Battleborn Character Guide : Benedict The Rocket-Crazed Aviant



Benedict was ‘discovered’ by Lieutenant Muhsin during the evacuation of Menneck-B. While he is a mouthy individual, he was classed as an artist with a rocket launcher, due to his covering of the escape of four separate evacuation transports. After the Wiseman went down over Sau Nona, Benedict was seen fighting off Varelsi singlehandedly while evacuees were taken to safety. However his voice annoys any people he is around, to no tomorrow and causes everyone to want to kill everyone on all the remainging stars in order to make his squawking stop. But still he was an asset.

However, despite Benedict being an Aviant, he has limited utility of his wings, due to one of them getting torn up while escaping Menneck-B. But by the grace of the UPR, his wounded wing was patched up, with a custom exosuit allowing him limited flight. This so overjoyed Benedict that he was instantly rearing to get back into the fight protecting the remaining stars. In his words, there is no better way to get airbourne than high explosives. The one drawback was that Benedict would need to be inducted into the UPR in order to gain access to a rocket launcher, which he had no sooner learned before he was taking to the skies searching for Sergeant Montana at the armament stash.

When finally inducted into the UPR, Montana began to give him the tour of his life, and following some truly awful puns he was shown the ‘stash’, including a KX-13 with an Autoloader that caused Benedict to express complete apathy towards his now Darkened planet in light of his sheer excitement. Apparently it was Benedict’s fate to be inducted into the UPR just so he could blow up some star eating bitches. So into explosives Benedict was, that he left a bunch of comments relating to his Camera-Guided Missile by the name of Boomsday. The comments revolved around the size of the impact crater and after about 38 iterations, they seemed to get the destruction level perfectly right for Benedict’s standards. He was ready to put the Benedict in Benediction….as well as other things.

Nine years after the Darkening of Menneck-B, Benedict sent out a transmission on the Refugee Finder Open Channel. The addressee was his nestmate, Circinae, for whom Benedict had a strong fondness. He wishes to see her as well as the rest of their brood and hopes that she is safe and residing on some of the handful of stars that are left. Benedict wants her to contact him if she ever hears the message, just so he can know that she is safe. Even if she wasn’t, he was not going to let the Varelsi take any more from him or the rest of Solus. Not if his new rocket launcher had anything to say about it.

Weapon Of Choice


Benedict’s weapon of choice is a big one – a UPR issue, SM-23 Rocket Launcher which fires high impact rockets that deal damage in a significant area of effect. Since this weapon does have a high impact, it is affected by a slow-ish reload and a low magazine. If this rocket launcher had a high magazine, he would be one crazy unstoppable Aviant. The rockets allow Benedict to fire from a significant distance without subjecting himself to too much potential damage. The drawback of this is that the rockets fly at a medium speed, so in order to hit a moving target, you will have to kind of lead your target and fire where they are going. When used in tandem with Benedict’s other abilities, you will be able to deal a lot of damage, all the while avoiding the bulk of enemy fire.

Ideal Role

Benedict is designed to blast open new routes and gaps in the enemy line from afar. With his long range rockets, Benedict can deal large amounts of damage while not approaching the dangers of the front line but with his useful abilities that balance between mobility and damage output, Benedict can easily be at home on the front line. Utilising his agility and glide ability, he can deal damage from above, bypassing physical obstacles and weakening the enemy forces for either him or allied Battleborn to finish off and so push further into hostile territory. A Benedict utilised correctly will, in his words, give everyone a, “rocket to the faaaaccceee ya’ll”.


Passive/Flyboy : Jumping again in the air allows Benedict to double-jump. Holding secondary attack while in the air causes Benedict to glide for a limited time.

Weapon/UPR-SM23 Rocket Launcher : Benedict’s trademark Rocket Launcher deals heavy damage in a wide explosive radius.

Talent/Aviant Exosuit : Benedict’s battle armor is heavily augmentable to support combat mobility and damage output.

Skill 1/Hawkeye : Fires a rocket that deals 133 damage and targets enemies for 3 seconds. Subsequent rockets home in on targeted enemies.

Skill 2/Liftoff : Launches Benedict skyward for a strategic advantage or hasty withdrawal from combat.

Ultimate/Boomsday : Launches a player-guided missile that deals 500 damage. Reactivating the skill in-flight triggers early detonation.

Perk Choices

Rank One

*Evasive Pattern Benedict : Liftoff now launches up and backwards.

*(MUTATION)Rejiggered Ordinance : Hawkeye rockets deal increased damage to shields. +50% bonus damage to shields.

*Persistent Projectiles : Hawkeye’s target effect lasts for longer. +1 second homing duration.

Rank Two

*Make Some Room : On acitvation, Liftoff pushes nearby enemies away.

*Wind Chill : On activation, Liftoff slows nearby enemies. +1 second slow.

Rank Three

*Ready Rockets : Increases Rocket Launcher’s reload speed. +30% reload speed.

*Speedy Delivery : Increases rocket propulsion speed. +25% rocket speed.

Rank Four

*Rapid Reload : Activating Hawkeye instantly reloads Benedict’s Rocket Launcher.

*A Murder Of Rockets : Hawkeye now launches three rockets in rapid succession. +2 rockets.

Rank Five

*Glide-iator : Grants a second air jump.

*(MUTATION)Divebomb : While gliding, press the off-hand melee button to divebomb enemies, dealing damage and pushing them back. This can be used every 8 seconds.

*Tailwind : Increases Benedict’s in-air gliding speed. +25% flight speed.

Rank Six

*Blastoff : On activation, Liftoff damages nearby enemies. +133 damage.

*Heavy Bombardment : Homing Rockets deal increases damage to enemies. +20% damage.

Rank Seven

*Danger Zone : Increases the Rocket Launcher’s blast radius. +45% area of effect radius.

*(MUTATION)Multiloader : Allows the Rocket Launcher to charge and fire multiple rockets simultaneously. Hold the attack button to charge the Rocket Launcher.

*Surgical Strike : Increases Rocket Launcher’s damage while reducing its area of effect. +18% damage, -20% area of effect radius.

Rank Eight

*Frequent Flyer : Reduces Liftoff’s cooldown, allowing more frequent use. -25% cooldown time.

*First Class : Shields begin to recharge immediately after activating Liftoff.

Rank Nine

*Less Talk, More Walk : Reduces Hawkeye’s cooldown. -25% cooldown time.

*(MUTATION)Eyes On You : Increases Hawkeye’s blast radius. +50% area of effect radius.

*Party Starter : Increases Hawkeye’ rocket damage. +15% damage.

Rank Ten

*Hawkpocalypse : Increases Boomsday’s explosion radius. +100% area of effect radius.

*(MUTATION)Phoenix Protocol : Boomsday scorches the earth at its detonation site, dealing damage over time to nearby enemies. +480 damage over 8 seconds.

*Rockets Launchin Rockets : While Boomsday’s guided missile is in flight, reactivating the skill fires smaller rockets.


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