Destiny Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review : The Young Wolf’s Howl


“To the first of the new Iron Lords.” – Lord Saladin


Young Wolf’s Howl. The fiery symbol of your ascent through into the ranks of the Iron Lords. Now with this blade, it is time for you to forge your own legend out of fire and the fallen bodies of your foes. As you march into the Darkness wielding this blade, it speaks of your bravery, your valor and the very light that bubbles below the surface. It is time to make your enemies fear the Young Wolf’s Howl.


This new addition to the armament of Destiny is quite a useful sword able to deal with most close quarters situations. The exotic perk, Howling Flames unleashes a solar eruption that weakens enemies and damages them over time. Once this ability is activated your Guardian will jump forward slightly giving you a minute boost to its range. The eruption does damage to the front of your Guardian in whatever direction you were aiming in when the attack was activated. While it is an extremely powerful attack, the damage over time does a little extra damage to hopefully eliminate any hostiles that just survived and can prevent the shields from regenerating on an opposing Guardian within the Crucible. The Young Wolf’s Howl is a wonderful exotic heavy in both PVE and PVP as it can put out a massive amount of damage in a straight line meaning hostile teams of 2 or more Guardians will make easy targets in tighter corridors and alleys.


The Young Wolf’s Howl has a simple elegance to it that makes it appear absolutely intimidating. It is reminiscent of a knight-style medieval sword which is apt and fit for the protector of humanity and the first new Iron Lords. The symbol of the Iron Lords is flowing from the grip into the blade and it is lit, presumably from within, by a solar light that fades out when going up the blade. On top of that, even in picture form the edges of this blade look incredibly sharp.

How to Acquire it?

To get The Young Wolf’s Howl, all you will need to do is complete the final story mission of Rise of Iron, entitled ‘The Iron Tomb’. Of course you will need to own the Destiny expanion, Rise of Iron.

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