‘Titanfall 2’ Creative Play

Titanfall Smash


This may be an obvious one but the Titanfalls can be used for more than just a rapid deployment of your giant death mech. It can also be used to deliver quick and shocking retribution and destruction from above. Say you have an opposing Titan that is not moving insanely quickly, activate your Titanfall in the exact same location (or close by) as the enemy. Assuming they don’t move, your Titan will drop in and deal a lot of damage and if they have lower health at the time, the Titanfall may be enough to doom them.

If for nothing else, this play can cause a fair level of chaos and destruction and it can be that couple of seconds of confusion that give you the edge. However this play can be high risk high reward as it will throw you straight into the battle if there are more than one Titan or if you did not eliminate them entirely. But hey, you are a skilled Pilot, you can fight your way out!

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