Are You Ready To Evolve? Powerful New Evolutions In ‘Pokemon Sun’ and ‘Pokemon Moon’

New evolutions have been revealed for many of the previously teased Pokemon and the evolutions have not been disappointing, having equal parts power and sheer awesomeness. Lets have a look!

Hakamo-o : Dragon/Fighting

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 7.04.17 am.png

The evolved form of Jangmo-o, Hakamo-o is a unique Dragon/Fighting type Pokemon that seems like it may have a slight anger problem and is definitely keeping with the unique naming scheme of this evolutionary line. It holds the abilities, Bulletproof and Soundproof, the first of which, protects this Pokemon from any moves involving a ball or bomb. This means that moves such as Aura Ball and Gyro Sphere will have no effect on this Pokemon. Soundproof on the other hand protects this Pokemon from all sound based moves such as Echoed Voice. This is not surprising I mean look at all those armour plates that cover Hakamo-o’s body.

Kommo-o : Dragon/Fighting


We’ve got a bigger, badder Pokemon, now with 10x the armoured scales only available for a limited time (I kid of course). Kommo-o is the final evolution in this particular line and boy does it look like a powerful one. Holding the same abilities as its previous generations it has an in-built full immunity to ball, bomb and sound based moves. Kommo-o has a unique new move known only to it, called by the name of Clanging Scales. While the type is still unknown, I would hazard a guess at a Dragon Typing due to the fact that more Dragon Types have scales when compared to Fighting Types. This move serves to damage its opponent and then proceed to lower its Defence stat afterward, making it a perfect one-hit combo that will increase your chances at victory.

Steenee : Grass


Now we come to the evolution of that tiny berry known as Bounsweet. The second link in this chain whom should be referred to as a princess, Steenee holds the abilities Oblivious and Leaf Guard (identical to Bounsweet). Oblivious prevents this Pokemon from becoming infatuated (sadly no love for Steenee) and Leaf Guard prevents this Pokemon from being affected with any and all status conditions while in sunny weather. Ensure Sunny Day remains in your repertoire.

Tsareena :  Grass


The Queen has arrived and it is majestic. This evolutionary chain ends with a powerful looking Pokemon that exudes an aura of grace and solemnity. It holds the abilities Leaf Guard, which prevents status conditions in sunny weather, as well as a new ability known as Queenly Majesty. This new ability prevents any Pokemon engaged in a battle with Tsareena from using Priority Moves. This means that all moves such as Quick Attack and Aqua Jet that allow another Pokemon to attack first, will fail when Tsareena is active in the battle. Thats not all, fitting the fact that she is a queen (or more accurately a Tsar – I absolutely love that) Tsareena gets a another unique perk, this time in the form of a move. Trop Kick deals damage to the opponent, most likely Grass (based on its link to the word tropics or tropical) and then proceeds to lower that Pokemon’s Attack by one stage. You are limited in what you can do when engaged in battle with the Tsar that is Tsareena, unless it is fire. Fire works.

Ribombee : Bug/Fairy


Cutiefly has gotten a cute little evolution with Ribombee. This new bee Pokemon holds the Typings of Bug and Fairy and based on the appearance of this Pokemon, they are very appropriate. This Pokemon has two abilities, the first being known as Honey Gather which gives this Pokemon a chance of collecting a Honey item after battle. The second ability this Pokemon holds is known as Shield Dust which prevents any additional effects of a move that does damage to Ribombee. This means that a move such as the above Trop Kick will only deal damage and will serve to prevent this Ribombee’s Attack being lowered. Quite a useful Pokemon.

Silvally – Normal


Now we have come to the best Pokemon out of the latest teased evolutions – Silvally. Being the evolved form of Type : Null it is a man made Pokemon that was created within the Alola Region, presumably by Team Skull (Enforcer Gladion is with Silvally in the trailer). Now while man-made Pokemon are nothing new to the realm of Pokemon, having given us Mewtwo, and Genesect (although Genesect wasn’t entirely man made) it is quite unique with the fact that this Pokemon is attempting to emulate the Pokemon God, the first of all Pokemon – Arceus. Silvally holds a new ability known as RKS System which changes the type of this Pokemon based on a series of items that it can hold. These items are known as Memories and are presumably entitled Memory of Grass, Memory of Fire or some variation of that.

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 7.49.10 am.png

This matches the ability of Arceus in all but name, as Arceus held the ability Multitype which, based on whatever specific plate it was holding, changed its type to match that plate. It seems like Silvally was created as a Pokemon to outmatch every other Pokemon, by emulating the one that essentially created the entire universe – complete with every single Legendary and Mythic Pokemon. It will be a powerful one. If this Pokemon is going to be classed as a Legendary or Mythic Pokemon, it will be breaking new ground, as Silvally will be the absolute first Legendary in the 20 year history of this franchise, that we will be able to acquire via evolution.

Silvally also gains a unique new move, entitled Multi-Attack, which changes the type of the move based on what Memory it is holding. A Grass Memory will result in a Grass Type move, a Fire Memory will result in a Fire Type move etc. If no Memory is equipped, the move shall remain a Normal Type one. Either way the hype is real.

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