Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2: Northstar Titan Guide


  • The Northstar has high damage dealing capabilities but is slow to fire due to the type of weapon it utilises.
  • This Titan has low health as it is designed as a sniper class or a skirmisher that uses its light chassis and speed to its advantage.
  • Northstar, along with its high damage output, also has high mobility accented by its innate ability to use two dashes that travel further and are ready faster.


Northstar’s main weapon is a chargeable Plasma Railgun that powers up while it is zoomed in. Once fully charged, the next shot that is fired deals a lot of extra damage. It has a magazine of six plasma shots which can be fired from extremely long ranges.


Flight Core
Hover, unleashing rockets at targets below. This ability is your Core (Ultimate) which is charged by completing actions in your Titan. Taking down opposing Titans, Grunts and Pilots will ready your Core ability. With the Northstar, Flight Core grants you a boost to mobility as you hover, and deal a metric fuckton of damage due to the barrage of rockets you launch. If you land all your shots, you can easily take out an opposing Titan.

Cluster Missile
Northstar’s Cluster Missile is an untracking missile that on a successful hit (doesn’t have to actually hit an enemy) fiery clusters of shrapnel and explosive material fall to the ground covering a large area. The initial impact does do a fair bit of damage but the cluster damage can kill enemy Pilots or Grunts on the ground, as well as dealing extra damage to Titans. It is a perfect compliment to the long-range tendencies of Northstar.

Tether Trap 
This is a fun one. Tether Trap is a mine that is thrown out at short ranges and when activated by an enemy Titan, metal cables are unleashed and lock the Titan into place. This eliminates an opposing Titan’s mobility and allows you to deal as much damage as you want until the tether releases your opposition. However, while trapped the opposing Titans can still fire back at you so to make the most out of this trap, use your mobility to reach an angle where they cannot hit you.

VTOL Hover
This ability is fairly simple with a lot of applications. It is a standard hover that changes the way the battlefield appears to the Northstar. VTOL Hover creates new attack lanes for a quick attack with either rifle or Cluster Missile, as well as allowing you to view, for a short time, the state of play for both teams. This will allow you to decide where to move next or let you know if you should retreat. It is also handy for getting Northstar on those high ledges that other Titans cannot reach.

Best Use

Northstar is a quick moving, powerful Titan that is designed to hit hard and fast and then retreat. It cannot take continued punishment for too long and you will find that if you are engaged by two or more Titans in the open you will not last too long. Utilise the Plasma Railgun and Cluster Missiles from range where you can support higher health allied Titans. This does not mean you have to shy away from the thick of the action, just use Northstar’s two dashes and agility to make yourself harder to hit and harder to pin down.

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