Exotic Review : Shinobu’s Vow


“No supplies. Armor in tatters. But the refugees had asked for help. And she had given her word.” – Tale of the Six Coyotes


These lovely little gauntlets are designed to be utilised by a Bladedancer Hunter and mostly pertains to their grenades. Shinobu’s Vow has one main exotic perk titled, New Tricks which improves Skip Grenade and provides an additional Skip Grenade charge. Now while having an additional grenade is never a bad thing, the perk is quite vague on the nature of the improved Skip Grenade. However this exotic provides a boost to the Skip Grenade’s tracking function making it track a lot faster and home in on targets faster. This means you will be able to hopefully score more kills with your grenade. This exotic will be useful in both PVE and PVP as if for nothing else, the additional Skip Grenade charge will increase potential damage output. But the true bonus is that the more aggressive tracking will allow your Guardian to eliminate more enemies at a faster rate. In the Crucible, this exotic could be immensely useful for dealing serious damage to opposing Guardians, as not only will you get two charges, the increased tracking speed means that more of the grenade’s homing projectiles will make contact with your target before they run out of range. This of course means a greater chance that they will fall.


These gauntlets have a simplistic design with smooth components and nothing that really jumps out at you. It appears to have a layer of fine mesh made of some highly flexible substance that runs underneath the armoured part of the exotic, which could be the component that somehow supercharges the Skip Grenades. The most interesting thing however is the Russian acronym that is present on the pauldron (shoulderpiece) and on one of the bracelets. This symbol has been seen throughout the Cosmodrome and is the acronym for the Russian Federal Bureau of Aeronautics suggesting that this exotic was created during the Golden Age by the Russians.

How to Acquire it? 

The Shinobu’s Vow can be gained from an exotic gauntlet engram or purchasing it from Xur if you are lucky enough for him to have it in his inventory.

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