Battleborn Character Guide : The Slithery, Sneaky, Sneaker-Wearing, Snake – Pendles



Pendakka Lakonna also known as Pendles, came onto the radar of the Battleborn due to him being discovered by Toby, as a potential recruit to the Rogues. Based on Toby’s description, the professional assassin is courteous, professional and a super swell guy. He runs an outfit in the Solus System entitled Executive Executions with a great referral program, that gives you a free hit per referral. Toby has his hit planned out to the tee already. Pendles is a Roa and is native to the giant water world known as Akopos, the same world that Alani originates from. Toby recommended bringing Pendles aboard if for no other reason than to prevent him from being hired against the Rogues.

An interesting thing about the Roa species is that they exist within two states. The juvenile/adult stage showcases them with arms (tentacles) and legs and covered in scales. When they get older they begin to transform into an eel-like creature designed for swimming around in the oceans of Akopos. Pendles had written to Alani in the hope of understanding what was happening to him, as his scales began to shed and fall like parade confetti. Pendles main concern was the fact that it would be difficult to maintain a business if he was flopping around in an ocean somewhere. His solution? To take some nanowhatzits from Alani, due to their ability to regenerate cells. However, Alani explained that it could only stall the transformation, not reverse any damage. While typing a reply an interesting phenomenon occurred – Pendles’ own arm fell right off.

When Ghalt begun discussing bringing in Pendles to the Battleborn fold, he was sent a message by Benedict, who had a run in with Pendles about 15 years prior. After the Darkening of Benedict’s system – Menneck-B, he had retreated to a dark location that served Old Corusca nectar. Suffice it to say he was there a while. Benedict was angry at a MSCB commander of his, a Kormiri son of a hen and was talking a lot of smack about him. Everyone in the bar was nodding politely because he was nectared up and carrying a rocket launcher. Only person who was listening was the young Pendles, complete with two tentacled arms and both eyes. Benedict is angry and upset about possibly never flying again so he says something quite stupid (characteristic of Benedict) and wishes that his commander was dead. Pendles, due to it being the first time out in the real world, gets up and leaves the bar. He returns a few hours later with a limp, a burnt left eye and holding the head of the Kormiri commander. This had scared Benedict right fast. Benedict’s commander was a thirty year veteran of the MSBC and was taken down by an unarmed Roa, who thought he was fulfilling a contract. Benedict refused to take the head of his commander despite Pendles yearning to give it to him. So Pendles turned his skull and femur into a nice little sickle blade. Fast forward a few years later, Benedict began to see ads for Pendles business, Executive Executions. And the rest is history.

Ideal Role

Pendles is an extremely fast (he will give Rath a run for his money) and stealthy Battleborn that can back up his many years of kill contract experience through his hard hitting combo of bone and metal Kamas. When not in combat, and just moving, regardless of whether running, jumping or walking, you will remain in a quite effective stealth mode. This stealth mode is broken when you attack with any one of his varied armament. However, if you stop moving and attacking it only takes approximately 2 seconds to enter back into stealth once again. Pendles is perfect for sneaking past the enemy and delivering crushing blows to their flank and then retreating, either utilising his great speed or his assortment of skills, a lot of which boost his stealth once again. On top of this, his poison that he laces on his Kamas and within his abilities sows ever more chaos through the opposing ranks. He is definitely suited to be a fast paced skirmisher, able to take out significantly high enemies without much difficulty (I took out a group of 3 Evolved Thrall within a couple seconds without taking any damage) and then escape to attack a different position. Pendles can sow both confusion and death with his fast moving close range attacks. On top of this however, he has a limited ranged attack with which he can throw Throwing Stars at his opponents which can weaken tougher enemies as they rush him, for an easier kill or can serve as a means to eliminate them completely without closing with them. Pendles is a complex character and the strategies you utilise to maximise his combat effectiveness are endless. Plus he has fantastic sneakers! And if all that does not tempt you, he also has a not-at-all-posh British accent which is stellar!

