‘Rise of Iron’ : Iron Banner Primary Weapons Overview


As we all know (because presumably we have been playing it) the first Iron Banner of Rise of Iron has finally come and weapons have been dropping left, right, centre, upside down and back the front. In the eyes of some, they are terrific and in the eyes of others, they are not worth picking up but one thing is for sure, they look awesome and sound even better, so lets have a cursory look at the Iron Banner primaries.

Lingering Song


The Lingering Song belongs to the archetype of hand cannons that have a high impact, while low rate of fire to compensate. This hand cannon can hold 8 rounds in the magazine which is more than sufficient to eliminate enemies either within the Crucible or in PVE. It has a lower stability but the recoil is roughly linear and the fact that Lingering Song has a slow fire rate means that your shots will not be affected too much by the low stability. It has middling range meaning you can effectively deal damage at a distance while not subjecting yourself to too much danger, at least from pulse rifles, auto rifles and possibly other hand cannons. Coupled with the almost maxed out impact stat, this gun will definitely be popular in the Crucible. The downside is that it has a relatively slow reload so make sure you aren’t just spraying and praying or you may spend a lot more time hiding and reloading. To combat this however, it does have a lot of potential perks that can significantly increase the reload speed.

The Unbent Tree


The Unbent Tree is of an archetype that had its hayday in the meta not too long ago. This auto rifle has the highest possible rate of fire while also having severely decreased impact. However starting with a magazine of 57, The Unbent Tree has more than enough stopping power to serve all your combat needs. Despite having an insanely high rate of fire, it has a lower stability that can be increased significantly so that this gun does not buck around at all. While the initial stability is manageable, it is more trouble than it is worth in the long run so try to get one with perks such as Braced Frame or Injection Mold that will give you a massive boost to that stat. In the same breath it also has kind of crappy starting range, only being useful for those close range engagements, which completely leaves you open to shotguns and will probably not be fun, so once again perks that boost that stat may be in order. On a positive note it does have a relatively high reload so you can get back to bullet hosing your way through the competition.

The Clever Dragon


This is a gun I have seen a fair few people using within the Crucible. The Clever Dragon, with its bullets sounding like metal being thrown inside a metal bowl, is a high rate of fire pulse rifle that also has a low impact. Assuming you can get the majority of your shots as precision hits, you should be peachy with this weapon. It has a low to middling range so you should stick to middling range fights as any closer and you are susceptible to shotgun and melee attacks but too far and the shots will not register or may not do anywhere near the amount of damage needed to kill your enemies, either PVE or PVP ones. The Clever Dragon is kind of in the middle of the road in respect to the remaining stats, the highest being its rate of fire but then followed closely by its stability. Leaning towards the higher end of the scale, the stability of this gun makes it a smooth and manageable weapon with recoil that is quite easy to control. The only real problem is coupling recoil control with the rapidity of its fire rate. Once you get a handle on that, The Clever Dragon is a dream come true. It also has a fairly rapid reload so it can be used as a fallback weapon when you are being rushed as well as to generally get you back into the fight quickly.

The Distant Star


Now onto the Scout Rifle. Forged in honour for Efrideet, the sniper of the Iron Lords, The Distant Star is a fairly awesome scout rifle whose stats lie within fairly close ranges to each other. In fact, in my opinion, this weapon is one of the best Rise of Iron Iron Banner primaries. It has a high impact for a scout which, when coupled with its high rate of fire makes for this gun to have some serious power. The Distant Star holds pretty much identical perks to the exotic Mida Multi-Tool, only being beaten in stability and reload. Though The Distant Star has nothing to worry about when it comes to stability having reasonably high recoil control. In PVE this weapon is an absolute dream come true, able to hit critical shots easily from very far away and firing incessantly due to its high rate of fire and great reload. If you are taking this gun into the Crucible just remember that it still is a scout rifle so try to maintain some semblance of range to make it harder for your opponents to hit you.

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