Battleborn Character Guide : Miko The Combat Botanist



Miko is a bud comprised of many other organisms that compose the fungus A. Mikollopria. It shares a hive mind state with its home planet which is conveniently covered in the same fungus that Miko is comprised of.  In order to better relate to other species throughout the cosmos, the buds have taken on humanoid forms despite all remaining attached to the hive planet. However Miko is different in its uniqueness specifically sharing a desire to accompany the Eldrid on their recovery missions even after losing its head to an aggressive Lorrian. A surprising discovery was found at that point, that the heads release bio-friendly spores that contain healing properties for most life forms. The Red Observer saw the effectiveness of Miko in recovery missions and immediately recommended that it be allowed to help aid within the medical unit.

Miko feels a deep loss at the Darkening of their planet and the vast majority of the fungus-that-they-are, with it. Once upon a time, they were young. They spread over acres of lush land and spanned entire eras. When they were young, they were their whole world and their horizons were crafted by their own hands and their own hearts. As time grew on, the sky grew dark. Dead, dying, dark. No more slivers of sun to shine on their backs. They fell, and now they are fragmented, never again to be whole.

Despite their deep rooted sense of loss, Miko continues to heal and regenerate. When asked it made a statement about the wonder that still exists in the dying universe. To see is to wait, to wait is to remain, to remain is to live and to live is to see, was its response. They do not know what fascinates them more as both the Dark and the Light are necessary for them to live. They thrive in light but bloom in dark and it is this wonder and curiosity that drives Miko to continue to heal.

Ideal Role

Miko is a combat botanist so they do have a quite powerful ranged attack in the form of their Kunai, which dish out poison damage left, right and centre. However despite their combat abilities, they are a healing entity. Their talent focuses on healing as does one of their abilities and their ultimate. The combat effectiveness of Miko is to prevent them from becoming overwhelmed by opposing forces. If you decide to play as Miko, you should focus primarily on healing your allies as healing in this game can turn the tide of a match rather quickly, whether you are in PVP or PVE. By all means engage in combat with your ranged Kunai as well as your Cloud of Spores but that should not be the focus while playing as them. Seeing as Miko is a healer, your allies should be in front of you the majority of the time so you can see ailing teammates and provide healing. On top of that, Miko can be taken down quite quickly if surrounded or challenged by two significantly powerful foes. He is not designed for the front lines due to his limited health and lack of powerful abilities that can clear the front lines of hostiles in a rapid fashion.

Weapon of Choice


Usually Miko even in the planet-wide Fungus form, do not have thorns or spines to protect themselves so how Miko got the use of Kunai is still unknown. However since the A. Mikollopria is able to adapt rather quickly to new situations, it is thought that the Kunai are a result of a close encounter with the Jennerit spymistress, Deande. These Kunai do have a pretty impressive range and when thrown, continue in a straight line for a while before eventually beginning to sink towards the ground. They have a middling to long range and do a fair bit of damage upon each hit. Coupled with this, Molecular Mycology provides extra poison damage that further increases its damage. the Kunai can be reloaded fairly quickly so you can essentially continuously throw these poison tipped darts at your opponents all day.


Passive/Molecular Mycology : Miko’s Kunai poison enemies on impact, dealing 48 damage over 2 seconds.

Weapon/Combat Botany : Miko’s primary attack hurls a barrage of poison-tipped Kunai.

Talent/A.Mikollopria : Miko has evolved to adapt and survive through natural toughness, speed, and the ability to heal others with a Healing Beam that restores 52 health per second.

Skill 1/Biosynthesis : Miko gains 193 health over 5 seconds. During that time, Miko’s Healing Beam grants 25% more health.

Skill 2/Cloud Of Spores : Throws a spore sac that explodes on impact, dealing 134 damage and leaving behind a Cloud of Spores that slows all enemies that enter it for the next 4 seconds.

Ultimate/Fungus Among Us : Deploys a mushroom with 214 health with an area of effect lasting 45 seconds. Allies gain 75 health per second while in range.

Perk Choices

Rank One

*First Responder : While Biosynthesis is active, healing an ally with the Healing Beam increases Miko’s movement speed. +15% movement speed.

*Breathe Deep : Intensifies the slowing effect of Cloud of Spores. 100% slow.

Rank Two

*Regenerative Aura : Biosynthesis’ healing over time effects are extended to nearby allies.

*Heal Thyself : While Biosynthesis is active, healing an ally with Miko’s healing Beam also heals Miko.

Rank Three

*Evolutionary Emergence : Reduces cooldown time across all skills. -15% cooldown time.

*(MUTATION)Plentiful Healing : Increases healing granted to allies by Miko’s Healing Beam. +13 health per second.

*Swift Draw : Increases the reload speed of Miko’s Kunai. +50% reload speed.

Rank Four

*Trail Of Spores : Cloud of Spores drops spores along the way to a target, covering a larger area.

*(MUTATION)Sticky Spores : Cloud of Spores sticks on impact, bursting when enemies enter its blast radius or after 60 seconds.

*Sporeshock : If Cloud of Spores hits an enemy directly, that enemy is stunned rather than slowing all enemies in the blast radius. +2 seconds stun duration.

Rank Five

*Toxic Transfusion : A portion of damage dealt to enemy health by Molecular Mycology is returned to Miko as health. +15% life steal.

*(MUTATION)Pervasive Poison : Any damage dealt by Miko applies Molecular Mycology’s poison effects.

*Pandemic : Molecular Mycology’s poison effects spread to nearby enemies.

Rank Six

*Probiotics : Increases Biosynthesis’ self-healing effects. +15% healing.

*(MUTATION)Healer’s Oath : Increases the effectiveness of Miko’s Healing Beam while Biosynthesis is active. +25% health per second.

*Spore Strike : Increases Cloud of Spore’s impact damage. +15% damage.

Rank Seven

*Fight Or Flight : Briefly increases movement speed when taking damage. +15% movement speed.

*Bladeslinger : Increases the firing rate of Miko’s Kunai. +20% attack speed.

Rank Eight

*Biosynergy : Using the Healing Beam on allies reduces Biosynthesis’ cooldown. -30% cooldown.

*Residency : Increases the duration of Biosynthesis’ effects. +5 seconds duration.

Rank Nine

*Spore Storm : Enlarges Cloud of Spores’ area of effect. +50% area of effect radius.

*Resilient Strain : Cloud of Spores lingers longer after bursting. +6 seconds duration.

Rank Ten

*Barkskin : Increases the maximum health of Fungus Among Us mushrooms. +214 maximum mushroom health.

*(MUTATION)We Are Many : Reduces the cooldown of Fungus Among Us at the cost of reduced mushroom health. -50% cooldown time, -214 mushroom health.

*Vicious Strain : Fungus Among Us deals damage over time to enemies in range. +167 damage per second.


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