Battleborn Character Guide : Deande The Jennerit Spymistress



Deande. The Spymistress whose name lives in mystery. Born of the highest Jennerit nobility on the throneworld of Tempest, Deande was discovered and watched due to her remarkable aptitude in all things, mainly intelligence and deceit, especially for one so young. Deande was full of surprises putting herself forth for candidacy within the Silent Sisters at a profoundly young age. Empress Lenore had her inducted into the order under the care of Matron Divia and had the latter informed of the intentions of the Empress and her conspirators. They also wished to prepare Deande for the Jennerit process of Sustainment, providing of course, that her loyalty to the Empire could be proven and confirmed. Deande was seen to be the only possible candidate that could replace the previous Spymistress, Jovani and due to suspicions of a potential betrayal by Lothar Rendain, Deande was to be trained and entrusted with all the knowledge, both known and suspected about the plot against them. Oh and one more thing. Deande wasn’t her real name.

Deande had crossed the otherwordly veil between worlds known as …the Veil and viewed the Varelsi and their destructive way of life. From her recount to the Empress Lenore, the latter was able to predict quite accurately the turmoil that was arriving on the horizon. The dissolution of the Pact of the Dying, The Thrall Rebellions, The Jennerit Civil War and the fall of Codex. All this destruction and pain caused by one man. While she was unable to directly stop the chain of events that occurred from his pact with the Varelsi, she had begun to undo his web of power from within the Jennerit Empire, while at the same time maintaining Rendain’s trust. Deande was responsible for the rebellion of the Thrall (the second one) which was catalysed by the release of the champion Shock Trooper, Caldarius, from an imprisonment of a century – freed of course, by Deande. The trust that Rendain had bestowed upon Deande was a direct effect of the Caldarius Affair in which the latter had publicly demanded Sustainment, which he was eventually granted. This allowed Deande to further step into his confidence.

The words uttered by every child, adult and everything in between, within the Jennerit Empire came about after the current incarnation of the Jennerit Imperium. These words, dubbed the Precept surrounded the Imperium and valued the survival of the species above all else. With the death of Lothar Rendain, the Jennerit and indeed all of the races of the Universe and the Solus System have cleared the slate and unwritten the words cast by the Jennerit ancestors. Deande believed that the Precept should be shed entirely. Those words dominate every aspect of a Jennerit from their birth – Any deed, any price. It is etched behind their very eyes but some costs are too hard to be paid, too costly. Deande thought that it would be best to bring forth new words to exist in the new world alongside the Jennerit’s new allies, ‘live together, die alone’ had a nice ring to it. The path to protecting the Last Star was one they all had to walk together. May the battles never end.

Ideal Role

Deande has a spree of tricks up her sleeve but she is in essence a stealthy character. An assassin of the highest calibre. She is designed to devastate a few opponents with select powerful attacks, but at the same time is not meant to be a complete and utter powerhouse. Deande has a rather quick movement speed and her abilities compliment that. As for the main weapon, the War Fans are a versatile tool that can allow her to deal rapid damage up close as a melee attack but are able to be thrown from afar so she can deal ranged damage. However with her abilities, being Holotwin, Burst Dash and Blink Storm, she is designed to be up in the thick of the action on the front lines. If you are relying on her thrown War Fans to get you through conflict you really should not be playing Deande. Despite being an assassin character it can be easy for her to get overwhelmed by too many enemies as her playstyle is more focused on a few targets at a time as opposed to a large number. If she is surrounded, she can utilise an invisibility that comes from activating her Holotwin which will not only fight for her but allow her a moment to breath and get back into the action. To get the best out of Deande, you will need to utilise her speed and never stop moving while attacking and when it comes to the more powerful enemies or opposing Battleborn it may be prudent to not take on too many at once.

Weapon Of Choice


The Tessurim War Fans are quite versatile in their function being able to dish out damage from close and long ranges. The standard attack is a dual fan melee combo that can attack 3-4 times before starting the combo over again. If you wish to utilise the ranged capabilities, the fans are thrown at a medium speed for a total of 3 fans before needing a brief ‘cooldown’ and they can be thrown over a significant range. The War Fans can deal a fair amount of damage but it is usually confined to one or two enemies at a time so the damage width is not huge. At the same time if you are utilising Deande’s speed and agility, the localised damage will not be a huge hindrance.


