Don’t Mess With The Guardian Pokemon Of ‘Pokemon Sun’ and ‘Pokemon Moon’

Tapu Koko.gif

In the most recent trailer released by Pokemon we were given a glimpse at the three remaining Guardian Pokemon of the Alola Region. We have already seen Tapu Koko (above) who is the Lightning Guardian of Melemele Island but the other Guardians as well as the Islands they protect, were hidden in mystery. But no longer.

Tapu Koko : Electric/Fairy

Tapu Koko.jpg

Tapu Koko was the first Alolan Guardian Pokemon to be revealed and is the Guardian of Melemele Island (the top left Island). Holding the typings of Electric and Fairy, it has the ability Electric Surge which activates the move Electric Terrain. This, in turn, boosts the power of all Electric Type moves on the field, as well as preventing any Pokemon on the field of battle from falling asleep.

Despite being a Guardian Pokemon, Tapu Koko has quite the fickle nature and will only come to a person or Pokemon’s aid if it becomes interested in them. It will help in order to sate its strong sense of curiosity.

Tapu Lele : Psychic/Fairy

Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 11.13.59 am.png

The Guardian Pokemon of Akala Island, which is the top right Island, is a lovely little Psychic/Fairy Type that in all honesty looks a little spaced out. It holds the unique ability known as Psychic Surge which allows the move Psychic Terrain to be active when Tapu Lele is brought onto the field. This covers the field in a purple glow and prevents this Pokemon from being hit with priority moves such as Quick Attack or Aqua Jet. It also (maybe I should have led with this) boosts the power of any Psychic Type moves utilised by any Pokemon within the battle.

Tapu Lele scatters glowing scales all around the Alola Region, which provide stimulation to the mind, body and spirit and heals all injuries and illnesses. However humans and other Pokemon cannot withstand the effects of too many scales at any one time, which Tapu Lele abuses in order to amuse itself at times. Tapu Lele focuses on not losing a battle as opposed to constantly being focused on winning, and so is quite gifted in inflicting status conditions that give it an edge.

Tapu Bulu : Grass/Fairy


Tapu Bulu is the Guardian Pokemon of Ula’ula Island (the bottom left Alolan Island) and bears a resemblance to a totem pole with a septum piercing. It has the ability Grassy Surge, which activates the move Grassy Terrain when Tapu Bulu enters the field. This serves to increases the damage done by any and all Grass Type moves, and restoring a little bit of HP to all Pokemon on the field, every turn. It also reduces the damage taken from moves such as Bulldoze, Magnitude and Earthquake which is just delightful.

Tapu Bulu has the power to manipulate vegetation and make it grow. Since its horns are made of wood, it can extend this power to extending them, which can be quite a strategic advantage. This is not an active Pokemon however and Tapu Bulu does not like unnecessary battles, shaking its tail like a rattle to alert others of its presence. However despite not liking pointless battles, it shows no mercy in those battles where it or other Pokemon’s lives are threatened.

Tapu Fini : Water/Fairy


Poni Island (bottom left Island) has for its Guardian, Tapu Fini, a Water/Fairy Type who in all honesty is one of my favourite Pokemon ever. Tapu Fini holds the ability Misty Surge which unleashes the move Misty Terrain. This serves to prevent any Pokemon on the ground from being affected by status conditions such as Sleep, Burn etc as well as Confusion. It also halves the damage taken by all Pokemon from Dragon Type moves while Misty Terrain is active.

Tapu Fini has the ability to create a purifying water that can cleanse and purify the mind and body. However this Pokemon requires a demonstration of strength before allowing supplicants to drink from the water, which comes in the form of withstanding a unique fog created by the Tapu. Tapu Fini is able to attack using manipulated water but seeing as it hates to put itself at risk, it unleashes its dense fog and lets opponents bring about their own downfall.

Guardian Pokemon Assemble

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 6.11.37 pm.png

The four Guardian Pokemon also share a unique Z-Move, known as Guardian of Alola. This summons a giant anthropomorphised behemoth consisting of the same energy that is imbued with that particular Guardian. Tapu Koko has a yellow Z-Move, Tapu Bulu has green, Tapu Fini has pink and Tapu Lele has purple. This Z-Move results in the Guardian Pokemon taking its pride of place at the head of the summoned creature and initiating a giant one-hand ground slam which evidently is quite powerful.

However since Z-Moves are able to be utilised by the Guardian Pokemon, it is a clear indication that all four Guardians are going to be capturable which is exciting.


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