Destiny Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review : Trespasser


“You are not welcome.” – Unknown
I beg to differ.” – Shiro-4


The Trespasser is the personal sidearm of Cayde-6’s elite scout, Shiro-4, marked, scratched and kit bashed during the uncountable months Shiro-4 spent out braving the wilds beyond the City. It may look interesting but trust that it has ended more conversations than it has begun. It will definitely end a whole lot more before the war against the Darkness is over.


The Trespasser is a wonderful side arm that has finally given Guardians a sidearm exotic that is worthy of being used. The Trespasser is a burst fire weapon that fires in 3 round bursts which equates to 6 burst per magazine for a total of 18 bullets. It has two signature exotic perks the first of which is known as Be The Danger, which allows the exotic to fire bursts of bullets with deadly accuracy. The second perk, Unrepentant, boosts Trespassers damage output by reloading after scoring a kill with the weapon. This perk allows Trespasser to fire 6 bullets rapidly as opposed to the normal burst of 3. Can be quite useful to deal heavy damage to a single powerful target or even to take out a charging Guardian without too much difficulty. This weapon is extremely useful in the Crucible, especially in modes where a lot of close quarters combat is favoured such as Supremacy. The range is similar to the optimal range for a fusion rifle and so will be able to take out a charging shotgunner or even a fusion rifle runner, assuming you are back far enough and can maintain the shots on target. The fast fire rate means you will not be hard pressed to score kills with this exotic and seeming as it holds the maximum possible stability, it will not be hard to land every bullet of every burst.


The design of this weapon is simple yet complex, with the contrasting blue and white colouring that makes the gun pop. Within the grip that actually seems to be made of ivory, the magazine is inbuilt which gives the exotic a smoother and more refined look. There are white markings on the blue colouring of the barrel that at first glance appeared to be a variation of Fallen markings but upon closer inspection just appear to be varied wear and tear that would come about from toting this gun in the wildlands.

How to Acquire it?

The Trespasser can be gained from an exotic special engram or purchasing it from Xur if you are lucky enough for him to have it in his inventory.


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