How The Iron Banner Has Changed With ‘Rise of Iron’.


Iron Banner. Even if you have spent a fraction of time within this game you most likely have heard of this monthly event where you test your skills against other players and hone your Light into an unstoppable force. It has been around for pretty much the entirety of Destiny’s life and has been popular ever since it began. Despite bumps throughout the games history and many revisions to this limited time event Iron Banner still remains one of the most popular activities any Guardian can participate in. Now since we are at the end of the first Iron Banner event since the launch of Rise of Iron, now is a good time to talk about all the things that have changed within this game mode.

New Vendor


I, like many others when they first logged into Destiny on the first day of Iron Banner, was surprised by an unexpected cutscene wherein we saw the return of an old Iron Lord or former Iron Lord, Lady Efrideet. The name may sound somewhat familiar if you ever entered the Iron Banner in Year One trying to acquire that Efrideet’s Spear sniper rifle. Efrideet was the youngest Iron Lord but left to go on her own adventures, shortly before the Iron Lords me their ends at the hands of SIVA. She is surprisingly chatty despite never revealing anything of her own apparently colourful life and has completely taken over the role as the Iron Banner vendor, complete with words of encouragement and the scolding we used to get from Lord Saladin.

New Bounties…With Awesome Rewards!!


With a new vendor come new bounties and these ones are actually more rewarding than simply a stepping stone to ranking up with Iron Banner. You get four of these weekly bounties per character during the Iron Banner week and they each reward you with 25 Legendary Marks and 750 Iron Banner reputation. But not only that, each bounty has a specific type of reward that you will get at random, from the Iron Banner loot table. There are two bounties that give you an Iron Banner weapon and two that give you an Iron Banner armour piece for that character as well as a chance at Artifacts and vanity items. If you play on all three characters, this is a total of six Iron Banner weapons and armour pieces that you acquire each time Iron Banner rolls around. These are designed to replace the rank five and rank three packages which is what most people aimed for while playing this game mode.

Changes To The Ranking System


Iron Banner is not just known by Guardians as a place to combat your skills against others, it is also a place to win matches in order to rank up with the Iron Banner and so to earn awesome rewards. However as I mentioned in the above paragraph, the rank up packages of previous Iron Banners are gone. Replaced by the bounty rewards, there is now no real reason to rank up anymore to get the sweet loot at the tippy top as you reach rank five. Rank five is just a number now. However there is a possibility that we may still get rewards once we reach rank five and that is through the quest those who played this months Iron Banner received. We were given a quest from Efrideet that had rewards at ranks one, three and five, five being a randomly generated weapon from the Iron Banner loot table around your current Light level. If packages have been replaced, there will be no real reason to go all the way to rank Five, unless the quest given by Efrideet is going to be a monthly occurrence, similar to Lord Shaxx’s weekly bounty.

On top of this, there is no longer a Tempered bonus in Iron Banner within the Rise of Iron expansion. For those of you that don’t know, the Tempered bonus was a mechanic that in Year one you had to purchase and in Year 2 was given automatically. It served to increase the amount of reputation you would gain each day as the tournament continued, eventually reaching around 200% of the original reputation points. This was designed to allow players who could not play early in the week, a chance to fully rank up. Now with the weekly bounties for characters and the ease of ranking up now due to increased rep gains, it has been done away with. But with 250 rep on a win and 150 rep per medallion, you won’t have a hard time ranking up.

Last and not least, there is no longer a rep bonus for wearing Iron Banner shaders, armour and emblems, meaning you can equip your absolute best armour and be a unique little snowflake as you murder opposing Guardians relentlessly.

Loot Galore


Like seriously, it is like the rain after a drought. One of the most common complaints about the Iron Banner was its stinginess with loot drops which is why the vast majority of Guardians participated in the Iron Banner in the first place. Legendary drops were terrible in Year One and got better throughout the entirety of Year Two. Now with Rise of Iron in Year 3, the loot is raining down. No longer will the end of the match be a guessing game of whether or not anyone will get something but more of a hope that your Guardian will be chosen to receive a loot drop. More often than not, a majority of your team will receive an Iron Banner legendary but of course this varies based on your RNG. On top of this, within the droppable loot, Bungie has included Shaders, Emblems, Sparrows and Ships, including an Emblem called ‘The New Wolf Pack’ which I absolutely love.

Put in enough time in the Iron Banner Guardian and trust me it will reward you, with so much gear you won’t know what to do with it. However the loot that drops will only be variations of what is being sold by Lady Efrideet that month. So if she is selling the Iron Banner pulse rifle and scout rifle, Clever Dragon and Distant Star respectively, those are the only weapons that will drop as after match rewards. This of course is complimented by the above vanity items, Ghosts and new Artifacts.


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