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Exotic Review : Khvostov 7G-0X


An ancient instrument of war, renewed and enhanced by Light, not unlike you.


The Khvostov was the first tool of your resurrected Guardian. Discovered a short time after your initial revival the Khvostov helped you escape to the safety of the Last City. A fitting tribute for it to be made into the true powerhouse that it is. Coupling the technological prowess of the Golden Age, a little bit of Guardian ingenuity and a smidge of Light, Shiro-4 was able to bring this weapon back into forefront of a Guardian’s armament. This is a perfect weapon for the new Iron Lords.


The Khvostov 7G-0X is quite literally the perfect weapon for any situation, being able to alternate firing rate, firing style and scopes. In this regard, the Khvostov 7G-0X is able to fit into any niche and outperform many other guns. It has no specific exotic perk but its main ability is its customisation, specifically the ability to change the firing style to fully automatic, semi-automatic or in bursts. Essentially it can act as a Scout Rifle, Auto Rifle or Pulse Rifle. In PVE this weapon with its versatile nature can fill the need of any activity whether it be campaign or patrol, and is quite easy to control with its decent stability and range. In the Crucible, much like your first days as a Guardian, the Khvostov will not let you down, being able to counter every single weapon type with relative ease.


The Khvostov very much looks like the era that fashioned it initially. It holds an aesthetic of older style tech, the kind of weapon that you can consistently fall back on even if it does not have all the latest technological upgrades. It is relatively plain with the grey steel coating all over it but the monotony is broken up with the addition of the varnished wood on the stock and under the barrel. It makes this gun look beautiful in its simplicity.

How to Acquire it?

The Khvostov 7G-0X is quite easy to get a hold of and you are able to do it pretty much as soon as you gain access to the Plaguelands, which happens after you finish the final mission of the Rise of Iron story, culminating in The Iron Tomb.

First off you will need to gain the quest itself and to do that you must go to the Plaguelands where you will find a small Hive incursion in either Lords Watch or Giants Husk. You must locate and kill the Hive Brood Mother, a Major level Wizard, after which she will drop a Splicer Intel Key. Then travelling from the Plaguelands you must make your way back into the Rocketyard, through into the Divide and out into the area outside the Cosmodrome, where you were revived for the first time. This is also the location of the spawn point for the Rise of Iron mission, The Walls Come Down. As you get closer to the outside of the wall you will be blocked by a Fallen laser grid and this is where you utilise your Splicer Intel Relay.

Outside the Cosmodrome.png

Once through you must head towards the giant Ketch on the near horizon and board it, defeating all enemies inside. At this point a chest will spawn in the back right of the Ketch, and upon opening it you will gain the Khvostov KG-0X schematic. Take the schematic to Shiro-4 at the Iron Temple.

Shiro-4 will then give you a quest entitled ‘We Found A Rifle’ which tasks you with tracking down Khvostov weapon parts and manual pages. The pages come easy enough, with them dropping randomly from any Fallen Devil Splicer and soon enough you will have 10 (the amount you need). You will then need to track down the three weapon parts. Spawn in a Plaguelands Patrol and head down to the Rocketyard as the parts you need will be found around there. Note that you must start in the Plaguelands as otherwise the parts will not generate.

Refinery Weapon Part.png

First Weapon Part – The first part can be found within the Refinery just after the section where you fight off waves of Fallen and Hive within the Sepiks Prime Strike. After you make your way through the laser grid the part will be in the right hand corner near a glowing post.


Second Weapon Part – The second weapon part can be found while continuing as you would throughout the Sepiks Strike. Head to the Blast, where you fought the Devil Walker. You will head to the building close by as you enter the area. The part will be on the left hand side (while facing towards Devils Lair) beside the building.


Third Weapon Part – The third weapon part can be found by backtracking to the Rocketyard and from there into the Divide. Continuing through you will head towards the room that you first discovered your ship in, known as Dock-13. The weapon part will be found underneath the stairs on top of some crates towards the far exit.

Once you have discovered all the weapon parts and requisite manual pages, you will need to return to Shiro-4 who will inform you that you are missing a key part – the firing pin. You will then need to complete the mission ‘Khvostov Rising’. While it is doable solo it may make it a little easier to utilise a fireteam. Once the mission is complete, your new Khvostov 7G-0X will drop for you to enjoy.



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