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Exotic Review : Ophidian Aspect


“Have I the aspic in my lips?”


The Ophidian Aspect (long sought after by me) is a pair of exotic gauntlets designed mostly for the Voidwalker subclass. However Sunsingers and Stormcallers can make use of this exotic too. It holds two inherent abilities under the exotic perk, Viper Totemic. This perk improves Energy Drain, as well as providing faster reload and faster ready time for all weapons used. The Energy Drain, which is obviously the Voidwalker component is not improved drastically but it is quite noticeable, and no matter what Energy Drain perk your Voidwalker runs with, it will definitely be an asset. In a PVE setting, these gauntlets are like a dream come true, as the weapon ready and faster reload times allow you to get straight back into the fight without too much delay. On top of this, Ophidian Aspect allows speed to be stacked so if you activate Outlaw or Spray and Play on a weapon, the reload speed will increase further. In Crucible, these gauntlets are quite effective, much for the same reason as in PVE – faster reload allows for quicker engagement or re-engagement of hostile Guardians. It allows you to deal a lot more damage and have the upper hand by being able to load and fire bullets quicker than your opponent.


In case you were confused, the Ophidian Aspect is all about snakes and other assorted serpents. The design is quite simplistic with two intertwined Cobras staring at a floating orb between them. The Cobras appear to be detailed quite well with many of the scales being visible, and apparently being made of some tough and lightweight type of metal to absorb the energy being cast through it. The serpent’s tails continue to intertwine all the way down the gauntlet until they reach the wrist where they both wrap several times. Now the interesting thing about this exotic (besides pretty much everything) is that the word ‘totemic’ found in the exotic perk is a natural occurrence or animal that is taken as the symbol and emblem of a given person or clan. This couples with its ability to sap the very life away from a target much like a serpent can be seen to do.

How to Acquire it

The Ophidian Aspect can be gained from an exotic gauntlet engram or purchasing it from Xur if you are lucky enough for him to have it in his inventory.

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