Battleborn Character Guide : The Defective Clone Trooper, Whiskey Foxtrot



Whiskey Foxtrot was a clone. Not just any clone but a clone trooper of the same kind as Oscar Mike. Except he was a test subject, an early batch of a galahadrim clone set that was deemed suspicious. Given the code designation WF02-1221 also known as Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, he was found to be difficult to destroy. Containing above average intelligence and a certain level of wiliness, the UPR’s best men were not above to contain him. And by contain I mean capture and then kill. Usually the UPR would be clamouring to have that type of soldier enter their ranks but something was off about Whiskey. He was assigned to the UPR dining facilities…until the UPR figured out what was to become of him.

With his nature, he was tagged by Reyna as a potential recruit to the Rogues due to his wild, untamed personality and battle prowess. She sent a Lorrian to deliver him to the Detritus Ring so she could arrange a personal meeting. However due to Reyna’s dislike of dancing his middle name was scrubbed leaving no Tango for W.T.F.

Despite the lucrative and action packed career in the dining hall of the UPR, Whiskey Foxtrot grew tired of it and left or more likely blew his way out of his post and was wanted for desertion by the UPR. He was classified as armed, dangerous and extremely angry. A reward of 589,000,000.00 credits was levied for his capture along with an unconfirmed warning – that anyone who looks into his face will burst into flames.

The Lorrian within the Detritus Ring (presumably the same creature who got him to the Ring) constructed for Whiskey, modifications to his beloved Tactical Rifle. Whiskey was especially fond of the multi-surface adaptations for his sticky bombs allowing them to stick to…well anything. Plus bonus points for the paint job matching Whiskey Foxtrot’s boots. He likes it Fire Engine Red. However despite his enthusiasm, this gun was not met with approval from Whiskey Foxtrot’s lover, Deande, who stated that his ugly weapon was one that no self respecting warrior would bear. Deande of course would bare Whiskey in a heartbeat.

Despite hating the Mikes and all they stand for…in his words, idiocy, Whiskey sent a message to Oscar Mike to inspire courage and deliver a simple message. That message was that Oscar Mike was dumber than dumb. He uses stupid catchphrases, watches too much TV, is loud and arrogant and has too much of a thing for his gun. Whiskey was thinking about how few RDC troopers there are left and how, if he doesn’t smart up, Oscar Mike was never going to survive long enough to be Whiskey’s age. They had to stick together. Get their head in the game, so to speak. Mouth shut, Head down and eyes up. Oh and one more addendum…not to fuck it up.

Weapon of Choice


The Tactical Rifle that Whiskey Foxtrot so prizes is a mid to close range burst rifle. This means that instead of firing a steady stream of bullets like a normal assault rifle, it fires a small burst of bullets on a trigger pull. It is similar to the Destiny pulse rifles, holding a total of 30 bullets and firing in three round bursts for a grand total of 10. The stability on this weapon is easily controllable which makes scoring precision kills that much easier. However at the extremely long ranges there is a bit of a damage fall off that can be mitigated with the perk, Scoped Up, which boosts range. It has a decent reload rate so you can get back to blasting away your enemies and the damage dealt by the Tactical Rifle isn’t compromised by its rate of fire. Stick to medium-long to close ranges for the most part as that is where this weapon thrives.

Ideal Role

Whiskey Foxtrot is a ranged assassin type Battleborn with a whole bunch of neat tricks both up close and from a distance. Seeing as how his primary weapon is a Tactical Rifle, he can deal precision damage from a significant distance without too much damage fall off until you get to the longer ranges. Whiskey Foxtrot is a capable fighter in all but the most extreme ranges but middle to close would be the optimal place for him to be. On the front lines his Scrap Cannon can clear a group of mobs in a heartbeat allowing for a chosen counter attack or helping your allies break through. Coupled with the Sticky Grenade which can be stuck to any surface, Whiskey is capable of doling out punishment in a variety of forms. However he is not an insanely heavy hitter and can easily be overrun when surrounded by enemies. His fighting style and weapons permits him to deal a lot of damage to one or two targets at a time, leaving him quite vulnerable if a large group is swarming him. Either attempt to maintain distance or utilise your fellow Battleborn.


