Final Starter Evolutions Detailed, With Some New Alolan Pokemon For ‘Sun’ And ‘Moon’.

Within the latest trailer for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, we were given a look at the final evolutions for our starters (which have been known for a while now as well as revealing some new Pokemon. Lets take a look.

Decidueye : Grass/Ghost

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 6.08.33 pm.png

The final evolved form of Rowlet is our ghostly archer Pokemon, Decidueye. Aside from being completely and utterly badass, it is a combination Ghost/Grass Type which there are not many of in the Pokemon universe. Known as the Arrow Quill Pokemon, Decidueye can completely mask its presence from other humans and Pokemon utilising the moment it becomes unseen to attack. It can pluck a quill from its wings and throw it, being able to hit a target more than half a mile away. It holds the ability Overgrowth which boosts the power of Grass Type moves when Decidueye’s health is a third or lower. However that is not all this Pokemon gets to play with. It also gains the signature Ghost Type move, Spirit Shackle which prevents any opposing Pokemon from fleeing or switching out during battle. A potentially very useful attack.

Incineroar : Fire/Dark

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 6.08.50 pm.png

Incineroar is the evolved form of Litten and has manifested into a anthropomorphic fire-cat, with a flaming wrestling belt. Like all Fire Starters, it holds the ability Blaze, which powers up Fire Type moves when its health is at a third or lower. Incineroar is a showcat at heart, and as its fighting spirit increases the flames within its body burn brighter and as a result, get produced outside its body. If a crowd that is watching Incineroar fight is pumped up and cheering, the fighting spirit of this Pokemon increases even more. However it shows no concern for any opponents even going so far as to attack the Trainers. Therefore this Pokemon is not hugely popular. It holds the unique move, Darkest Lariat which allows Incineroar to deal damage while ignoring any stat changes that the opposing Pokemon may hold, such as boosts to Defence or Special Defence.

Primarina : Water/Fairy

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 6.09.09 pm.png

This magical goddess of a Pokemon is Primarina, the final evolved form of Popplio. While Popplio was dismissed by many who viewed the three basic starters, I am sure many are changing their tune at this point. Primarina creates balloons of water with its voice as it dances and controls them with changes in its song. Due to this, any damage to its voice caused by battle stress or injury can be a grave problem with this Pokemon. During battle, it releases two varieties of balloons – the exploding kind and the non-exploding kind, the latter of which it jumps on while releasing the former for a series of chaining explosions. It holds the ability Torrent which powers up Water Type moves when Primarina’s health drops below a third. It also holds a unique move known as Sparkling Aria which heals the burns of any target that it hits, which means that allies or opposing Pokemon will be healed of all burns with this move and so it can be used quite strategically.

Cosmog : Psychic

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 6.11.55 pm.png

This little moonlight fluffball is known as Cosmog and its a lovely little Psychic Type. It holds the ability Unaware which ignores opposing Pokemon’s stat changes. This means that if Cosmog or the opposing Pokemon deal damage, any changes to Attack, Special Attack etc, will be removed from consideration when dealing damage. It also looks like it has sparkly cloud ears which is cute!

Alolan Persian : Dark

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 6.12.09 pm.png

And now we come to the Alolan Persian. A new version of the pet Pokemon for the leader of Team Rocket and it looks dopey. It looks out there and hilarious which is precisely what Pokemon had intended for this iteration. Saying that, it still makes me uncomfortable. It is a full Dark Type and has the abilities Technician, which powers up this Pokemon’s weaker moves and Fur Coat which halves damage from physical moves. This means that moves such as Body Slam, Tackle and Quick Attack will only do half the amount of damage, this will not affect Special Moves though.


I still think Giovanni would be disappointed with the Alolan Persian but despite its looks, I still love it!

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