Destiny Editorials

No Longer A Thorn In Our Side – Year 3 Thorn Doesn’t Feel Exotic Anymore.


Year One Destiny players remember the horror that was the age when Thorn dominated the Crucible with its fast acting poison and ability to kill with two body shots. It was such a menace and used by so many players that it was completely omitted from Year 2 power levels. This meant that if new players heard about this hand cannon and wanted to acquire it, they were unable to add it to their collections. But as many Destiny players have discovered, Thorn is now able to be collected again and utilised at full Year 3 levels.

The question that remains to be answered, is Thorn still a dominating force within the Crucible or has its age long passed. Well I took Thorn into Clash fully upgraded and tested it out. Unfortunately Thorn is not what it once was or even a shadow of what it once was, being nerfed so completely that it is no longer a reliable killing machine and definitely not worth an exotic slot.

While running around in the Crucible getting my nostalgia on for Year One, I obtained way more assists than I did kills and when I did score a kill it was mostly due to their health being low. The damage over time provided by the Mark of the Devourer only deals poison damage for approximately 3-4 seconds and the damage is negligible. Once upon a time, two body shots were enough to reduce a Guardian’s health low enough so that the poison could finish you off, but those days are long past with the poison dealing about 10 damage total, less if they are running high armour.

On top of this the initial damage done by this hand cannon is lacklustre requiring a hell of a lot more precision shots to score a kill and that is only if they are not paying attention. Because odds are if an enemy Guardian is aware of you from the moment you begin firing, you are going to lose that firefight. With the amount of great vendor and droppable hand cannons that are out there in the Destiny world right now, it is not worth using Thorn in a competitive way. It does not feel exotic anymore and that is why the fields of the Crucible are almost empty of the ringing shots that signify this once great weapons approach.

However if you still wish to add this exotic weapon to your collections it is easily acquirable assuming you have some good RNG luck. The quest for this weapon is dropped randomly while turning in any one of Shiro-4’s weekly bounties. Good hunting Guardians.

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