Justice Has Come To ‘Battleborn’ In The Form Of Kid Ultra

Kid Ultra.jpg

Kid Ultra, the 29th Battleborn has been released today for Season Pass and Digital Deluxe holders and despite not looking as interesting as other new Battleborn he definitely is a quirky one.

Kid Ultra is an LLC Magnus designed and built by Phoebe Hemsworth as a child friendly nanny. Someone to look after kids that can also have fun with kids. However when the governing AI, the Magna Carta went dark , he created his own personality out of the comic books and tv shows programmed into his bulletproof chassis leading him on his life of fighting crime. Now equipped with LLC weaponry courtesy of Kleese, Kid Ultra is a true Battleborn.

While being mainly a support class, Kid Ultra is still capable of dishing out his fair share of damage with arm mounted rockets and a bolas that is capable of phasing through several enemies, damaging them all. But despite having bulletproof armour he isn’t crazy strong and so is not able to take every bit of damage enemies throw at him. Thats where his Support Drones come in, able to either attach to an ally or even be placed on the ground to dole out healing to Kid Ultra himself or nearby allies.

And if that hasn’t convinced you, he sounds and acts like every retro video game come to life and it is beautiful!

He may not be the hero we wanted but he is definitely the hero we need. While Season Pass Holders and Digital Deluxe Edition Holders can access this sweet new Battleborn starting today, everyone else will need to wait until the 2nd of November to unlock him for 47,500 credits.

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