Weapon Of Choice

Pendles Kamas.jpg

Pendles comes equipped with two signature Kamas, one crafted out of a bird skull and one crafted out of good old fashioned steel. The bone Kama appears to hold the poison that Pendles utilises with deadly effectiveness. These weapons can be utilised in a flurry of deadly strikes that deliver devastating power against his enemies. You can jump into a fray of enemies or be surrounded and still walk away unscathed if you utilise these effectively. Coupled with his cloak, the Kamas are a deadly pair of instruments. Pendles also has a mid range Throwing Star that can be used to take out enemies from a distance if unwilling, or too lazy to attack them with your melee weapons. The Throwing Stars are not thrown insanely rapidly but are quick enough to stop your adversaries in their tracks before they get to you – another victim of Pendles the Assassin.


Passive/Corner Sneak : Pendles’ cloak activates when out of line-of-sight of enemies. Pendles’ movement speed increases while cloaked, but decreases while uncloaked.

Weapon/Dual Kamas and Throwing Stars : Pendle’s primary attack utilises his dual Kamas in a flurry of strikes while his secondary attack hurls a ranged throwing star.

Talent/Snake-Born : Pendles’ natural evasive abilities grant him -25% CC duration.

Skill 1/Smoke Bomb : Pendles throws a Smoke Bomb at his feet, dealing 67 damage and an additional 80 damage over 2 seconds. In addition, it instantly cloaks him.

Skill 2/Injection : Pendles applies poison to his kamas and viciously strikes enemies for 200 damage, heavily slowing the target for 2 seconds.

Ultimate/Miasma : Pendles covers himself in an airborne poison that deals 248 damage over 10 seconds. While Miasma is active, Injection’s cooldown is reduced.

Perk Choices

Rank One

*Poison Cloud : Increases the duration of Smoke Bomb’s poison cloud. +3 seconds duration.

*Cobra Strike : Pendles will dash forward a short distance upon activation of Injection.

Rank Two

*Flash Bomb : Enemies hit by Smoke Bomb are blinded for a short time. +1 second blind duration.

*Ninjineering : Smoke Bombs can now be thrown.

Rank Three

*Mamba’s Bite : Adds a life steal effect to Pendles’ Kamas. +15% life steal.

*(MUTATION)Flurry of Blows : Every successive melee hit increases Pendles’ attack speed. Up to 20% attack speed.

*Backstab : Pendles’ melee attacks deal increased damage from behind. +25% damage.

Rank Four

*Life Leech : A portion of the health damage dealt by Injection is returned to Pendles as health. +60% life steal.

*(MUTATION)Potent Venom : Increases the duration of Injection’s slow effect. +1 second slow duration.

*Savage Cut : Enemies affected by Injection suffer additional poison damage. +90 damage over 3 seconds.

Rank Five

*Cloak And Cover : Pendles takes reduced damage while cloaked. +30% damage reduction.

*(MUTATION)Snake Eyes : When Corner Sneak is activated, Pendles can briefly reveal major enemies through walls.

*Escape Plan : When uncloaked and taking damage, Pendles’ Smoke Bomb cooldown is reduced. Up to 100% cooldown time.

Rank Six

*Feint : Smoke Bomb propels Pendles backwards.

*Sweet Spot : Increases Injection’s damage dealt from behind. +25% damage.

Rank Seven

*Coiled Spring : Increases the height of Pendles’ jump.

*(MUTATION)Poison Blood : Pendles reflects a portion of melee damage back to attackers. +15% damage reflection.

*Deeper Pockets : Pendles throws additional Throwing Stars in every throw. +2 Throwing Stars.

Rank Eight

*Bountiful Bombs : Reduces Smoke Bomb’s cooldown. -20 cooldown time.

*(MUTATION)From The Shadows : Activating Smoke Bomb increases the damage of the next use of Injection. +15% damage.

*Acidic Blast : Increases Smoke Bomb’ damage. +38% damage.

Rank Nine

*Relentless Strikes : Pendles’ melee attacks reduce Injection’s cooldown. -0.5 seconds cooldown time.

*Slippery : Pendles becomes more resistant to crowd control for a short time after using Injection. -50% CC duration for 3 seconds.

Rank Ten

*Necrosis : Enemies affected by Miasma’s aura are wounded. Up to +10 seconds wound duration.

*Venom Synergy : While Miasma is active, Injection’s damage is increased against enemies with less than 50% health. +20% damage.

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