Exotic Review : Transversive Steps


In these boots, your relationship with consistent spacetime is…tenuous at best.



Ah the Transversive Steps. Finally our Warlock boots have arrived and they are delightful. The exotic perk Strange Angles provides faster move speed while crouching, which is exceedingly useful in a Crucible or PVE setting when needing to make a retreat while still maintaining some semblance of stealth. However the great utility of these boots come with the second part of that perk which automatically reloads the weapon matching picked up ammo. So if you pick up heavy ammo for your Rocket Launcher, your Rocket Launcher will be automatically reloaded. This has a lot of great PVE capabilities and can allow you to go from fight to fight without having to stop and reload. A lot of the usefulness will be seen in challenging fights where there is limited time to reload the many bullets you will be firing. Either way Strange Angles is a unique and quite cool perk. Although you will see limited utility within a Crucible setting so Transversive Steps is best kept to PVE, leaving your Guardian free to choose another exotic of greater usefulness.


The Transversive Steps aren’t just cool when considering its perks, it also looks cool. They feature changing patterns of blue light from the top of the calf descending to above the foot. The pattern on the knee which is a kind of criss-cross image remains much the same while wearing the exotic. The blue light is very bright, very simple and yet compliments a lot of armour quite well.

How to Acquire it?

The Transversive Steps can be gained from an exotic boot engram or purchasing it from Xur if you are lucky enough for him to have it in his inventory.

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