Dishonored 2

10 New And Returning Powers The Outsider Has Gifted In Dishonored 2

Recently we have been treated to gameplay trailers of Dishonored 2 in which we get a lovely little glimpse at some of the new powers players will get to utilise while committing various murders as either Corvo or Emily.




This unique ability which appears to only be utilisable by Emily allows you to link different targets so that they all share the same fate. This means that you could essentially kill an entire areas worth of enemies with limited difficulty. The fact that Domino could be abused so completely would mean that there has to be some way of mitigating its effectiveness. Maybe the shared effect is minimised the more enemies are linked, so an example of this would be within an explosion the linked enemies are only damaged but not killed. Or perhaps Domino has a maximum number of potential linked targets as in the video we see Emily linking three separate oblivious enemies.

Far Reach


This ability is an extremely versatile one, allowing Emily to pull enemies and objects towards her and would most likely allow her to pull herself towards objects such as high ledges. It could also allow her a burst of speed by pulling her body rapidly across a parallel surface as we saw in the reveal trailer in the Clockwork Mansion. Far Reach seems to be a variation of Corvo’s Blink ability but with a greater variety of uses.



This is an ability I am really excited about and everyone else should be too. Doppelganger allows Emily to summon a shade version of herself in order to attract enemies to a particular location. Whether it is to lure a group of unsuspecting hostiles to a given area so you can unleash a new horror on them or to just get them out of the way so you can sneak past Doppelganger is going to be a useful ability in your arsenal of otherwordly power.



So obviously meant to be used in conjunction with the Doppelganger ability, Transposition allows you to trade places with your doppelganger. Maybe you placed your shade and the enemies incorrectly targeted you instead of the apparition. A quick slight of hand and you are out of danger’s path. It could even be used as a way to get to far away places in a hurry just by placing your shade in the area you wish to reach and activating Transposition.

Shadow Walk


We have the ability everyone wants and which will probably be so overused because of how useful and badass it really is. Shadow Walk, like the name suggests allows Emily to take on a super sneaky alien form that enables her to sneak past her opponents quite rapidly as well as to perform rather violent assassinations. This ability will most likely only last a few seconds to prevent complete and utter demolition of Delilah’s regime within the first few hours of the game.

Bloodfly Swarm


If Bloodfly Swarm seems kind of familiar it is because, well it is almost a re-skin of the Summon Rats that Corvo could utilise in the first Dishonored. Bloodflies are the new horrible plague that is infesting Karnaca and to summon them it appears that you must have a corpse. Kind of like a gruesome spawn point. This ability could be a perfect compliment when being attacked by a large force, with a little extra fly-er power (I am hilarious).


Bend Time


Now we have a returning classic with Bend Time. Long time fans of this game will breathe a sigh of relief as Corvo and Emily will be able to stop time for a short duration. This will allow for a quick change of tactical position or even to run through all hostiles and escape the combat zone.



The iconic ability of the former bodyguard-made-assassin Blink is a short range teleport that enables him to traverse small gaps without drawing notice to himself or even to escape pursuit.

Blink Assault


Blink now has an offensive component with Blink Assault. This awesome ability allows Corvo to throw enemies just as Blink ends which can severely damage them and prime them for other traps and abilities that you may wish to use. Or even just throw them off a cliff if you want an efficient (if unimaginative) way of killing the baddos.

Summon Rats


Of course it just had to be back, what did you think the plague was truly over. While not needing a dead body to function Corvo can still deal havoc with his rats that he summons up out of the ground. Whether he needs to get rid of the evidence of his violent escapades or to cause some virtual suckers to die in a horrible way, his rat summoning days are still with him.



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