Volcanion The Steam Hybrid Is Coming


First Diancie, then Hoopa, now Volcanion. Ever since early after the release of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, we have known of the existence of this new Water/Fire hybrid. The one question no one knew the answer to was when this Pokemon was arriving. That has all changed for the American peeps and Volcanion is coming to Australian EB Games on October 10th.

Pokemon has confirmed that it will be similar to the August distribution of Arceus in that American Trainers will be given a special code when they visit Gamestop during October. Trainers just need to go into the local Gamestop, ask for a code and input it to get their lovely, shiny new Volcanion. However if it is going to have a similar release to the Arceus distribution, Australian Trainers may see it after all, only instead of Gamestop, we will be able to receive it from Eb Games.


Volcanion, being a new event Pokemon will arrive at Level 70 and will know the moves ;

-Steam Eruption
-Hydro Pump

It will have the ability known as Water Absorb which will heal up to 1/4 of its maximum HP when it is hit with a Water Type move, which is a perfect counter to the weakness of Fire to Water. It will definitely be not be an easy task to take this Pokemon down. Volcanion will also be released while holding the Assault Vest item which raises the Special Defense of the Pokemon holding it but prevents the Pokemon from utilising status moves.

This Pokemon has come with the release of a new movie, aptly entitled Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel, in which Volcanion attempts to rescue the man-made Pokemon Magearna from the typical evil-villain-type. So Volcanion will most likely have some interesting role in the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.


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