Passive/Combat Rhythm : After each enemy kill, Whiskey Foxtrot’s attack damage is increased by 25% for 10 seconds.

Weapon/UPR-SL3 Tactical Rifle : Whiskey Foxtrot’s Tactical Rifle is accurate, deadly and fires in three-round bursts.

Talent/UPR-RDC Combat Armor : Whiskey Foxtrot’s battered UPR armor still serves him well in battle – with a few modifications here and there, of course.

Skill 1/Sticky Bomb : Hurls a grenade that sticks to surfaces and enemies. Detonates after 3 seconds, dealing 200 damage to nearby targets.

Skill 2/Scrap Cannon : Fires a spread of shrapnel from the rifle’s underbarrel, dealing 133 damage and wounding them for 4 seconds.

Ultimate/Overdrive : Loads Whiskey Foxtrot’s Tactical Rifle with a clip of 75 bullets which can be fired fully automatically.

Perk Choices

Rank One

*Weighed Down : If an enemy is stuck with a Sticky Bomb, they are slowed. +3 seconds slow duration.

*(MUTATION)Shield Scrapper : Scrap Cannon does additional damage to shields. +50% bonus damage to shields.

*Flak Off : Scrap Cannon now pushes back enemies.

Rank Two

*Swiss Cheese : Enemies hit by Scrap Cannon are revealed and take increased damage from Whiskey Foxtrot’s Tactical Rifle. +25% damage for 8 seconds.

*Scrap Bank : Enables Scrap Cannon to store 2 additional charges that can be fired without cooldown.

Rank Three

*Red Dot Sight : Fits the Tactical Rifle with a Red Dot Sight that removes movement speed penalty while zoomed. +30% scoped movespeed.

*Scoped Up : Fits the Tactical Rifle with a ACOG Scope, increasing accuracy and zoom distance. +30% scoped accuracy.

Rank Four

*Triple Threat : Sticky Bomb launches 3 smaller grenades in rapid succession, dealing 100 damage each.

*(MUTATION)Sticky MIRV : Sticky Bomb splits into 3 grenades in flight.

*Stick ‘N Sap : When stuck to an enemy, Sticky Bomb grenades drain shields and health. Up to +216 damage over 3 seconds, +50% bonus damage to shields.

Rank Five

*Reload Burst : Kills grant increased reload speed for 10 seconds. +35% reload speed.

*(MUTATION)Killer Regen : Gain health regeneration for a short time after each kill. +220 health regeneration over 10 seconds.

*Speed Burst : Kills grant increased movement speed for 10 seconds.

Rank Six

*Flakback : Scrap Cannon propels Whiskey Foxtrot backwards when fired.

*(MUTATION)Napalm : Sticky Bomb grenades burn the ground where they detonate. Up to 360 damage over 4 seconds.

*Sticky Speed : Boosts Sticky Bomb launch speed, increasing their range. +40% projectile velocity.

Rank Seven 

*Duct-Taped Mags : Fits the Tactical Rifle with 2 taped clips, causing every other reload to be faster than normal. +60% reload speed.

*(MUTATION)Shield Pen : Normal Tactical Rifle shots penetrate enemy shields. +25% shield penetration.

*When Three Just Isn’t Enough : The Tactical Rifle fires in four-shot bursts.

Rank Eight 

*Spread Shot : Increases the spread and density of Scrap Cannon shots. +30% flak.

*Long-Distance Flak : Increases Scrap Cannon range and tightens its spread. +30% range.

Rank Nine

*Swift Stickies : Reduces Sticky Bomb cooldown time. -25% cooldown time.

*Stronger Stickies : Increases Sticky Bomb damage. +15% damage.

Rank Ten

*What Shields : Overdrive bullets bypass enemy shields entirely. +100% shield penetration.

*Overoverdrive : Increases Overdrive magazine size to 100 rounds. +25 clip size.

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