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Exotic Review : Thagomizers


Don’t get too close. 


The Thagomizers are a unique little pair of exotic gauntlets that are perfect for a Striker Titan who just loves to smash stuff into tiny bursts of electricity. Its exotic perk is known as One-Two Punch, which unlocks the Strike subclass node Amplify for free. Amplify significantly reduces the cooldown of your Fist of Havoc when you get kills with Storm Fist, so punch away Guardians. It also serves to add another melee charge to your Titan regardless of subclass so it still has some functionality for Defender’s and Sunbreaker’s but it is not recommended. In PVP these gauntlets allow you to deal a fair bit of additional damage due to having a secondary melee charge. On top of this if you are scoring kills with your Storm Fist, your Super will regenerate a lot quicker allowing you to spread the destruction. For best results, investing into your strength tree may be needed in order to severely decrease the cooldown time of your melee.


Do I really need to say anything? These particular exotic gauntlets are huge, beefy and spiky. That is part of their charm. They appear to be breaking apart closer towards the fist, presumably because the Titans in question keep hammering things down until they disappear. The spikes on this exotic are reminiscent of the Primus that is taken by Oryx during the Taken King story missions, Primus Ta’aun. It seems like some part of that Primus did survive his being Taken.

How to Acquire it?

The Thagomizers can be gained from an exotic gauntlet engram or purchasing it from Xur if you are lucky enough for him to have it in his inventory.

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