases the speed and range of Priority Target’s homing blast. If Priority Target fails to mark a target, half the cooldown is refunded. +67% attack speed and range.

Rank Two

*Priority Plasma : Plasma Pulse’s shots home in on enemies marked with Priority Target.

*Lockdown : Reyna’s Laser Pistol and Plasma Pulse briefly slow enemies marked with Priority Target. +3 seconds slow duration.

Rank Three

*Plasma Burst : Plasma Pulse’s shots explode on impact, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

*(MUTATION)Slazer Thermokinetics : Increases the damage dealt by Laser Pistol based on the heat level of Plasma Pulse. Up to 50% Laser Pistol damage.

*Optical Amplifier : Increases Laser Pistol’s damage. +18% damage.

Rank Four

*Vital Protocol : When a Shield Booster is applied, it instantly restores a portion of the wearer’s health. +250 health.

*(MUTATION)The Best Defense : Each Shield Booster overshield increases all damage dealt by the wearer until it expires or breaks. +16% damage amplification.

*Vengeance Protocol : When a Shield Booster overshield is applied, it explodes, damaging nearby enemies. +200 damage.

Rank Five

*Improvised Tactics : While Failsafe is active, all of Reyna’s active skill cooldowns are reduced. -15% cooldown time for all skills.

*Thermal Equilibrium : Prevents Reyna’s Plasma Pulse from overheating while Failsafe is active.

Rank Six

*Vigilance : Increases the amount of damage absorbed by a Shield Booster overshield before it breaks. +112 overshield.

*(MUTATION)Shield Booster removes all debuffs from the wearer when applied.

*First Strike : Increases initial impact damage of Priority Target. +15% damage.

Rank Seven 

*Shield Sapper : When Plasma Pulse damages an enemies shield, a portion of that damage is restored to Reyna’s shield. Does not function while Reyna’s shield is down. +20% shield steal.

*Pulse Pounder : Increases Plasma Pulse’s base damage. +18% Plasma Pulse damage.

Rank Eight

*Most Wanted : Increases the duration of Priority Target’s debuff effects. +4 seconds duration.

*(MUTATION)Calling The Shots : If an enemy marked by Priority Target is killed, the skill’s cooldown is immediately reset.

*Dogpiler : Increases extra damage suffered by enemies marked by Priority Target. +16% damage amplification.

Rank Nine

*Long Watch : Increases Shield Booster’s overshield duration. +6 seconds duration.

*Kinetic Deflection : A portion of the damage absorbed by a Shield Booster overshield is reflected back at the attacker. +15% damage reflection.

Rank Ten

*Blunderdome : Disables the shields of all enemies within Photonic Ward’s area of effect.

*(MUTATION)Huddle Up : Activating Photonic Ward grants a Shield Booster overshield to all nearby allies. +225 overshield for 8 seconds.

*Mobility Module : Increases the duration of Photonic Ward and causes the shield to follow Reyna as she moves. +4 seconds duration.

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