Passive/The Element Of Surprise : For 5 seconds after uncloaking, all of Deande’s skills and attacks deal 25% additional damage.

Weapon/Tessurim War Fans : Deande is lethal at both close and long range, using her swift melee combo or deceptive thrown War Fans to steal 15% of health damage dealt to her foes.

Talent/Diplomats’s Battle Garb : Deande’s Jennerit elite uniform, tailor-made to maximise agility, mobility, and lethality.

Skill 1/Holotwin : Cloaks Deande and deploys a decoy (20% health, 25% damage) to fight in her stead for 8 seconds. Upon death or expiry, the decoy explodes for 200 damage.

Skill 2/Burst Dash : Deande charges forward, dealing 200 damage. Hit enemies are weakened, lowering their attack damage by 30%.

Ultimate/Blink Storm : Upon activation, Deande unleashes a flurry of 10 strikes directly ahead of her, stunning up to 5 enemies and dealing 68 damage per hit.

Perk Choices

Rank One

*Double Trouble : When activating Holotwin, Deande dashes in the direction in which she is currently moving. Increases Holotwin’s dash distance. +50% dash distance.

*(MUTATION)Wonder Twins : A portion of damage dealt by Deande’s Holotwin decoy is returned to her as health. +25% life steal.

*Ground Zero : Burst Dash’s explosion erupts in an area of effect, damaging foes all around Deande.

Rank Two

*All Safeties Off : Increases Holotwin decoy damage. +50% damage.

*Refined Emitters : Increases Holotwin decoy health. +30% maximum health.

Rank Three

*Fan Appreciation : Increases thrown War Fans’ damage. +18% damage.

*(MUTATION)Uppercut : Adds an uppercut to the end of Deande’s primary melee combo that wounds enemies. +1.5 seconds wound duration.

*Leechsteel : Increases health gained from Deande’s War Fan attacks. +10% lifesteal.

Rank Four

*Calculated Risk : Burst Dash draws extra power from Deande’s shield reserves, granting bonus damage. Burst Dash now breaks Deande’s shield on activation. +50% current shield as damage.

*Drain Dash : Half of the damage dealt by Burst Dash is returned to Deande as health. +50% life steal.

Rank Five

*Silent Strike : For 3 seconds after uncloaking, Deande’s attacks slow enemies for a brief time. +3 seconds slow duration.

*(MUTATION)Beast Of Momentum : Killing an enemy increases Deande’s movement speed for a brief time. +10% movement speed for 5 seconds.

*Roguelike : For 3 seconds after uncloaking, Deande’s melee strikes to an enemies back deal additional damage.

Rank Six

*Burst Brawler : Increases Burst Dash damage. +15% damage.

*(MUTATION)Ire’s Echo : Increases the damage dealt by an exploding Holotwin decoy. Enemies caught in the blast are slowed. +15% damage, +3 second duration.

*Escape Plan : Activating Holotwin increases Deande’s movement speed for a brief time. +30% movement speed for 5 seconds.

Rank Seven

*Fan O’ War : Increases War Fans’ melee damage. +18% damage.

*The Culling : Increases Deande’s damage against weakened enemies. +23% damage.

Rank Eight 

*Deadly Reach : Increases Burst Dash’s damage distance.+40% damage distance.

*Energized : Reduces Burst Dash’s cooldown timer. -25% cooldown time.

Rank Nine

*Improved Holographics : Reduces Holotwin’s cooldown timer, allowing more frequent use. -25% cooldown time.

*(MUTATION)Deft Hands : A portion of damage dealt by Burst Dash penetrates enemy shields. +50% shield penetration.

*Lingering Light : Increases the lifetime of Deande’s Holotwin decoy. +7 seconds maximum duration.

Rank Ten

*Doppelgangup : Upon activation of Blink Storm, Deande deploys a Holotwin decoy.

*Gathering Storm : Killing a minor enemy with Blink Storm refunds 5 seconds of the skill’s cooldown. Killing a major enemy refunds 10 seconds of the cooldown. Up to -10 seconds cooldown time.



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