Exotic Review : Outbreak Prime

Outbreak Prime.jpg

“I’ve done the math. When you pull this trigger, one plus one equals zero. Every time.” – Shiro-4


The same technology that comprises this weapon is linked to the deaths of some of the greatest champions of the Light – The Iron Lords. The Fallen who found SIVA have been using it to alter their biological nature. To boost their own evolution. But us Guardians. Yeah we are utilising this highly unstable technology along with our own projectile based weaponry and making a portable, hand held version that releases aggressive nano-mites. Shiro-4 may not entirely understand it, much like you but the thing is, with every pull of the trigger, one plus one equals zero, each and every time.


The Outbreak Prime is a rather unique Exotic Pulse Rifle (as most Exotics are) and more importantly it is powerful. Holding a large magazine of 33, it is able to dish out massive damage with 11 three-bullet bursts. Coupled with a high stability that does not match the visual representation of its stat, you can keep this weapon on target quite easily to ensure the most out of every bullet. Outbreak Prime has two Exotic perks, the first being known as The Corruption Spreads. This particular perk spawns a group of SIVA nanites that aggressively attack any surrounding enemy combatants. On top of this, The Corruption Spreads also boosts damage taken by Fallen enemies. The second perk entitled Virulence, releases a nanite swarm on precision kills. This swarm also seeks out enemies and deals significant damage but fades after a short while. It also has a cooldown which negates another nanite swarm for approximately 10 seconds. This weapon was designed to be an outstanding weapon for PVE, with its bonus damage to Fallen and nanite clusters that will deal more damage to slower enemies that only move slightly – at least in comparison to agile and quick moving Guardians. However that doesn’t mean this weapon is terrible in the Crucible. With its high stability and high magazine size, coupled with a high rate of fire, Outbreak Prime has more than enough stopping power to make you a worthy adversary. However if you are using this weapon, be sure to aim for those precision shots (as you should be anyway) because this gun revolves around precision shots. The intrinsic perk Outlaw is activated by a precision kill as is Outbreak Prime’s exotic perk. Oh and for the Crucible did I mention that the nanite swarm has pretty great tracking on it? They are essentially like Swarm Grenade tracers.


Outbreak Prime is awesome. Lets face it the design is second to none. It features the bold geometric shapes that is common with the SIVA virus and Rasputin in particular that is coupled with the symbol of the Devil Splicers on the side. It is worth noting that this same symbol is a slight variation of the symbol of the Warmind Rasputin. Outbreak Prime, with its neatly interlocking shapes and wires running below the surface showcases this gun as technologically advanced and a weapon that will be difficult to understand. On top of this the red and black colour scheme serves to give it a badass overtone as well as providing it with an air of danger and mystique.

How to Acquire it? 

Now for the fun stuff. In order to gain the quest that will eventually lead you to the Outbreak Prime, you will first need to complete the Wrath of the Machine Raid and activate all 5 monitors. Make sure that at least one person remains in the Raid at all times otherwise you will lose the progress on the Monitors.

Once you have obtained the final Monitor and unlocked the secret room after defeating Aksis for the second time you open up the chest inside the room and gain the Be The Battery questline. While the quest itself is simple, you will first need to get a Fireteam together comprising of one Warlock, one Hunter and one Titan. To make things simpler you may want to keep the same people together throughout the entire thing because you all need to have the quest active at the same time. You will then need to;

*Complete a Nightfall Strike
*Complete 3 Public Events in the Plaguelands
*Complete 3 Crucible Matches or Heroic Strikes
*Get 50 kills with a Pulse Rifle

These steps are easy enough to complete but you have to remember that progress will only be counted so long as you remain within the Fireteam.


You will then need to travel to the Iron Temple and unlock a code to reveal forbidden secrets inside the SIVA Engine that you obtained from the Raid. Maintain your Fireteam and unlock the SIVA Engine (it should be in your Inventory). You will be rewarded with a grid of 3 rows and 3 columns. Each member of the Fireteam will need to enter a unique code that is specific to each class. You cannot move on with the quest until each Fireteam member enters their code.

*Hunter : 23223
*Titan : 32323
*Warlock : 31313

The top row is labelled ‘1’ and the bottom is labelled ‘3’.

After each Guardian has entered in their code it is time to move on. You will then need to party on in the Plaguelands and;

*Complete 3 Archon’s Forge Events
*Actively Patrol the Plaguelands – which means basically do anything in the Plaguelands that would normally give you EXP. I recommend sticking to the Archons Forge as it is entertaining and will boost you up quite quickly. 
* Destroy Sepiks Perfected

Following this you will need to enter another code in the SIVA Engine. More secrets need to be unlocked. This will be similar to the first grid you had to decode, except there will be an additional row making the bottom row’s designation ‘4’. Codes are below;

*Hunter : 24414/41233
*Titan : 42123
*Warlock : 23444/13334

It is time to get another Raid team back together to defeat it one more time. I would recommend finding another complimentary Fireteam so you have two of each class so each Fireteam can just split up after they complete the Raid but you don’t have to. You have to acquire specific SIVA parts from each boss in the Raid. At the time of writing this you can just utilise an exploit that allows you to farm Vosik for all the parts but no telling when Bungie may patch this. There are three parts you need to collect (one for each boss) and after you collect the final part it is time to return to the Iron Temple for one last code.

Outbreak Prime x2.png

The grid this time will be 5×5 and there is no class specific code here. Bungie has put maths into our beloved game and it is not fun. The puzzle is an addition/subtraction puzzle where the grid values are given to you and you have to add them up to a unique number which is hidden (it’s 730). The bottom two rows are subtraction values while the top three rows are addition values. If you wish to challenge yourself and your team go right ahead but if not, here is a link to an awesome SIVA calculator created by the amazing Destiny community,


Once every single member of your Fireteam has got the combo inputed, the quest will essentially end. Return to Shiro-4 and claim your awesome new weapon. Trust me, whether you used a guide or did it on your own, you definitely earned it.

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